Different Ways To Completely Cover A Chair

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Different Ways To Completely Cover A Chair – What do you always find at flea markets, yard sales and estate sales? Old wooden chairs with broken or missing leather bottoms. There is nothing wrong with them. Only the leather seat on this antique chair needs replacing. And they are usually available at reasonable prices.

A row of chairs at the Nashville Flea Market with Cathy at Petticoat Junction. Check out this great DIY furniture tutorial

Different Ways To Completely Cover A Chair

Different Ways To Completely Cover A Chair

Changing leather chairs into antique chairs is easy, cheap, quick, and doesn’t require a high level of experience. The perfect DIY project!

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And this antique furniture is made with an attention to detail and craftsmanship that is not found in modern furniture. So extra points for a high quality chair at a low price.

So when you come across an old chair that needs a new one, grab that hidden gem! Turn it into a chair that brings charm and function to your home.

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A few years ago my mother asked me to restore my grandmother’s old rocking chair. It had been sitting in the attic for decades. The seat is still functional except for the gaping hole in the leather seat (ie, the hard seat back and legs).

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I have some experience repairing old wooden chairs, but more than my mother, so apparently she thinks I’m an expert.

I just made two more wooden chairs. The first chair I found was sitting on the side of the road in my neighborhood on garbage day. My husband thought I was fat, I dragged it into the driveway and hung it in the trunk of my car. But now my desk chair and I get a lot of compliments.

I’ve never changed seat leather before, so it was a little scary. But, I figured this chair, like the other two, would sit there collecting dust or worse, end up in a landfill, if I didn’t at least try.

Different Ways To Completely Cover A Chair

Digging through Google, I identified this chair as a ladies’ sewing rocker, also known as a nurse’s rocker. Typically in the late 1800s and early 1900s these chairs had two main features:

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You probably already have many of the tools and materials you need to replace leather seats in your toolbox. You only need to purchase a few accessories, including a convertible seat.

While you can spend a little more money on genuine leather replacement chairs, fiberboard chairs are a cheaper option. Laminated fiberboard seats typically cost around $25, while leather replacement seats are around $100.

They are cheap, but still have the appearance of leather. Fiberboard chairs are made using a special layer of paper and plastic fiber. These seat boards can be painted, stained, sealed or otherwise used. And usually they come in traditional designs to match the style of old wooden chairs.

For a new DIY-er like myself, I decided to try a decorative fiberboard chair. This is my first time changing seats so I don’t want to spend a lot of money and then make a mistake. I purchased the Sunflower Assembly Model through Architecturals.net and had a great experience. They carry many other styles including floral, tufted, shield and fleur de lis. Note the dimensions that work best for your project, as some styles are available in two different sizes.

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I figured if I got the process down (pun intended) I could upgrade to the original skin later. I really like the idea of ​​threading. To be honest, the thought of learning to tan scares me.

If you have a rocking chair, find ways to keep it safe. Turn the empty 5-gallon bucket over and place it under the seat. Or put a layer of blue painter’s tape under the stone.

Remove the upholstery sticker and the rest of the seat if any. I tried needle nose pliers to remove the old rod, but that didn’t work for me. So I “sprayed” on the tack remover (I bought one on Amazon for about $6). Carefully slide the V part of the nail remover under the head and lift the handle to loosen the head until the nail comes out. If the fishing rod is still in good condition, you can consider reusing it. My curtains are in bad condition.

Different Ways To Completely Cover A Chair

Remove and clean any dirt, dust and grime using various tools. My seat is in better shape than expected, but has some glue left. I used Goo Gone to remove. After removal, lightly sand the seat opening with fine grade sandpaper.

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Once all the nails and the rest of the seat have been removed, now is a good time to restore the wood part of the chair if needed. There are tons of great DIY restoration tutorial videos on YouTube. I really like the HomeImprovmentWoodworking YouTube channel.

Fortunately, my chair was structurally sound and the stain was clean. It just needs a good cleaning. I’ve used Restore-A-Finish several times and I’m starting to love it!

According to the product’s website, it’s a “unique penetrating formula that restores wood while covering small scratches, stains and scuffs… Restore-A-Finish Antique Finish’s original “patina” preserves, preserves its character and value as an antique. Available in nine different colors (I used walnut).

To protect the newly restored finish, I used Feed-N-Waxwood Polish and Conditioner as recommended by the manufacturer. This polish uses weathering oils that “smooth” the wood while providing a protective layer of beeswax and carnauba wax. Its purpose is to protect and prevent the wood from drying out, fading or cracking.

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If you want, it’s time to add color to the fiberboard. I decided to use stain (paint or nothing). Put on gloves and try different colors of stain on the back corner of the fiberboard.

I find that fiberboard takes stains differently than wood. Once you’ve chosen your stain color, wipe down the entire fiberboard with a soft cloth.

Allow the seat to dry, preferably overnight. Before this I was between two colored patches. I tried a lighter stain at first, but after it dried I realized I wanted a darker shade. So I reapplied and waited another day. Below is the finished color – does it look rich?

Different Ways To Completely Cover A Chair

I was lucky enough to have a very old leather seat. So I can follow the outline of the old chair to the new chair with a pencil.

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But if you don’t have an old chair, you have other options. You can create a paper template based on Martha Stewart’s great tutorial. Or measure the diameter (or square) of the chair seat opening and add an extra 2 inches to the measurement for turning and sewing.

Regardless of the method described above, your goal in this step is to outline the edges of the fiberboard with a pencil.

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Cut along the pencil marks using a small cutter, scissors, a craft knife, or tin scraps. I used a piece of tin. take your time!!!

Place the fiberboard on the underside of the seat using a tape measure to keep the edge of the board even with the edge of the seat. Make small marks with a pencil on each of the four corners of the lower seat.

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Remove the fiberboard from the seat and apply a bead of carpenter’s glue around the bottom edge of the fiberboard. Reuse the fiberboard for the chair, making sure to make pencil marks for the corner of the chair. Let it dry until it hardens. This usually takes an hour or two.

Apply upholstery adhesive to each of the four corners of the seat. I used FUCAS Upholstery Furniture Nail Pins in Antique Brass.

Some instructions say to hit the frame directly with a rubber mallet, but that didn’t work for me.

Different Ways To Completely Cover A Chair

I bent the first few rods so I followed Martha Stewart’s tutorial that suggested trenching to start the holes through the string and seat boards. [Update: October 2020 – The link to Martha’s tutorial is not working. I am trying to find a new link…. Hope this can be resolved as soon as possible]

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It took me about 20 hits with the awl to start the hole. Then get out the awl, and tap the upholstery nail directly with a rubber mallet.

Once these are at the four corners, hammer the remaining boards evenly spaced around the seat using a tape measure.

Congratulations! You’ve replaced the leather seat on an old chair and given it a new life!

Interested in learning more about fiberboard chairs? Check out Black Sheep Shop who replaced the seat with fiberboard, but they painted the wooden chairs a distressed gray.

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Different Ways To Completely Cover A Chair