Dental Supplies To Cover The Chair Head

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Dental Supplies To Cover The Chair Head – Modern dental chairs have come a long way in terms of design, comfort, hygiene and innovation. To this day, they continue to innovate and design simple solutions to improve patient comfort and provide efficient care for dentists and hygienists. Despite these advances, there are still some problems that dentists often face.

Every patient is different in terms of height, weight, body shape, age and comfort level. What is comforting to one patient may be unpleasant to another. Modern dental chairs are designed for the “average” patient. They are tailored to a wide range of patients, but as the saying goes, “If you try to please everyone, you will please no one.”

Dental Supplies To Cover The Chair Head

Dental Supplies To Cover The Chair Head

With modern designs and adjustable components, dental chairs still lack many important features that patients need.

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Most dental chairs leave a space between the patient and the chair, usually near the spine. This defect causes pain, especially in elderly patients and those with back pain. This gap is more noticeable when the seat is upright, but still close. To solve this problem, the back teeth can be used with a dental chair. These specially designed support pillows help relieve back pain and provide a better patient experience.

Another source of discomfort is the area around the patient’s knee during treatment. Patients come in different sizes and even two patients of the same height can have different leg lengths. Because of this, the dental chair is designed to fit the “average” person, often leaving out the patient’s knees. Braces help in several ways:

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Most patients will tell you right away how they feel in the dental chair. They provide some comfort and support, but they don’t tend to stay in the dental chair for long periods of time. Patients should sit on the uncomfortable side so that dentists and hygienists can see the treatment area. Although this position is good in the short term, it does not provide enough support for the patient to be comfortable for long periods of time. Dental headrests, which fit easily into most dental chairs, support the patient’s neck while seated, allowing the patient to slowly turn the head and open the jaws. More importantly, they hold this position longer, giving dentists more time to treat patients without worrying about inconvenient patients.

Dental chairs aren’t ideal, but they can be for Crescent products. See how our dental chair equipment can improve your patient’s well-being today.

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