Chair And Furniture Magazine Back Cover Images

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Chair And Furniture Magazine Back Cover Images – Metropolis Magazine did a nice piece on the durability of Umo side table Clarity in the purity of the material

Featured in Umo Interior Design’s article “8 Sleek Products to Enhance Your Workspace.” It is very good to be designed next to other beautiful products

Chair And Furniture Magazine Back Cover Images

Chair And Furniture Magazine Back Cover Images

We are happy to share that Umo has been selected as a finalist for the Interior Design Magazine Hype Awards 2022 at Neocon this year!

Galerie Summer 2020 By Galerie Magazine

It is interesting that Susu Design is presenting a feature on two of my designs at NeoCon 2022 for Stylux.

Very excited that Della will receive another award from Metropolis Magazine. The product line was selected as a NeoCon 2021 #MetropolisLikes Award Winner! Very grateful for the positive response to Dell from the design community

Della Counter Tabloid ranked in Interior Design Magazine Fall Market Tabloid 2020. / November 18, 2020 by Brandon Walker

It’s great to include Della in this year’s Fall Market Tabloid There are some amazing products to choose from this year

Issue Six: A Windsor Chair Called

To be selected by Metropolis Magazine out of so many expertly designed products for the 2020 NYCxDesign #MetropolisLikes Awards is amazing!!!

Della has been nominated for a 2020 Interior Design Magazine Award! / October 27, 2020 by Brandon Walker

Proud to announce that Della has been nominated for Interior Design Magazine’s 2020 Interior Designer of the Year Award! Fingers crossed for the announcement of the finalists in November!

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Chair And Furniture Magazine Back Cover Images

Della has officially opened! I’m excited to see how designers can adapt these lines to speak to their clients’ brands.

How To Re Cover A Dining Room Chair

So excited to announce that my new product line collaboration with the Stylux team has won the 2020 Hype Award for Workplace Seating! The full line will be out in a few weeks

My work [art], [] not art, [] art, [not art] Landmark College of Art Gallery, Landmark College in Putnam, VT. / By Brandon Walker on March 24, 2019

I am honored to have my work displayed among talented artists and designers The show will run from February 20th to April 2019

Cove Lounge Chair Interior Design “8 Must Have Office Furniture” / Posted by Brandon Walker on August 12, 2018.

Issue 11 T.o.c.

Excited to have Cove featured in the Interior Design Market tabloid! It’s a shame to be featured next to such innovative products and design talent

At NeoCon 2017 we are pleased to release the Cove Chair and Skylight for Stylux. We are proud of the results and the opportunity to add quality products to the Stylux portfolio

It’s been a busy few months and I had the pleasure of delivering four pieces to Converse for their new headquarters in Boston. Excited to see where they end up in the space Overall I made two lounge chairs and two side tables They wanted pieces that reflected their brand identity and chose the Atlas chair and the Sympathy bench as a jumping off point for the design. Here’s the final piece!

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Chair And Furniture Magazine Back Cover Images