Does Humana Cover A Chair To Help You Up Stairs

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Does Humana Cover A Chair To Help You Up Stairs – The digital workplace experience is redefining how Huna delivers on its commitment to improving employee and customer health and well-being.

Digital transformation has come to define corporate strategy. With the promise of technology to bring new efficiencies, eliminate cost centers and open avenues to new markets, joining the digital ecosystem is an attractive option for all growing businesses. Amid the disruptions of a global pandemic, when even routine business continuity tasks are impractical but in many cases impossible, what was once a competitive advantage has become a business imperative and organizations are investing billions. Almost night axis.

Does Humana Cover A Chair To Help You Up Stairs

Does Humana Cover A Chair To Help You Up Stairs

At Humana, digital transformation plays a multifaceted role in shaping the organization’s future. It’s an actionable tool shaping the human experience for both employees and customers, leading America’s largest health insurer into a new post-pandemic era spanning nearly a decade of digital investment.

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“Two percent of our workforce already works in Humana buildings, and another four percent is mobile,” says Callie Bowman, vice president of digital workplace experiences at Huana. “Before COVID, the digital workplace was part of our core processes, we already had to be good at it and we’ve been doing it for years. Post-pandemic, it’s become a thing. What we’re doing is driving business strategy.

With more than 95,000 employees at the end of 2021 across a range of fields, from knowledge workers and supply chain professionals to front-line physicians, nurses, social workers and retail pharmacy professionals, Humana is a large-scale organization. In 2021, revenue will exceed $83 billion. In 2021, it acquired Kindred at Home, strengthening its growing business base for clinical care and nearly doubling the size of its workforce. From the outside, Juana looks like a traditional Fortune 500 company. But, in many ways, it’s also, according to Bauman, “the antithesis of enterprise-scale business.” “This is an organization that has innovation, agility and reinvention in its DNA.”

Baumann joined Humana’s human resources division in 2011 and has since played a key role in the organization’s new product launch, innovation and how technology drives business strategy. So get the first view. “Recently, just in time for COVID, I started leading our digital workplace experience team,” he says. “It’s been a brutal two and a half years.”

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His drive has always been to use digital processes, tools and techniques not for technology, but to create healthier lives for human employees and customers. It’s a mission that aligns with Humanity’s potential expansion beyond a commercial insurance product—the core business that remains critical to the organization’s success—and toward a unique vision of helping people achieve lifelong healing.

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“Over the last few years, we’ve nailed this concept of defining and building business models around health and delivering human care,” Bowman says. “We’re investing in making it a reality, and now we’re starting to see the transformative power it can have across the industry.”

That investment is more than a financial conversation, Bowman says. “It’s not about the dollars and cents we invest in our SaaS partners. It’s less about the technology and more about the impact these investments have on engagement and well-being. We’re seeing employees who use our tools have higher net promoter scores with our customers.” (NPS), so we know there’s value in helping them use our tools, and we also know they’re happier and angrier.

Baumann calls it the “digital workplace experience”—the next evolution of digital integration in the workplace that affects every aspect of the organization. Bauman suggests advancing the concept of the digital workplace, which involves moving away from traditional technological mindsets. It’s an experience that captures the often-overlooked, but very real, personal journeys we all experience in our careers, from landing and professional development to becoming equipped, active and empowered as individuals every day. All ways to find out. Purpose, pride and fulfillment.

Does Humana Cover A Chair To Help You Up Stairs

“The conversation is now about leadership, culture change and using this digital workplace experience platform to not only grow, but to see what we need to be HUANA as an organization.” the employee care company, post-epidemic,” he says.

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While still in its early stages, the digital workplace experience is helping shape the company’s expansion, most recently a move into clinical care for seniors called Centerville (home health and primary care). Supporting this new business arena requires an entirely new approach to meeting the unique needs, preferences and desires of employees.

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“To take just one example, we’re currently re-evaluating our service level agreements (SLAs). What we immediately discovered is that what attracts and retains knowledge workers like me – and a therapist – is completely different,” says. Bowman. . “Our current SLAs are closing times in hours and days, and their expectations are in minutes. And obviously, our patients have a relationship with physicians, and their use of technology to provide human support improves with their use. My laptop is down. If it does, it’s inconvenient and it interferes with my productivity, but the confidence of a doctor who sees a patient every 20-30 minutes and takes care of them is shattered.

It goes both ways: clinical automation may be a digital priority for clinicians, but for knowledge workers, seamless document access and robust communication tools are on the agenda. “That’s why we’re building a model based on the real needs of our people, and understanding the reality of their work and their needs,” Bowman says. “It starts from day one, from rethinking the unboxing and onboarding experience to a daily, productive, ‘I work’ experience.”

A true spirit of collaboration is central to the evolution of the digital workplace experience, and this extends to external partners. “Partner-power” is how Baumann characterizes the peer approach.

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“I think there’s a tendency, especially in large organizations where these arrangements can have a lot of power, to have a mentality of ‘you got me.’ taking,” Bowman says. “It must be really uncomfortable at times because they have to push you to do more and think differently.”

Video leadership, but especially during the pandemic, has been essential to maintaining and opening new lines of communication between Humana’s departments, employees and customers — including the organization’s 340 conference room. A major project involves improving printing capabilities.

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“We needed some help rethinking technology in those spaces,” Bowman says. “Our systems lacked the flexibility to support our new ways of working, and we wanted to reap the benefits of face-to-face communication when face-to-face meetings were not possible or in a hybrid environment. The Zoom team took the time to understand who Huna is—just like we do with our employees—and then used their subject matter expertise.

Does Humana Cover A Chair To Help You Up Stairs

Beyond incorporating today’s technology into new ways of working, the team seeks to shape and influence “not just the vision of the digital workplace, but the vision of the digital workplace experience,” Bowman says. Ecosystem experience compared to when Hamana was a more fragmented and technology-focused operation.

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“Engineering was in one cell, product management was in another, and human resources was in another,” Bowman says. “The team’s work with the support of Gartner helped us realize that in HUANA there is a more holistic and comprehensive way to approach the digital workplace. Today we have a language and a taxonomy to talk about these things. This. More importantly, perhaps, we now , we have a way of measuring the value of what we’re doing and communicating, technology-wise, so as a board position where we’re going as an organization, and how we’re going to get there.’

To get there, Bowman is making the most of the workforce in the process of reinventing true hybrid work built on the principle of experiential equality, which means the peak of the pandemic is now fading.

“When our employees come back to the office, we’re again inundated with data about what’s working and what’s not,” he says. “It takes a huge organizational commitment to constantly revisit and rethink. It’s a commitment to data-driven innovation and a willingness to experiment and learn, based on the belief that these are not just technical tools for technology’s sake. They’re how we attract and retain talent. is the mechanism by which we create better relationships with our members and the customers we serve because it is easier;