Como Fazer Cha De Boldo Para Covid

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Como Fazer Cha De Boldo Para Covid

Como Fazer Cha De Boldo Para Covid

Can theater help treat stuttering? 4 vaccines tested as part of memory research and technology developed under the International Invasive Projection. The increase in alcohol consumption during the epidemic Poor family is the main reason for the low number of organ donors in Brazil.

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Qual é O Jeito Certo De Fazer Chá? A Ciência Responde

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Como Fazer Cha De Boldo Para Covid

Since you are Firefox on Mac OS, instead of Alt + Shift + number, press Ctrl + Alt + number at the same time.

Vítimas Do Negacionismo: As Mortes Causadas Pela Desinformação Na Pandemia Da Covid 19

In Opera it’s Shift+Escape+number. By pressing Shift + Escape, the user will get a window with all the ACCESSKEY alternatives on the page.

At the end of this document, you will be able to download some files that better explain the term “accessibility” and how it should be used in websites. Does Boldo improve symptoms of coronavirus? Don’t fall for it! A video circulating on WhatsApp contains false information about the use of this plant to treat Covid-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus.

In the midst of the biggest epidemic in decades, everyone is looking for a cure or vaccine to contain the spread of Covid-19, a disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Among various efforts and experiences, there are people who, out of good will or out of selfishness, start uploading videos full of fake news on the Internet. And one of the last examples concerns the boldo sheet.

In this video, a man named Alexander, who claims to be from Sao José dos Campos (SP), says he was in Rio de Janeiro, where he contracted the coronavirus. He then passed the disease on to his family.

Gotas Preciosas Hertz 30ml

Alexander says that he was diagnosed and went to a clinic near his home, where he was given a cold, but this did not resolve the situation. And here is his big revelation: “The only thing I drank that worked from the first drink was boldo leaf. Here’s the whole place. It was the only thing that stopped all the symptoms of the coronavirus for me and my wife…”

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According to him, Boldo is a plant that can be found everywhere. There are two main types: ground boldo (Plectranthus barbatus) and chilli boldo (Peumus Boldus). The first has large and broad leaves and is common in Brazil. The second is smaller and comes from tea bags sold in supermarkets and health food stores.

Both have medicinal properties and are prescribed to treat stomach ailments. But be careful: cases of intoxication, drug interactions or other serious side effects are rare. For pregnant women, for example, boldo tea can harm the baby, especially in the first months of development.

Como Fazer Cha De Boldo Para Covid

The video contains a number of errors. First of all, it is amazing to think that Alexander would have taken the flu medicine if he had tested positive for Covid-19. Currently, there is no drug that has been proven to be effective against the coronavirus, although some are being used experimentally.

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In confirmed cases with mild symptoms (which seems to be the case for him at home), doctors usually recommend the basics: drinking, rest, and pills to reduce fever or relieve pain. In this context, it makes no sense to use anti-influenza drugs that cause the flu.

But here’s the most disturbing point of the video: showing any therapy in a conventional way, without any method, is very dangerous. What if a pregnant woman decides to follow Alexander’s advice and drink boldo tea? Who will be responsible if she miscarries or the child is born sick?

For any substance to be a cure for a disease, it must pass through the filter of science. This involves doing cell experiments on a lab bench. If the results are good, the next step is to test the animals. Was the answer promising for pigs? It is here that human research begins, divided into at least three stages, where thousands of volunteers participate.

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Let’s see if the use of boldo tea against the coronavirus is part of this scientific practice. To do this, we visited PubMed, which contains almost all published studies in the world, and ClinicalTrials.Gov, which maintains a register of all clinical trials with new drug populations. We used the words “boldo”, “boldo-do-chile”, “boldo-da-terra”, “Plectranthus barbatus”, “peumus Boldus” and the words “coronavirus”, “Sars-CoV-2” (the official infectious name of -pathogen) or Covid-19.

Cultive Seu Chá

Two major sites found no results linking this plant to the virus that caused the current pandemic. Actually, this means that there is currently no group of scientists in the world researching this topic, the results of which encourage the use of boldo as a cure for Covid-19.

At the end of the video, Alexander makes another serious and disturbing mistake: “It’s not the flu. These are bacteria found in the laboratory. The first sentence is even more true: Covid-19 is not related to the flu, as they are diseases caused by different viruses.

But what draws attention is the second sentence: as the name suggests, the coronavirus is a virus, not a bacterium. And it has already been scientifically proven that this infectious agent was not produced in a laboratory, as conspiracy theories claim. It came from bats and had a mutation that allowed it to enter our species and spread from person to person.

Como Fazer Cha De Boldo Para Covid

If someone sends you this video, the first thing you should do is not share it with anyone. So it prevents the story from continuing and causing harm to many people. If you can, talk to the person who sent you the information and explain to them all the lies in Alexander’s speech. A link to this article may help support your argument. Known for its medicinal properties, the Boldo plant is often used as a home remedy for liver or stomach problems. Most common in Brazil

Não Há Evidências De Que Chá De Boldo Cure “os Sintomas” Do Novo Coronavírus