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Cover For A Big And Tall Gaming Chair – Looking for a gaming chair is a challenge. There is an insane amount to choose from with tons of features, and often you can’t try them out until you’ve spent hundreds on the new chair. In addition to the thrills, many gaming chairs look like they can do the job for tall and tall gamers, but the reality is that many of them are made for more average-sized people. This means that these options don’t offer as much seat, so much support and so much backrest. Finding something that is really big enough and offers ergonomic support will make a big difference to your long-term comfort and also help avoid potential strains.

We’ve rounded up a great selection of chairs that (literally) don’t miss a beat when it comes to giving tall and tall players a comfortable place to rest their bones. With these options, you’ll find wider seats, higher backrests and more payload. Plus, you won’t miss the classic gaming chair style or other common features like 4D armrests or lumbar support. As you can see below, these seats keep up with the best full-size seats to ensure you’re ready for even the longest gaming marathons – and click here to watch them in the UK.

Cover For A Big And Tall Gaming Chair

Cover For A Big And Tall Gaming Chair

Seat height: 18.1-21.9″ | Seat width: 19.3″ | Seat depth: 19.7″ | Back length: 35″ | Back width: 22″ | Reclining: 85-165° | Ergonomics: 4D adjustable armrests, lumbar support, magnetic pillow, memory foam with cooling gel | Max. load: 395 lbs

Gaming Chair Big And Tall Office Chair 500lb Wide Seat Desk Chair With Lumbar Support Headrest 2d Arms Task Swivel Ergonomic High Back Pu Adjustable Massage Racing Computer Chair For Adults Gamer

If you’re looking for a gaming chair that can do it all, even for big and tall gamers, look no further than the Secretlab Titan Evo XL 2022 Series. We’re happy to see one of our favorite gaming chairs available in a slightly larger form factor. It has a wide 19.3 inch seat plus the bolsters on either side just add to that overall width. The Secretlab also uses a Class 4 lift which when combined with the rest of the structure can support a heavy maximum load of 395 pounds.

The Secretlab Titan Evo XL 2022 Series is intended for taller players from 5 ft 11 to 6 ft 9. A high backrest with integrated adjustable lumbar support and a magnetic neck pillow that moves up and down should allow your spine to have the best possible position to take. This option goes further than that too, with 4D magnetic armrests that you can change to get your optimal arm position, a memory foam seat with cooling gel and the seat base can even recline when you move, allowing you to sink in really comfortably without sliding off. .

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Seat height: 16.75″-19.50″ | Seat width: 24″ | Seat depth: 24.5″ ● Backrest: 90-180° | Ergonomics: adjustable armrests, lumbar cushion, neck cushion | Maximum load: 400 lbs

Gaming chairs can get expensive quickly, but luckily the Respawn 400 exists if you’re looking for a more affordable option. Don’t worry though. You won’t miss a lot of features, and it’s still designed for bigger than average players. It offers an impressive maximum load of 400 pounds, while most cheaper seats are limited to around 250 pounds. Plus, the chair offers a 24-inch-wide seat to provide plenty of room, even if the side bolsters cut into that space a bit.

Fantasylab Big And Tall Gaming Chair With Footrest 400lb Grey

The Respawn 400 manages to include neck and lumbar pillows so you can get a little extra padding on your back. There are even 3D adjustable armrests that further improve the ergonomics of your setup. And between gaming sessions, the backrest can recline, while the seat base also tilts back for a more relaxed position. Keep in mind that the 19.5-inch seat height is on the low side for taller players, so you’ll want to compare that to the height of your current chair or desk.

Seat depth: 17-22″ | Seat width: 14.5″ | Seat depth: 20.5″ | Back length: 30.5″ | Back width: 22.5″ | Backrest: 90-180° | Ergonomics: armrests, lumbar cushion, neck cushion | Maximum load: 300 lbs

It’s hard to find a really affordable gaming chair that’s both tall and tall, but the Homall high-back racing chair is. For just $150 (and it regularly sells for much less), you get a chair that can hold up to 300 pounds. It also has a steel frame and a sturdy five-star base, like much of the competition. There are even neck and Luxembourg pillows, and if you need to take a break from the game, you can recline the rear seat 180° for extra comfort.

