Chair Rail To Cover Up Old Tile

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“I have a bench, should the top and bottom walls be the same color or different?”

Chair Rail To Cover Up Old Tile

Chair Rail To Cover Up Old Tile

This is a very common problem, especially with 1990s marriages and older girls (referring to the house, not the woman). Railings used to be an odd house sign, but now, you can see the date on the target house.

Types Of Tile Trim

As you all know, I rely 100% on the images that my email design clients use on my blog, so while I don’t have a ton of examples, I know you’ll find the images and information I have.

The right way to paint a room with a chair rail? Of course, this can vary based on personal preference, but in general, the right way is the one that suits the style of the house. If it doesn’t fit the house, it won’t do well. I think I tried baggy pants. I might think I’m at the height of fashion, but in reality, I look like a tree stump.

Now, if you’re reading my blog just for my charisma and my wit (I love you), then, like most things I write, you’re probably thinking to yourself,

A chair rail, also known as a wainscoting rail, is a horizontal piece that usually extends around the perimeter of a room about 36 inches from the floor, but can also be placed awkwardly along a wall (popular in the 90s).

The Misused & Confused Chair Rail

If you have chair armrests, it can be difficult to decide whether to use the same color or two different colors for the top and bottom of the wall.

If you have an older home, you should choose a two-tone or two-tone palette, whether your wood is stained or painted. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to, but the age of your family will give you more flexibility. Why? Yes, older houses with railing rooms often have nice moldings, and a great way to get rid of those lines is to paint. Older homes are also better suited to a two-tone palette than more modern homes because this was done when the home was originally built (often with wallpaper) – it was original.

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The more modern you want your home to look, the less two shades you will need. Aside from a new home with purposeful modern finishes, it’s best to keep it simple by using the same color above and below the fence.

Chair Rail To Cover Up Old Tile

If you like a relaxed vibe and don’t care about a modern look (mostly mid-century, country house or farmhouse style), there are a few considerations…

Diy Chair Rail Molding

Well, maybe the 1970s house isn’t new, but it’s definitely the new kid on the block compared to some old houses! Generally, if you want to keep your home updated and modern, you only want to use one color. Remodeling your walls with two colors or shades can add a “classic” style to your home, but classic doesn’t equal improvement.

However, there are some transitional homes that work well in two-tone or two-tone-colorful.

In the next room, notice the extra molding added to the lower wall to give a “wainscoting” look without the expense/labor of a full kitchen contract. The white lower wall looks classic and complements the grey-blue upper wall…  

Adding a traditional feel to the space, it also adds character and visual interest through clear contrast.

How To Cover Dated Bathroom Tile With Wainscoting

If you have a newer home, but your personal style is more traditional, you might consider a duotone or two-tone color (or just use one color if you prefer. Long story short, you can do what you like! The color or tone will It’s a polite nod to traditional decor, as seen in the restaurant below…  

On the other hand, one color improved slightly. If you’re considering resale and your target market is young and trendy, picking a color in your new home is a safer bet.

Are there any exceptions? Sure. There are exceptions, but for the sake of simplicity and to appeal to all the crazy masses, I’d like to appeal to the majority.

Chair Rail To Cover Up Old Tile

While sometimes the best thing to do is to remove it (my husband told me the same thing), the best way to update a car seat is to turn to wainscoting, beadboard, or planks and slats.

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Entryway Moulding Design Ideas

While the bathroom above shows what the original setup looked like, you can do the same thing by adding beadboard between the seat rails and baseboard. This usually works better than boards and slats if the existing trim isn’t thick (since slats are usually thicker and will last longer).

The image below is a perfect example of a chair rail update, only this time on the stairs!

It’s quite possible that the top casting started out as a simple bench. By adding a simple print to the bottom and painting it any color, the seat rails are from the days of DYNAMITE!

In the room below, when these moldings are installed at the same time, the same method can be achieved by adding a vertical board every 18 inches (on the studs) between the baseboard and the chair’s rails (making the board and battens) ). . Again, it is important that the vertical sculpture does not stand out more than the original!

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

You’ll no doubt be picking up a swatch in the near future – hold on! I want you to check SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly peel and stick paint samples than traditional paint cans. Here are some reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

In the bathroom below, the upper horizontal panel can at some point be a simple chair rail. By adding cheap beadboard underneath (very cheap at Home Depot) it becomes an architectural detail…  

While you don’t have to take this (below), adding a piece of pottery between the chair rail and baseboard is a terrific improvement…  

Chair Rail To Cover Up Old Tile

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Chair Rail To Cover Up Old Tile