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Grandeur and understated are the things we chose to add BMW’s largest SUV, the X7, to our long fleet. Of course, we could opt for the four-cylinder version of the xDrive40i, but we’d prefer the 523-hp model. We opted for the V-8 version of the M50i. Although there’s now a larger 2021 Alpina XB7 that sits above the M50i in the lineup, the M50i is a real beast, and we wanted to see how its current economy would hold up to 40,000 miles. We also wanted to see how BMW’s largest SUV would perform as a three-row version of the luxury 7-sedan model. As we quickly learned, our X7 M50i got the job done just as well, if not more.

Directors Chair Cover Back 21.06 X 7.28

Directors Chair Cover Back 21.06 X 7.28

Wearing an as-tested price of $113,845 (base price $100,595), our test car didn’t leave many options. We liked the $3,400 Bowers & Wilkins audio system and the $3,450 Dynamic Handling package for its rear-wheel drive and ability to scan the road ahead for bumps and adjust the climate accordingly. We also liked the Pirelli P Zero PZ4 tires, a new all-season offering without the expense and grip. When the snow started to fall, we took off the 22-inch M and P Zeros and replaced them with $3,045 Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2s mounted on 20-inch OZ Racing Cortina wheels. The combination of winter tires, all-wheel drive, and 553 foot-pounds of torque from the twin-turbo V-8 helped the 5,742-pound M50i through deep powder with ease. Speaking of winter, our X7 had the $1,200 Cool Package, which adds five-step climate control and heated front seats, heated rear seats, and a heated steering wheel on the heated front seats.

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Our X7 M50i feels great wearing its 22-inch M sport wheels and Pirelli P Zero PZ4 summer tires that come standard on the M50i.

Other options on our X7 are considered light, such as the $1,300 Executive package that includes heated and cooled intakes, a cut-glass switch, iDrive control and push-button start, and an LED-lit sunroof. There have been complaints that cup holders have little effect on the temperature of our drinks, and that the glasses, while nice to look at, can be distracting when they catch sunlight and glare on our eyes. As for the bright sunroof, it was worth our rotting work, but it was difficult to notice behind the wheel.

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We could also do without the $1,700 Professional Driver Assistance package, since we’ve disabled all of its driver aids. This was largely due to the insensitivity of BMW’s steering system, which required us to put our hands back on the steering wheel even though it was still. One feature we’d like in our X7 is BMW’s $550 hitch, which adds a towing system that adjusts not only the powertrain’s measurements but also driver assistance features to calculate the presence of a trailer. Since BMW won’t put a factory hitch on the X7 when it leaves the factory, we bought a $967 Stealth Hitch instead. With that nicely hidden trail, we were able to take advantage of the X7’s 7,500-pound towing capacity.

After driving the car from Washington to Michigan, test manager Dave VanderWerp praised the X7’s towing ability. “It easily towed a trailer and truck weighing about 5,800 pounds even at speeds of 75 to 80 mph.” When towing, the X7 returned 14 mpg versus 21 mpg over 2,100 miles without a trailer. Over its lifetime, the X7 has achieved 17 mpg, a number that matches the EPA rating.

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With or without a trailer, the X7 is ideal for logging long distances. “The chairs are better than the chairs in my living room,” said Eric Tingwall, publishing director. He also found that the top door of the BMW could not be opened without touching the bike rack, but the bottom could be used as a changing area for his infant. In contrast, almost all riders did not like the second and third seats because of the slow movement, and some felt that the controls were sometimes uncomfortable. The $850 second-row captain’s chairs also don’t fold down completely, which can make it easier to load large and bulky items into the X7.

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At 40,000 miles, the X7 has been to the dealer for service four times. BMW covers the cost of servicing during the three-year/36,000-mile warranty, so we only had to pay for the final service. Getting into fourth gear brought us the reality of maintaining a six-seater car. An oil change, cabin air filter replacement and more inspections run us another $509.

There have been bumps along our long road. Dirt under the center console’s touch panel caused the touch buttons to malfunction. A thorough cleaning restored their performance, but after 3,000 miles the problems returned. At that time, the dealer decided that the entire control panel needed to be replaced and installed a new control panel under warranty, which solved the problem for the duration of the test.

Directors Chair Cover Back 21.06 X 7.28

With the odometer going over 37,000 kilometers and the finish line in sight, the X7 failed miserably. First, the rear fender came off and disappeared. Maybe the automatic washer removed it, or it’s a neighbor who’s tired of hearing V-8 in the morning. However, BMW replaced it under warranty.

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The second ailment came to the X7 after 200 kilometers, when one of our editors noticed that the rear suspension spring had come out during the night, causing the X7 to sink too much into a corner. The leak is so small that when the car is running it will rev up and drive fine, but park it for a few hours and the X7 starts to limp. Repair parts were being sent back to the US and Germany, so we kept driving. After waiting 27 days, the air spring and strut assembly arrived and was immediately replaced as the final job.

From the day we drove it to the 40,000-mile test site on its last trip, the M50i’s engine blew us away. From the magazine: “A big engine makes this big move easy—smooth and smooth when you smooth it out, and crisp and responsive when you rock it.” It has 523 hp. Power is easy to come by with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8. Not only does that make this heavy, three-row monster a rocket, but its power output and sound are smooth and clean. An 8-speed automatic transmission was also featured. It moves well in quiet driving and is mainly aimed at the Sport and Sport Plus models.

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A 40,000-mile test period showed that power output didn’t change much after all those miles, and we didn’t add fuel between 10,000 service trips. It now hits 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and hits the mile in 12.7 seconds at 111 mph, one-tenth off its time when new. Fast from zero to 120 mph and more than 1 mph faster in the one-mile trap, the V-8 can make more horsepower. On the 300-foot skidpad, wearing Pirelli P Zero PZ4s running on flat tires (315mm rear width) sticking with 0.82g of lateral grip, 0.01 less than the first test, but all results below ours. It is expected to consider the installation of large tires. Braking performance from 70 mph to zero was up to expectations. Although it was slightly longer in our second test session, 161 feet compared to 152 feet in the first, unless you’re analyzing the work with the VBox data logger, you won’t notice the difference.

From taking cars and toys off-road on cross-country ski trips to Colorado, to entertaining on our favorite trails, escorting an editor to a wedding in style, and moving a bedroom in one trip, the X7 has been in demand. The versatility of the X7 was probably its greatest companion during its lifetime. Even the pandemic has struggled to slow down its odometer, as we have covered almost half of America (22 sectors to be exact). The X7 proved that the premium features of the 7 sedan work well on the big screen.

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More than a year later, our 2020 BMW X7 M50i is still going strong. And with 523 horsepower, a luxurious cabin and three rows of seats, it’s easy to see why. X7 is popular with many workers