Chaos Ak Rifle Dust Cover For Stamped Receiver

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Chaos Ak Rifle Dust Cover For Stamped Receiver – Kalashnikov Focus first showed a prototype of the AKV-521 rifle in November 2020. At ARMY-2021, the company unveiled the latest version of the rifle, which has passed factory endurance testing and is ready for mass production. The main design difference from the AK rifle is that the AKV-521 adopts a dual receiver configuration.

The upper and lower receivers of the AKV-521 rifle are connected to each other by two fixing pins. One advantage of having a separate upper receiver is that the upper Picatinny rail is permanently attached to the barrel, making it a sturdy and reliable light fixture. Another advantage is the ability to easily change the caliber or barrel length of the gun by changing the top. The picture shows the gun with a caliber of 415mm and a barrel of 315mm with an upper receiver. The main calibers are 5.45x39mm, 7.62x39mm and .223 Remington.

Chaos Ak Rifle Dust Cover For Stamped Receiver

Chaos Ak Rifle Dust Cover For Stamped Receiver

The lower receiver of the AKV-521 rifle includes a removal pin and trigger mechanism with a new safety selector design. The magazine well is part of the lower receiver and the rifle is fed from a standard AK magazine. A foldable butt was attached to the lower receiver.

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The bolt carrier set is located on rails inside the stamped steel upper receiver. A detachable charging handle is located on the left side of the BCG. The charging handle slot is covered by a Galileo ACE-style dust cover. The rifle also has a detachable handguard.

While the AKV-521 should be of interest to many Russian military and LE units, it is currently marketed as a civilian rifle. The reason the weapon system is expected to be attractive to Russian civilian buyers is the country’s restrictive gun laws. In Russia, civilians cannot own more than five guns. The AKV-521 will allow them to use multiple calibers and configurations (by getting different uppers), while the whole system legally counts as one rifle.

The AKV-521 rifle was designed by Valentin Vlasenko, director of civilian weapons research and development at the Kalashnikov Group and owner of the Sureshot Armament Group. Vlasenko is the V in the model name.

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A lifelong gun enthusiast, Harachia has been learning the history and design of firearms and ammunition. He also writes for and When the government announced that they would ban further imports of Molotov firearms, I went and bought one of the Fime FM-AK47-21 side-opening AK-47 Veprs.

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This gun is absolutely great, except for one thing – I don’t like RPK handguards. Now these are the handguards on Russian RPks, the ribs help cool down and keep the hands off the surface of the handguards – the design is really well thought out…but I don’t like the feel. It’s that simple.

With that in mind, I started digging for options. On the one hand, I can make new polymer kits based on mint RPK crafting kits I picked up along the way. After a while, I changed my mind because the time and cost to make the mold didn’t make much commercial sense, and since e-cigarettes wouldn’t be imported, demand might be low, and I wouldn’t get my investment back.

So, I explored other options and a company I didn’t know much about — Chaos, Inc. [Note: The confusion is gone. do not know why. ] They make a nice graded handguard that looks good to me and the feel and quality report is very good. A big point of the design is that it connects like a gauntlet and doesn’t block anything in the barrel to transfer heat. This was a problem I had with a Midwest Industrial Railroad design I tested a few years ago. A clip should be installed on the barrel.

Chaos Ak Rifle Dust Cover For Stamped Receiver

However, I decided to use the Chaos Apollo FM11L Keymod kit. However, Chaos didn’t list on their website that this FM11L would fit the FM-AK47-21 side folder, so I called them. The guy I spoke to said if it didn’t fit and I didn’t bring it, they would take it back. I was sure it would fit so I went ahead and ordered.

Kalashnikov Concern Introduces The Akv 521 Rifle The Firearm Blog

Teinn arrived about a week later and decided to install it when time allowed. Here is a brief overview of the necessary steps:

4] You need to twist the gas hose to remove the gas hose. Now it’s definitely tough. I think Zastova has very hard bars, but they have nothing on Molot. You will need a non-marking spoon or a polymer or wooden punch to turn the rod clockwise until the trachea assembly is lifted.

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5] On the right side of the lower handguard bracket, you will see a small rod parallel to the barrel. It needs to be turned 180 degrees towards the nut, which is another very tight fit. I replaced it with strong nose needles. Once rotated, you can slide the handguard forward. You may find you need to tap it with a rubber mallet – I did.

6] Now you need to remove the gas hose cap, this is one of my most asked questions. The housing is semi-circular and protrudes from the semi-circular joint. Close the forged steel end (not the hose end, or you’ll break it) and screw on the cap. You may find it moving clockwise or counter-clockwise, either way. Rotate it 180 degrees and you can remove it from the tube.

Fime Group Vepr 12 Short Barreled Shotgun, 12 Gauge, 12″ Short Barrel, Left Side Folding Tubular Stock, Removable Flash Hider, Semi Automatic, From Molot, Cheek Rest, Sling Loop, Competition Magazine Well, 1 5rdand 1 8rd Magazine, Rpk Style

7] Next is the Apollo FM11 bottoms. This is where their engineering skills really show. Their rails are two pieces, so remove the three hex screws from each side and temporarily secure the top half.

8] Now loosen the bottom screw and slide the aluminum interior out. This part will actually screw into the handguard bracket and lock the unit in place. That’s why there is a mounting slot. Look at the combination of things – they figured it out. Make sure to also screw in the set screw to lock the part in place.

9] For the other part, install the lower part by placing the rear tab on the front of the receiver, just like the AK style handguards. Now the face asks you to put the stand in the correct position to hang on the bottom. Adjust the angle, slide the aluminum bracket section into the handguard bracket, and screw the inner section back together. The angle should be correct, so if you can’t get the inner insert to fit, move the front of the handguard up and down until it snaps into place. Then slide the handguard back into place – it will fit snugly, so replace it with a rubber mallet. It won’t take a lot of stress – if so, check the installation. Over the years, I’ve read that someone puts too much pressure on the bar and it clicks – the necessary pressure is fixed and you should see movement when you place the bar. Their key is to click instead of trying to hit a big “Mongo Smash” to change the bar. When finished, the bottom should be completely concrete – it’s definitely mine.

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Chaos Ak Rifle Dust Cover For Stamped Receiver

10] Then I installed the gas hose. There is nothing on the air tube, so you can remove or install it as needed. Then I used my rubber mallet to hold the handle back in place.

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It’s done at this time. I put the Vortex Spark II on the track, nice and low. I love the cheek shields when I rotate the cheek pieces into place. It’s not a proof of iron sights, but I don’t care – I can quickly remove the sights if needed.

I really like the fit and feel of this track. My side folder can lock folders. I didn’t change anything to support the manual.

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