Can You Get Covid By Sitting On A Chair

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Can You Get Covid By Sitting On A Chair – Are you interested in a part-time (full-time) program at a vocational school, but not sure if the coronavirus pandemic could affect your studies? On this page, we would like to inform you about what the current situation means for starting a vocational school: from the changes to the new opportunities that arise as a result of the transition to digital learning.

Currently, the situation with the coronavirus has eased, but it is still impossible to predict how it will develop in the fall/winter and with possible new variants of the virus. The university constantly evaluates the dynamics of the pandemic, the progress of vaccination and legal and political conditions, and decides on attendance (partially) or digital training based on a full internal consultation. Protecting our students and staff during the coronavirus pandemic remains a top priority. Our Corona portal gives you an up-to-date overview of measures and regulations.

Can You Get Covid By Sitting On A Chair

Can You Get Covid By Sitting On A Chair

But even during a possible quarantine, the situation with additional education opens up opportunities: perhaps your individual time opportunities, due to restrictions in other areas of your life, make it more appropriate to engage in the subject of additional education or actively participate in continuing education. directly. If the subject is on your agenda, when in doubt, the vocational school offers you a variety of digital options. You will benefit from our extensive experience in the field of online learning: online training programs, lectures, seminars and professional development training have been part of our portfolio for many years.

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Whether it’s a campus visit, one-on-one on-site consultations or an introduction to courses in L√ľneburg, we still can’t offer you these options as usual. Instead, you can use the following digital information and consulting services:

Our course coordinators are still available for personal consultations. Depending on your preferences, you can manage them by phone or video call.

Our curriculum activities are currently only in digital format. However, it also offers new opportunities for digital taste. Many of our training programs have open events for you as stakeholders so you can get a professional impression of the relevant training program and get to know digital learning formats.

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What exactly does digital learning mean? The possibilities here, including interactive formats, are much more diverse than one might think at first glance. Of course, lectures broadcast in a digital live-online-seminar room are an important part of digital learning, but not the only one. At the Vocational School, we have successfully used a wide range of digital learning formats in our training and development programs for many years and have a proven portfolio of digital course options.

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For lectures, seminars and group work, the video meeting and online seminar tools we use offer a wide range of application possibilities. For example, you can first follow a video lecture and a lecturer’s presentation, then switch from plenary to small group work in separate digital conference rooms, where you can work on joint documents or presentations that you will do again in a larger plenary session. . – Submit and discuss. Live collaborative learning formats are enhanced with videos and other learning materials that can be accessed at any time, collaboration and sharing outside of scheduled meetings is supported by discussion groups and other tools such as Academic Cloud.

Textbooks and digital consultation hours provide continuous support not only to you as a student, but also to our teachers in implementing digital learning.

The government of Lower Saxony has repeatedly amended its decree regarding the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, courses in universities are also possible mainly by participation. The hygiene and distance rules that are still in place are designed to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. However, eligible courses are delivered digitally.

Can You Get Covid By Sitting On A Chair

Possible changes to the course schedule due to possible changes in the framework conditions in the fall due to the pandemic, but this does not mean that the planned start of studies will be postponed. At the vocational school, courses at all stages of the pandemic have moved to online or hybrid formats, and all degree programs have started as planned. Even online, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of a face-to-face course: relevant digital lectures and workshops are usually live, and you’ll still have the opportunity to interact and discuss with your lecturers and classmates. .

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Face-to-face training formats are preferable or can be arranged later without increasing the duration of your training.

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In addition to the opportunity to profitably invest in time slots that can now be freed up in continuing education, travel and accommodation costs for distance learning are also partially eliminated as some courses are delivered digitally. In addition to technical content, you will also learn about various digital tools used by leading universities and companies around the world, thereby expanding your digital competencies. And if you’re not completely satisfied with the digital translation of the courses into online learning, you can re-attend the relevant workshops and take the exams face-to-face at no additional cost after returning to face-to-face learning. Form

Unlike many online degree programs, which are based primarily on uploading materials (study letters, literature, recorded lectures), our degree programs maintain their existence – only in the case of digital events, they take place in the digital space. Online meeting rooms, virtual office hours, live online seminars, and other interactive formats ensure that you are still in the same digital location with faculty and fellow students at the same time, for the element of personal exchange that is so important in our face. . -Face-to-face degree programs are not considered. Contact people from your degree program are available to you.

As soon as unrestricted attendance is allowed to resume, courses in our training programs will again take place as usual at the L√ľneburg site.

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Digital alternatives are also provided for the exams. You can find out exactly how they will respond to your chosen training program by contacting the relevant program coordinator. Alternatively, you can also postpone the exams if you take them in person.

To implement the recommended measures to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 as soon as possible and to protect students and teachers from possible infection, we need to completely change the way we teach. Unfortunately, the services with which German universities are constantly “acting on the road” cannot provide the necessary results in the current conditions, so we as a university have switched to alternative providers in the shortest possible time.

With ZOOM, the demands of our students and teachers for good online learning can be optimally met. To ensure that your personal information is as protected as possible when using ZOOM, our media and information service has configured ZOOM in all functional areas to transmit and store minimal data. All presets are selected to give users* the best control over data disclosure. An overview of ZOOM configurations for data storage as well as information on using ZOOM can be found here. Questions about vaccines If you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine or to schedule an appointment at home (including booster shots), please call. One of our clinics.

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Can You Get Covid By Sitting On A Chair

If you have already been notified of a positive test result, isolate yourself from others, including family members, until you meet all of the following criteria: no fever for 24 hours without medication, improvement in symptoms, and 5 days from the end of the test. test The first signs appeared.

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It is important for you to stay active and keep track of dates and symptoms. Be sure to contact friends and family you have seen in the last five days and advise them to watch for symptoms of COVID-19.

After you leave isolation, wear a suitable mask for at least 5 days after being symptom-free in public and around other people at home.

If you would like to report your test results to the Oklahoma Department of Health and assist in further efforts to track down COVID-19, please visit It can only be accessed from a smartphone.

If you have questions about quarantine and isolation protocols, please call the hotline at 405-425-4489. More information is also available at…

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If I have lost my CDC vaccination card, where can I get confirmation that I have received the Covid-19 vaccine?

You can contact the provider who gave you the vaccine(s) to obtain your record from the Oklahoma Immunization Information System (OSIS). Your health care provider can also print your OSIIS immunization record. If you received your COVID-19 vaccine in Sh. You will not receive a new CDC COVID-19 vaccine card. This is an official document published by OSIIS.