2 Piece Wing Back Chair Slip Cover

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2 Piece Wing Back Chair Slip Cover – I welcome you once again! I’m Jessica from Homemade. I’m happy to be back here to tell you about my latest wave.

By “me” I mean myself and my super sweet and awesome friend Melissa, who loves to jump, open and fix on the go just like I do. I’m telling you because before you said you can’t do this project, try it. In fact, we love making it and think it’s worth a try.

2 Piece Wing Back Chair Slip Cover

2 Piece Wing Back Chair Slip Cover

We picked up this reclining chair that my family lovingly calls “Dad’s Chair”. They were my grandparents and then passed down to us by my parents and mother. Anyway, as far as I can remember, I saw that it had a pink wrapper, a burgundy cover, and then I painted it in this brown quilt with my friend’s sweet grandmother about 7 years ago.

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Upholstering is difficult. I have a lot of respect for people who do good work and understand why the price is what it is. It’s hard work. Thanks to my friend it worked fine, but this time I was relieved that I couldn’t test the wave.

My choice for my sofa cover is Premier Prints Zoey Cove. Cove is the name of the color and it is a taupe. There is also “clay” which appears more grey. The bay is warmer.

I looked at the yardage chart estimator and checked out a few others and ended up ordering a size 9.

I wash and dry first. When I’m working on small projects, I’m really bad at skipping this step. This time is especially important, because the first time I break the washing machine, all this work is lost…

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We put him (right side down) on the seat, making sure he was almost on his back, touching the seat, almost in front. I drew the required width and then cut out the length.

Then we took a piece that I cut wide and lowered it from the seat to the wing and then to the floor. The wing corners are messy, but you just need to make sure the prints are straight and not diagonal.

Once we reached the desired spot on the wing, I hemmed the lock and trimmed off the excess material.

2 Piece Wing Back Chair Slip Cover

Then I cut where the wing meets the inner corner part of the seat.

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Let me stop here and tell you. Needle, needle, needle. They are your best friends. Make sure you have a set on hand.

Then we do the same on the shoulders. From the floor, from the shoulders, to the chair.

I start with a square hole. I used pins to attach to the arm piece, up from the bottom of the seat and along the edge of the arm and back down.

Full coverage. We carefully removed it from the chair and I began to sew the lines that I was sure of. It’s a big slob full of weird angles, so it’s hard to tell where it’s going when it morphs.

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How To Sew A Slipcover For A Wingback Chair

When I see that it looks or doesn’t fit, I stop sewing and move on to the next section. I understand that this proves that I don’t know what I’m doing. A professor may never do that. But it also proves that you can do it. Just a lot of guesswork and checking.

After the first round of stitching, we put the lid back on, adding more detail where I needed to clean up.

For the inner corners, where the head seam cannot be enlarged, we draw a line with colored pencils to make sewing easier.

2 Piece Wing Back Chair Slip Cover

Then get more. At this point I have most of the pieces sewn in the right place and we can turn it over and preview our hand.

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We had to make a few more adjustments, but actually the hardest part of these things was getting the shoes on and off.

Then cut a long, thin section that is the height of the flower (+ 2 inches to allow for seams) and add another 6 inches around the circumference of the flower to create an envelope wrapper.

We matched the corners of the cup to the corners of the design, almost folded them and sewed them. Arrange the bottom of the bowl and do the same.

We decided to make it an envelope loop because the zipper sucks. 😉 We tied it from above and below, folded one and sewed it.

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One final thing! I promise. For the super rough upholstery, I cut 7″ long squares, then 2″ the width of the seat and 2″ the depth of the seat.

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Then attach it to the bottom of the slide (right sides together), making sure the skirt cleans the floor evenly on all sides.

This project took us less than a day to dress up for school and for the weekend. I am very satisfied with the result!

2 Piece Wing Back Chair Slip Cover

I chose to have the dashed pattern run horizontally across the back, seat, arm and wing front views. This allows the model to look different from the side. I have absolutely no problem with that. To be honest, I like the uniformity of it, but there is a lot of interest in certain areas. There is no template, but I can’t, I don’t have one, the template is the easiest to sew. Solid is very difficult for me.

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The chair is now lighter and brighter. I love the modern and neutral design.

I really can’t believe we did it ourselves. Not because it’s perfect, because it’s not. They are obvious. But it looks great to me. It gave me the refreshed look I wanted and it worked great!

I hope this inspires you to give it a try. You really can do it. Find a friend who is willing to help you and spend the day together. It was a very good day and I am very grateful.