1974 Red Album Cover Sitting In Chair

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1974 Red Album Cover Sitting In Chair – There are some rock albums that you know without even listening to the record, just because of their iconic covers. Similarly, some names are synonymous with heavy metal, not because of virtuoso solos or world tours, but because of the great work and love that the person behind the scenes pours into the industry.

Monte Conner is one of those names: he’s now the president of Nuclear Blast Entertainment, but he previously spent more than two decades as VP of A&R at Roadrunner Records, where he was responsible for signing bands like Slipknot, Type O Negative and the Machine. Head. , Sepultura, Gojira and a huge list of others. His passion for heavy music helped shape the landscape of today’s metal scene, and his encyclopedia of rock ‘n’ roll history should often be acquired by scholars and studied at the Smithsonian for future generations. (Seriously, they need to figure out how to do that.)

1974 Red Album Cover Sitting In Chair

1974 Red Album Cover Sitting In Chair

When someone is such a heavy metal fan, their love doesn’t fade as the day goes on. So these days, Monte has embarked on a passion project to tell his own interpretation of the history of classic rock and heavy metal albums – sometimes the story behind the art and sometimes the original image from it. Facebook page. His tapes are a treasure trove of historical information on everyone from Bob Dylan to King Diamond, and thousands of fans await his discoveries every week.

Exhibitions — Michael Müller

“I was just posting pictures on Facebook that I’ve had over the years and just decided to share,” says Monte. “The general obsession with Facebook inspired me to start sharing. So most of what I see falls into the bragging category. I understand what Facebook is all about: showing your life. But it’s not for me. And now politics has taken over this site too.”

Monte’s knowledge of album art comes from more than just his personal history in the industry: he spent years reading magazines like !, Shindig, Record Collector, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Iron Fist to collect stories behind the making of albums. He was able to fill in the gaps in his knowledge by adding Wikipedia links and artist credits and articles about each band. He reiterates that anyone can find the same gems if they are willing to put in the time.

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“People work like magic, but it’s easy and takes minutes and sometimes seconds. All you have to do is go to Google image search and keyword search any image that has been used throughout the history of the internet, and if nothing comes up, you can try keywords until you strike gold. There is no magic, just some preliminary research so you know what to look for. I would like to point out that every image I use is on the internet for anyone to see or download/copy. I do not own these images, they are not unique or rare (how can they be rare if they are online for everyone to see?). I connect the dots to share with others like me – and of course for my satisfaction.

While she likes to keep her posts to her friends-only Facebook page, she’s also shared some of the weirdest and funniest stories behind her favorite albums! La Monte Corner, read rock and roll art history lessons.

The House Springsteen Built: An Oral History Of The Stone Pony

Cool and intimidating, Eddie, Iron Maiden’s longtime frontman, was intended as a subtle protest against the horrors of war: his beauty was originally inspired by a gruesome photograph of a Japanese man’s head. A soldier is tied to a tank during World War II. Iron Maiden’s first album, Eddie, shows him in front of a wall that you can still see in England’s Finbury Park.

Monte writes: “This image is Eddie’s provenance. This was widely reported in 2006 (see below) and confirmed in the book Run For Cover: The Art of Derek Riggs. “I was talking about it to a friend when I lived in Finsbury Park, London in the mid-1970s and how it was gone then,” Mr. Riggs says of Eddie’s background. I looked on Google Earth to see if it was still there and how much it had changed, so I thought I’d get a street view. So this is a picture of the railroad bridge, the wall, and the houses in the background that inspired the covers of Iron Maiden’s first album . There were no trees back then (30 years ago). What remained was an old bent lamp post, which I used for the first Maiden cover.”

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British pioneers Heavy’s sixth classic album features an apartment building in New York’s East Village. The building still stands and anyone can see the most iconic stone carvings.

1974 Red Album Cover Sitting In Chair

Monte’s Facebook post about the artwork says, “The big deal is that the fourth floor of a five-story apartment building (96 and 98 St. Mark’s Place in New York’s East Village) has been removed to better fit the square album cover.”

In Remembrance: Milton Glaser (1929

Sin After Sin is the follow-up to Sad Wings of Destiny, the second album by leather-clad heavy metal heroes Judas Priest. To begin with, your tombstone covering the tombstone art is actually the tombstone of Colonel Alexander Gordon, who died at the Battle of Waterloo.

“The only sin here is that we never saw these photographs, although we spent our whole lives as spiritual fanatics!” Monte writes. “We all thought the Sin After Sin cover art was created from scratch, but it’s actually based on a real photograph of the Gordon Mausoleum in Putney Vale Cemetery, London, built in 1910 for Colonel Alexander Gordon. What a great find here – you can see the first image below – I spotted it myself.

“The cover is by the late British photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, who (with Hypgnosis) pioneered the process of taking black and white photographs with color output. Another key figure in the design of the cover. 1972-1988 Roslav Szaybo, artist and photographer Poland, who served as European Art Director of CBS Records for Until 1986. In addition to directing art for Sin After Sin, Szaybo designed the covers for Stained Class, Killing Machine (as well as US Hell for. Leather ), and British Steel.(Apparently you can see that’s Szaybo’s own hand holding the razor blade on the cover!) He created Judas The Priest logo, which started as a Wikipedia category and is still in use today. Just minor changes.”

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On May 21, 1979, San Francisco’s gay community was enraged when Dan White climbed out of a City Hall window armed with .38 and 10-gauge ammunition and killed gay rights activist and then-mayor Harvey Milk. George Moscone was found guilty of manslaughter – the minimum possible penalty for his crime – and sentenced to 7 years in prison. (Author’s note: He served only 5 years.) The gay community, along with many supporters of the court’s ruling, rioted in front of City Hall and set a line of police cars on fire. The Dead Kennedys’ first album Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (which includes the songs California Uber Alles and Holiday In Cambodia) contains a snapshot of this evening.

Spa & Clinic Volume 90 By The Intermedia Group

According to Monte, “the dark and chilling vision of the White Night Riots of 1979 can be seen on the cover of their legendary punk debut, Fruit For Rotting Vegetables. Here are other images related to the coverage of police cruisers in front of San Francisco City Hall that night.

The New York Dolls were extremely polarizing among fans and record companies in the early 70s. Record companies often didn’t want to work with them because of their “rude” behavior on stage and their outrageous clothes and make-up, and fans didn’t know what to do with their loud voices. Although their 1973 debut was a commercial failure, the album has gone down as one of the biggest rock debuts in history and was a major factor in shaping the history of punk rock.

Monte was enough to find the story of the birth of the debut album Deep, in which all five band members sit on a sofa found in an outdoor trash can:

1974 Red Album Cover Sitting In Chair

When Toshi Matsuo filmed the band for their groundbreaking debut in 1973, it was like a fly on the wall.

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