Cover For Patio Table And Chair Set

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A beautiful aluminum garden with a bamboo frame will emphasize any outdoor space, be it a garden or a balcony. It looks good in combination with wood, rattan and metal. The iron table in the color of dark wood goes well with the fireplace. With a well-curved seat and a sturdy fabric seat, the chair offers a comfortable seat. The seats are collapsible, so you can easily hide them in bad weather.

Cover For Patio Table And Chair Set

Cover For Patio Table And Chair Set

UV-resistant products show resistance to fading or fading. However, we recommend storing the product under the hood when not in use. This will ensure the longevity of the furniture.

Luxury Outdoor Patio Furniture

This product is waterproof, meaning it won’t be damaged by rain or contact with other liquids. At the end of the season, we recommend that you store it under the cover or preferably inside.

The product is made of materials with increased stain resistance, so discoloration should not be easily fixed or easily removed. After removing the stain, follow the care instructions.

Please open CDs carefully, especially when using sharp or pointed tools, as they may damage the product.

With the following furniture, we provide a detailed maintenance manual to ensure that the furniture will be at its best for many years to come. Look for maintenance instructions and proper care advice for your new product – you’ll find it next to the service manual.

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Casa Padrino Luxury Art Nouveau Garden Chair Set With Armrests And Seat Cushions Black / Green 47 X 50 X H. 103 Cm

1X Garden chair, CASPRI, grey, pack of 4, HS (17.0 kg) 133.00 x 58.00 x 72.00 cm (L x W x H)

1 X Garden table, black, CASPRI, HS (10.0 kg) 82.00 x 12.00 x 82.00 cm (L x W x H)