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Documentaire Covid 19 Retour Sur Un Chaos – The lies in the documentary “Save, Return to Chaos” was published on November 13, 2020 at 7:19 pm, updated on November 13, 2020 at 11:09 pm Source: JT 8 pm At 1:00 p.m

The so-called ‘Coronavirus’ is making a big splash in the media. Its leaders support broadcast science that hides the wider world. But this movie is full of lies. The documentary “Save, Return to Chaos” is two hours and 43 minutes long. Its purpose is to spread lies about the coronavirus. But the work itself lies. One is a graph comparing the number of deaths related to Covid-19 to other causes of cancer or AIDS. The disease occurs with low amplitude. This infographic was originally published in English last April. This name indicates that the tax is sent worldwide and is usually limited to January and February 2020. Time is at the beginning of an epidemic. However, Covid-19 has killed 42,500 people in France since the virus hit. These deaths are 10 times higher than traffic accidents and 100 times higher than AIDS. These two causes of death are mentioned in the infographic called coronavirus. Only cancer remains the leading cause of death in our country. Another false so-called documentary is about the Pasteur Institute’s role in the development of Covid-19. This document was posted by user on March 19th. But the document he provided is true, a license sent by the foundation in 2004 to find a drug against SARS, a disease that was widespread at the time. The Pasteur Institute also filed a complaint against the Internet user. The latter was punished for defamation of the TF1 News editorial On the same topic, where did the anti-vex posters found in Toulouse come from? Posted on August 17, 2022 at 4:49 pm by ? Le 20H replied to you yesterday Posted at 10:593 Video – “Everything is falling apart”: Emma’s mother and father were killed on the 13th Horrific testimony Today 9:534 Fuel shortage: status update Thursday, October 20 10:325- de “I’ve got a 2% chance”: Matthew Perry talks about the day he died Yesterday 11:296 Posted Am I mixing SP95 and SP98 in jeopardy? Your response to Le 20H Posted on October 18, 2022 at 9:157 PM Ecology plan: Elisabeth Borne wants to free 22 jobs in life Posted today at 07:198 No doctor, the law to refuse to admit a doctor. they answer me Le Le 20H Today 10:069, Lola’s murder: parents ask for “respect” before the funeral Posted yesterday, 21:41, more news 1 Today at 24:00: Russia – domestics are looking for … Posted on Leboncoin today at 5:322 pm Video – At 16 years old, he is already the manager of his store. Posted here at 5:293 pm. Posted today 17:176 Does this video show the Ukrainian army harming itself? Today 17:137 “calm” Posted today 16:538 Tennis: Simona Halep, last world.1, suspended for doping Today’s power card 16:419 at 16:11 See more news 1Supermarkets: proving cheap valuable products. .. better than brands Posted Yesterday 13:412 CGT calls two-day strike from October 27 to November 10 Today 13:153 Oil shortage: situation update Thursday October 20 Yesterday 10:324 LIVE – Fuel: Main road petrol stations take essential supplies Posted at 11:295 AM Today Whatsapp releases long-awaited feature 16:276 ‘Unbelievable’: The agony of owners forced to destroy beach villas in Pas . -Calais Published today 11:327 T holiday: how to know the oil time on the highway? Posted today at 11:238 am I share my room with my neighbor, who should keep it? Near you 13:00 19 October 2022 at 5:039 MAP – Fuel shortage: find gas stations 12 October 2022 20:3510 Video – Road safety: how do speed cameras work? Posted today at 14:33 See more news

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Documentaire Covid 19 Retour Sur Un Chaos

Documentaire Covid 19 Retour Sur Un Chaos

TF1 Information Service Usage Legal Notices Privacy Policy Cookies Policy Availability Responsive to You Internal Icons Media Area Adjust My Preferences TF1 Information Date Wednesday, November 11th The document on Covid-19 is being discussed in various media and social networks.

Hold Up Et Hydroxychloroquine

Production company Tprod went from 28,000 euros per month to 110,000 euros in 24 hours, according to Tristan Mendès-France, a researcher specializing in the crowdfunding platform, digital circle and participatory hand. Many of the videos posted on social media have garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Considering the numbers written earlier, it is possible to reach the goal of 200,000 euros per month for free. On November 18, “Tipeee” exceeded 154,000 euros.

We’ve reviewed them all, and below is an explanation of some of the false information being spread by Hold-Up about the coronavirus and the management of this global epidemic. This article will be updated regularly.

Hydroxychloroquine Results ‘Reset’ Masks for Innocents Lab Monitoring After 2019

Before we get into the details, we should go back to the main thesis of this two-hour screenplay. According to Hold-Up, this pandemic was engineered by the world’s political, economic, intellectual and technological elites to exploit the “recovery” of people.

Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

The World Business Forum plans to hold a major meeting in January 2021. This was also announced in the June press release. The project focuses on thinking about “economic and social relations for a fairer, more sustainable and stronger future” due to the epidemic, climate change and other issues.

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While it is fair to discuss the importance of the World Economic Forum and this conference, it is a contradiction in terms to say that the “Great Recovery” is long overdue. Information going along these lines is unproven.

There is no evidence yet, the authors said, that the purpose of this epidemic for the global elite is to promote the spread of 5G to eliminate human inefficiency and better manage money through virtualization through cryptocurrency.

Documentaire Covid 19 Retour Sur Un Chaos

It can be big, so leave it at that. But after discussing the history of the coronavirus, the real impact of Covid-19, death, treatment, prisoner ethics, we want to hear the problem of solutions to explain it all.

Mémoires Et Silences. Violences Transgénérationnelles Et Transfrontalières De La Répression Franquiste

Also, most of what we’ve heard before is actually incorrect, inflated, or incorrect. Here are some examples. Many are collaborative theories or techniques that have been around for months.

In discussions, it is one of the most controversial and polarizing topics among doctors and politicians. So you should know about Hold Up problem.

There is so much evidence for this that it would be useless to try to support it. On the other hand, it is true that the data confirm that hydroxychloroquine is a very effective treatment against Covid-19. Hold Up also said that it is right if this drug is not allowed, because there is a huge cooperation to avoid the treatment of the coronavirus.