Diy Dining Room Chair Cover With Arms

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Diy Dining Room Chair Cover With Arms – How to Sew Parson’s Chair Covers: Transform an inexpensive chair with fabric covers that you can sew yourself without a pattern.

Dining chairs are a huge part of dining room design. This week I’m repurposing my sacred chairs by making my own covers for them. It’s the second week of the One Room Challenge and I’m excited to share what I’m working on as part of my rustic Scandinavian dining room makeover. In case you missed the first week, click here to see the past and my design inspiration.

Diy Dining Room Chair Cover With Arms

Diy Dining Room Chair Cover With Arms

I started things off by making ten slipcovers for the Parsons chairs in my dining room. I’ve loved these black leather Parson chairs for the past ten years since I’ve had them. They are comfortable yet in good condition and easy to maintain as the leather can be removed if necessary. I wanted to keep the good parts but change them to match our new lighter color palette. I figured the covers would do the trick, they would still be comfortable, cute, and with the removable cover, they would be easy to maintain. This is an earlier picture of the room.

Dining Chair Covers

I discussed buying the cases. But these chairs were bought from a big box store and are no longer available. I couldn’t find the exact size bedspread I was looking for because they are the smallest size. After debating buying and modifying them ready-made, I decided that if I had to sew anyway, I might as well make them myself.

I had originally planned on making longer covers, but when I was looking to buy I saw shorter covers and they seemed a bit more contemporary.

I had fabric so this was a very low budget project for me. The only thing I had to buy was some more thread and some Velcro, both of which I found at the dollar store.

The fabric I used was actually a large canvas cloth from the hardware store. They were used as tablecloths for an event and instead of throwing them away at the end, I picked them up and brought them home. After a thorough wash, they were ready for work.

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The hardest part of the project was starting the pattern. I’ve seen a lot of examples online where people cut and staple to make a case, but I had to make ten of them I knew I’d do better with a template I could reuse every time.

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To make my pattern, I spent some time researching and thinking about how to sew with less. I invented the backrest and seat. The only downside to this pattern is that it requires large pieces of fabric, but the blobs work great there.

I started by taping the newspaper to the chair as a cover. I then carefully cut it out of the chair where I wanted the seam. Then I lined up the newspaper, folded it exactly in half, and straightened the edges.

Diy Dining Room Chair Cover With Arms

I placed the newspaper template on thick white paper and traced it. Then I added a half inch seam allowance and cut out the pattern in the white paper. The white paper allowed me to add seam allowance later, but also keep the lightweight fabric from getting dirty with newspaper.

Dining Room Slipcovers Armless Chairs

The straight edge of each pattern is the fold line, so the fabric is folded in half and the pattern is placed on top. When everything is cut you unwrap the fabric and you have the complete piece with both sides matching each other.

After I received my pattern, I cut out my first cover. I used bobby pins to secure the fabric, adjusting it as I went. For my first attempt, I used a vanishing marker along the pin lines to know where to sew.

After each stitch I tried to slide the cover back onto the chair and adjust it if necessary. The first coat took the longest but I knew once I figured out my pattern and method it would come on fast and it did.

For the second chair, I made some adjustments to the pattern, then cut it out and attached it to the second chair. This time I used the pin lines as the sewing line.

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Once the second one was done I was confident in my pattern and could cut more at once, once I worked on my method, the pinning and sewing became even faster.

To finish the covers, I removed the bottoms of the original chairs that had Velcro in place and added Velcro to the new covers so they could be wrapped around the sides of the chairs. This will make them easier to remove and wash in the future.

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Cover is not correct. There are definitely some differences between them, some that aren’t completely straight and some sliding covers don’t fit perfectly everywhere. But they were worth making.

Diy Dining Room Chair Cover With Arms

The whole room is starting to feel light now. I can see how the chairs could be a perfect neutral backdrop for things I might photograph in future rooms.

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I guess I can lighten the wooden legs a bit? But then maybe a little black in the room would be nice. I’ll leave them for now and see how they look over the next 5 weeks as the room develops.

I’m so glad this project only cost me $10 for the thread and Velcro. Even if you have to buy fabric, it will be a very cheap way to give new life to your old chaise chairs.

Right now. Can you operate a staple gun? You can then fully restore your chairs in an hour or two, depending on how many chairs you have.

I love our dining table because it is large and can accommodate a lot of people. Here it is with 8 chairs, but on holidays we expand it with a leaf hidden at the bottom and we can comfortably place at least 14 people around it. It is heavy and sturdy and I love its style.

Chair Cover Diy

A can of General Finishing Milk Paint and about 2 hours of my time solved the redwood problem that was plaguing me.

I was so pleased with how my bar stool turned out that I seriously considered lighting up this table and painting it to add some contrast to this part of the kitchen.

But it’s an expensive table and what if I regret it later? So, before going for Paint, I decided to try something else first.

Diy Dining Room Chair Cover With Arms

Of course, you can use the same easy DIY chair cover method with any type of fabric you like, but I chose this mid-weight fabric drop cloth.

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The creamy ivory color and rustic texture of the drop cloth work wonderfully with my farmhouse decor.

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Fabric also comes in smaller sizes, so if you’re making fewer chairs, you probably won’t need as large a piece, but I wanted a little extra canvas to stow away for repositioning if needed.

One thing I like about using a drop cloth is that since it’s so cheap, if a spill or stain happens, it’s not a big deal.

We don’t have young children at the moment so the light cream color of the fabric stays nice and clean.

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I love that I don’t have to worry about dirty little hands touching expensive, hard-to-clean clothes. I can unwrap the seat cover, throw it on, and redo it with a new piece of cloth in minutes.

I didn’t remove the original black leather on my seats, I covered it. If you have a pattern on the seats of your chairs that is visible through the canvas, you can double the fabric or quilt it under the fabric to give it more attention. However, if you get

Place the seat upside down on the canvas and determine how much is needed for the seat of your chair. You want about 2 inches on each side to easily fold under the seat.

Diy Dining Room Chair Cover With Arms

Once you know the necessary measurements for each chair cover, use a pencil or tailor’s chalk to mark the fabric and then cut each piece to size. Santa Hat Dining Room Chair Covers Set Of 4 Kitchen Christmas Decorations Indoors

Fold the edges on each side of the seat, tightening them to make sure there are no creases and to keep the fabric from slipping too much.

Use a staple gun to attach the drop cloth to the underside of the seat. You can use a regular staple gun, but an electric one will make this job much easier.

Take your time with the corners, concealing them and carefully overlapping them so that the wrinkles at the top are less visible. You want most of the assembly to be at the corners of the seat of the chair, where they