Cover A Plastic Chair With Fur Fabric

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Cover A Plastic Chair With Fur Fabric – If sofa chairs aren’t your cup of tea, this is for you! I’m going to show you how I changed my boring (but I love it) sofa with a simple design and a little paint.

Also, be sure to check out the update below where I show how the chair looks after two years of use.

Cover A Plastic Chair With Fur Fabric

Cover A Plastic Chair With Fur Fabric

Last Christmas my wife gave Ken and I matching chairs. We only have one and it is very damaged.

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I love it because it’s so (I mean SO) comfortable, actually the best I’ve ever owned. My back is better with this chair!

But it’s all dark and heavy, on hot days I feel stuck on it and it hurts when I wake up ­čśŤ

So one day I decided to fix it up with polka dot fabric and spray primer and paint.

My main idea is to make covers that I can easily remove and wash because the fabric is dirty. Milaran Velvet Chair Covers For Dining Room, Soft Stretch Seat Slipcover , Washable Removable Parsons Chair Protector, Set Of 2, Baby Pink

I used Velcro on the back and seat elastic so I could remove it later.

The chair has some sports under the armrest, so it’s a good time to refresh it a little.

I work in the craft room so I can show you all the pieces I’m working on (I currently have 3 projects in progress)

Cover A Plastic Chair With Fur Fabric

Since every chair is different, I will give you a general guide if you want to adjust your own chair.

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For the covers I used about 4 yards of cotton canvas (but you’ll need to measure the length of the back and seat – don’t worry about the width) + about 1 yard of velcro and 1 yard of 1/2″ elastic.

First you need to determine the area to be painted, in my case I have plastic and metal.

I bought a spray primer specifically for metal and one for plastic to get the best coverage for each surface.

The seat must be pulled out using everything that comes with it, in my case the seat is ready to assemble with a hex key.

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I separate all the different parts so I can spray depending on the gear. And make covers for the seat, back and armrest.

The armrest is the one thing I didn’t do for something easy to use (washer) because there wasn’t enough space, and if I put the elastic at the bottom like I did with the chair, it’s not there. place to put it back on the arm.

So I put the cloth, so when I want to clean it, I have to put the staples and when it is clean, I repeat the process.

Cover A Plastic Chair With Fur Fabric

For the seat, I put my covers on the wrong side of the fabric, so I shape it to fit (so you can see the cover as it is when it’s finished).

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I measured 5 inches from the top of the chair to bend (which is the elastic edge) (make sure you have a back).

Then I make pleats in the corners and tuck it in securely (the picture below shows the back already sewn), then I sew the top of the pleat. This makes gathering at the bottom (because it is elastic) much better.

When both sides are sewn, you get a good bowl and to sit on the chair.

You will need to create a 2 inch overhang of your bowl, sewing it slightly open to accommodate the elastic. Place the tie on the elastic and complete the wrap stitch.

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Now you have the seat cover, but if your seat is like mine, you need to make small holes in the sides (where the screws go).

The big difference is that my chair has a different seat back with a headrest, it looks heavy.

To avoid the seat cover, I just put the velcro on the leader with Gorilla glue and then glue it to the center of the fabric on the other side of the velcro.

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Cover A Plastic Chair With Fur Fabric

I put the fabric right side up on the sofa as it looks and then match the sides to make folds (like on the sofa) Algaiety Spandex Chair Cover,12pcs ,chair Covers,living Room Folding Chair Covers,removable Chair Cover Washable Protector Stretch Chair Cover For Party, Banquet,wedding Event,hotel(white)

I sewed the top of the pleats and sewed again the velcro that I attached at the beginning, I got a better bowl, but in this case you can’t use elastic because it means that the back stays true. .

So I put the fabric again, but this time with the wrong side out (to get the inner line facing out) and put two pieces.

FUN! Remember, as long as you look up and not down, the skirt will come off easily.

I put the two pieces together and cut off the excess, then sewed them together and added 10 inches of velcro to the bottom of the piece so I could fold the two inwards and tuck them under the back of the seat.

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Like the chair, I had to make screw holes for the arms, zigzag around them so they wouldn’t break when it was time to wash them.

In the picture below you can see how I folded the two sides together and secured them using velcro on both sides (top and bottom)

I know it would be a pain to take off the sleeves every time I had to wash the cover, but on the other hand I did and I could throw it in the washing machine when they were dirty like a clean one. .

Cover A Plastic Chair With Fur Fabric

No scratches on the paint, although Curly has been playing with my feet a lot and his paws scratched the bottom, that’s fine.

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I’ve added an update with more pictures in the background so scroll through that!

I want to make washable covers because cleaning is just a pain for me – hehe.

Ken laughs a little at the fact that my chair is now screaming “I’m happy”, but you know I’m feeling happy!

I hope that next time Ken will take my wish to return his chair =]

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Edit to add – September 12, 2013 I’ve had this replacement chair for almost 2 years now and it still fits people perfectly! Since I’ve gotten so many requests, I’ve included more pictures of the chair, especially the lower one. Here are pictures of the sofa a year and a half after making the cover! I have washed it several times and the color of the sofa is still almost perfect =]

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Thank you very much for your help with attaching the seat. I have a few questions about the top of the seat, where you put the velcro. Is it only fitted to the headrest and the top and bottom of the seat? I’m also curious about the lid scratches. Did you sew them or just sew the velcro and wrap behind the cover? I’m going to make a pattern and a lot of work and sewing to cover my bed, but I found your site and I love your results! You make it so easy! I would love to see a video of you making it! Thanks again!

I like what you did on the “good” chair, given the chair and the instructions. Please update auf die neueste Version.

Cover A Plastic Chair With Fur Fabric

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