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Cover For A Big And Tall Gaming Chair

The main limiting factor of the Homall High-Back Racing Chair is the non-adjustable armrests and the seat width, which is on the narrow side at just 14.5 inches. But this chair is also suitable for larger players thanks to the seat depth of 20.5 inches and the height adjustment from 17 to 22 inches.

Big And Tall Gaming Office Chair 400lbs Wide Seat Ergonomic Desk Chair,white

Seat height: 18.8-22.8″ | Seat width: 19.6″ (tapering to 17.7″) | Seat depth: 20.2″ | Back length: 32.8″ | Back width: 21″ | Tilt: 90-160° | Ergonomics: 4D adjustable armrests, lumbar cushion, neck cushion, tilt lock | Maximum load: 331 lbs

You don’t have to break the bank to get the Thermaltake X-Comfort, but you’ll still get a lot out of this seat, and it’s extremely good for big, long games. The seat gets relatively tall with a maximum height of 22.8 inches, but there is a good four inches of clearance to pivot into the desired position. The longer 32.8-inch backpack is perfect for taller players, and when you add in the removable neck pillow and lumbar support, you’re sure to find an incredibly comfortable position.

The Thermaltake X-Comfort may look like it has a bucket seat, but the side bolsters aren’t actually part of the seat’s steel frame, meaning the 19.6-inch-wide seat is completely cushioned. It’s a clutch for long-lasting comfort, because those side bolsters can really kick in the thighs. In addition, Thermaltake also offers 4D armrests for ergonomic positioning of your hands on your desk and a Z-shaped support that allows you to swing and recline. The PU leather model comes at a great price, but if you like what you see and want real leather, Thermaltake offers that as a premium option too.

Seat height: 18.7-22.7″ | Seat width: 22″ | Seat depth: 22.8″ | Back length: 37.8″ (seat base included) | Back width: 22.8″ | Backrest: 85-155° | Ergonomics: 4D adjustable armrests, lumbar cushion, neck cushion | Max load: 550 lbs Big And Tall Gaming Chair Fantasylab Gaming Chair With Massage Memory Foam Gamer Chair For Adults Racing Computer Game Chair With Adjustable Armrest Tilt Back High Back Pu Leather Gaming Chair 400lb :

You get your average bigger and bigger, and then it gets really big and big. E-Win Flash XL is for those who want the largest option. This chair doesn’t play around as it has a fantastic max load of 550 pounds that blows the competition out of the water. With its 18.7-22.7 height range and extra high backrest, it is ready to meet you, whether you are six feet tall.

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You also don’t have to trade in many features with the E-Win Flash XL. You’ll find a deep backrest, rocking base, adjustable lumbar and neck cushions, and 4D armrests are all on this gaming throne. Densely packed foam sits in the seat to keep you comfortable, and it’s about the same size as 22 inches wide and 22.8 inches deep. Impressively, all the extra work E-Win did to make this chair suitable for bigger players didn’t increase the price.

Seat height: 21.7″-25.6″ | Seat width: 22.8″ | Seat depth: 19.7″ | Back length: 35″ | Back width: 24″ | Tilt: 90-165° | Ergonomics: adjustable armrests, lumbar cushion, neck cushion | Maximum load: 385 lbs

Cover For A Big And Tall Gaming Chair

Maxnomic Titanus Black is a towering throne for serious big games. In its base configuration, the seat reaches 21.7 inches and reaches 25.6 inches, so the vertically challenged should definitely pay attention to this choice. And with a configuration option, you can buy an even taller piston that adds another inch of height. This will cause the chair to start higher than most of its competition tops. Add the 35-inch backrest and you sit naturally, even if you’re taller than six feet.

Dxracer Oh/tb29/nb Big And Tall Gaming Chair Pu(black/blue)

To match the insanely high seat, Maxnomic developed an extra wide base to support the chair, using all aluminum in the construction. With these quality components, it can carry up to 385 pounds. The company clearly knew what it was doing to make a large, high gaming chair, as it flattened the side bolsters to turn the entire 22.8-inch-wide seat into a comfortable seating area. The chair has a slightly higher price point than usual, but doesn’t skimp on extras like 4D adjustable armrests, a lumbar cushion and a heavy-duty reclining mechanism.

Seat width: 21.5″ | Seat depth: 17.7″ | Back length: 35.4″ | Ergonomics: 4D armrests, lumbar support | Max load: 400 lbs

However, it is difficult to achieve the correct ergonomics of a chair if you are of average height