1970s Album Cover Red With Man Sitting In Chair

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1970s Album Cover Red With Man Sitting In Chair – The 70’s! What a time to live, especially for music lovers. From David Bowie to Bruce Springsteen, Black Sabbath to Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, it was an era dominated by some of the biggest bands and artists in music history.

Amazing new albums seemed to be released every week throughout the ’70s, helping to define the decade’s identity and the wonders of ’70s soul would never be forgotten.

1970s Album Cover Red With Man Sitting In Chair

1970s Album Cover Red With Man Sitting In Chair

In addition to great songs, 70s albums also go down in history for their incredible artwork. From colorful hippie scenes to punk rock trends, here are 70 memorable albums from the decade.

Hipgnosis’ Album Covers From Pink Floyd To Led Zeppelin

Not only one of the best album covers of the ’70s, but one of the greatest, this prog rock masterpiece was released in March 1973 and took the world by storm. Tornado! The design of the cover is inspired by the image of light reflected through a glass prism.

The only Rolling Stones album to be nominated for Album of the Year, Some Girls is recognized as one of the band’s greatest achievements and still stands out for its incredible and controversial artistry.

The colorful look featured many famous faces, and many of the stars filed lawsuits against the group, forcing them to revamp the cover with a new design that removed most of the famous faces.

Does this even need an explanation? Long hairs sticking out of the ground in the middle of the shadow on the motorcycle, a big wound in the background! This is one of the worst album covers ever.

The Story Of The Crosby, Stills & Nash Album Cover

Blue Oyster Cult’s self-titled album comes with amazing songs like ‘Cities On Fire With Rock And Roll’, as well as a stunning, psychedelic cover. It features a maze-like, sci-fi logo with the team logo floating between them.

Believing that dark lines and simple, black and white images can be very effective, the band Joy chose this as the cover for their first studio album. It was developed by Peter Saville and is based on the imaging of radio waves. You can see a lot of young kids and old rockers wearing this classic t-shirt on the front.

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For this cover, Elton John opted for a comic book style look, featuring himself as ‘Captain Fantastic’, flying on a piano, surrounded by a number of Jim Henson-style magical creatures. The album even comes with a cover poster that hung in the living room of many teenagers in the 70’s and 80’s.

1970s Album Cover Red With Man Sitting In Chair

As one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time, Paul McCartney wanted something special for his first solo album after the breakup of The Beatles. There is a cup of red water with a small cherry around it. It’s a simple and bright image, but it has captured the attention of countless people and record stores around the world.

The Gap Band

The cover art for Who’s Next turned a few heads and raised a lot of eyebrows when the album was released. It featured a picture that clearly showed the four teenagers rubbing against a concrete slab.

Believe it or not, this rough image was inspired by the classic sci-fi film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and only one of the band members (Pete Townshend) is in questionable form. A bucket of water is used for others.

An experimental, avant-garde album that helped show that there was life for Lennon outside of the Beatles, this album gave us chilling insights into the romance between the British singer and Yoko Ono.

That’s where he remembers his family spinning on an old record player. Supertramp’s sixth studio album, Breakfast in America, features a comical cover scene featuring actress Kate Murtagh as the Statue of Liberty, holding an orange in front of a breakfast-themed NYC cityscape.

Ballad Of Robin Winter Smith

Album covers don’t get any funnier! Funkadelic’s “One Nation Under the Grove” features many of the colorful heroes who planted the R&B banner, and it’s the type of album they loved to display in front of their record collections in the ’70s because it always stood out. guests and making it a big deal.

It’s painful to watch, literally showing a man’s face bursting into laughter and bleeding as he digs his teeth and claws into the skin, but there’s something about the style of the comic ad. A retro design is used.

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Famous for the song ‘Laila’, this album is also known for its beautiful cover art. It was painted by Frandsen-De Schomberg, and Eric Clapton liked the picture so much that he didn’t want anything to do with the album title or band name.

1970s Album Cover Red With Man Sitting In Chair

Led Zeppelin IV is known for being one of the greatest albums of all time and for having Led Zep’s best song: Stairway to Heaven.

Pink Floyd Album Art: The Stories Behind 19 Trippy Lp Covers

It is also known for its unique cover art. It shows a 19th century oil painting. This is one of the most unique covers of the decade and is often found in record stores and collectors.

Velvet Underground’s fourth album gives us an interesting look at the 70s style, from the font used for the band’s name and album title, to the subway stairs to the hippie-style pink clouds.

Besides the amazing title, this album also comes with a killer cover. Illustrated by Joe Heiner, he was inspired by a picture of professional golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez, but values ​​did not allow the use of Rodriguez’s face.

So they decided to get creative! They combined the faces of many American presidents, such as JFK and Richard Nixon, and incorporated them into Rodriguez’s image. Ironically, Rodriguez heard about the album and allowed the band to use his image, but by then production had already begun.

Songs That Shook New York’s Queer Dance Floors In The 1970s And ’80s

Big band maestro Enoku Light gives us a modernist-style artwork courtesy of his Polyphonic album, square and square light, bold colors around the text. This is the kind of album that wanted to show how professional people were in the 70s.

A simple album is overshadowed in many ways, but there is a sense behind it that Let It Be was the last live album recorded by The Beatles. It features four band members, each in their own mini-set, presumably after the release of the album, in anticipation of their unique careers and tours.

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Talking Heads singer David Byrne came up with the idea for this album cover, with artist Jimmy De Sana working on the look. It’s a mosaic of over 500 Polaroid photos, creating an overall image of the team members at a location on a red background.

1970s Album Cover Red With Man Sitting In Chair

This album gave us one of the seminal hits of the 70s, ‘More Than Pain’, and also had a cover that 70s kids loved to watch. Three different artists work on the cover, which features guitar-shaped spaceships blasting away at the city.

Dark Side Of The Moon Cover Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

When releasing a debut album, bands have to think about every aspect in order to stand out and be successful. Perhaps that’s why so many of the debut albums on this list are truly memorable works of visual art.

The Ramones immediately introduced themselves with an unforgettable black-and-white photo that shows the band members in leather jackets, long hair, and a worldly disregard for the wall. They were able to express their punk attitude in one image, paving the way for every movement.

The Rolling Stones are no strangers to innuendo, often courting controversy with their lyrics and images associated with the band, including that iconic album cover. Produced by none other than Andy Warhol, the photo, taken by Billy Esame, features a male figure in blue jeans.

Many people think that the person in the photo must be Mick Jagger, but the identity of the subject of the photo is a mystery! Warhol photographed many men and never revealed which of them he chose as his final image.

Album Covers From The 70’s That Should Be Hanging On Your Wall

With this album, Black Sabbath essentially created heavy metal, showing the dark and gothic side of traditional rock’n’roll, with lyrics about the devil and shadowy, nightly figures. The cover shows a black woman standing in front of an old house.

David Bowie has given us quite a few album covers, and Ziggy Stardust is one of the best. Cover photo in London and UK. The sign of the west was only a coincidence, but it has many fans