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Download Mp3 Cha Eun Woo Rainbow Falling Cover Indonesia – My ID is Gangnam Beauty star Cha Eun Woo delighted Filipino fans by performing Ben&Ben’s “Kathang Isip” at her first fan meeting in Manila. The charming Korean singer-actress also sang “Pak Na Pak!” He learned to say it. for the joy of the people.

Korean idol Cha Eun Woo surprised his Filipino fans not only with his cute boyish looks but also with his efforts to have an unforgettable first fan meeting in Manila.

Download Mp3 Cha Eun Woo Rainbow Falling Cover Indonesia

Download Mp3 Cha Eun Woo Rainbow Falling Cover Indonesia

She prepared a surprise production number where she serenaded the audience with OPM Ben & Ben’s popular song ‘Kathang Isip’.

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Against the backdrop of spotlights and flashing lights on a large LED screen, the beautiful Yun Woo is a sight to behold on stage.

Reviving his roots as a member of Korean boy band Astro, Eun Woo is clearly in his element when it comes to singing.

Sometimes he stops singing to charm the audience or takes a moment to sing with his seductive smile.

But Yoon Woo also reminded fans of his scenes with Gangnam Beauty co-star Im So Hyang when he sang the show’s theme song, “Rainbow Falling.”

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The rain scene in Gangnam Beauty – when she confesses that she loves no one but Soo Hyang – was also played on a large LED screen.

Yoon Woo made sure to dress up in hanbok, the traditional Korean clothing he wears for his latest rookie historian series.

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Titled Just One 10 Minute, Un Woo’s first fan meeting in Manila was held on Saturday night, October 26 at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao, Quezon City.

Download Mp3 Cha Eun Woo Rainbow Falling Cover Indonesia

At the start of the fan meeting, Yoon Woo warmly welcomed his Pinoy fans with “Mabuhe!” and “Mahal Ko Kayo!”

Giri Boy Discography

But even the Korean idol “Pak Na Pak!” The audience roared with laughter as he screamed. – “ideal!” Gay pinoy lingo for that

He yelled “Pak Na Pak!” Every now and then, he wanted to say how much he appreciates his Pinoy fans.

Yoon Woo recalls that his first visit to Manila (when he was in elementary school) was an unforgettable experience for him.

“I came to the Philippines when I was in the 4th grade,” Yun Woo said through an interpreter.

Astro Cha Eun Woo To Sing “under The Oak Tree” Ost “don’t Cry, My Love”

Still talking about how much he loves playing basketball in the Philippines, Un Woo said, “When they told me to study, I didn’t want to study.”

But growing up, she admitted that her mother often told her, “You’re not pretty.”

Yoon Woo said that there was a time when he trained his fellow Astro members Jinjin, MJ, Moonbin, Rocky, and Yoo San-ha.

Download Mp3 Cha Eun Woo Rainbow Falling Cover Indonesia

“If I’m with the rest of the members except Jinjin, I’ll grill the meat. The others don’t really know how to grill.”

Cha Eunwoo 차은우

On why Jinjin is an exception, Eun Woo added, “He cares about the members because he is the leader.

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Their group originally came to the Philippines in September 2016 for the MBC Show Champion concert, which featured nine K-pop acts including BTS.

Apparently, he remembered eating at a famous Pinoy fast food restaurant during his first visit to the Philippines when he was in elementary school.

While creating Dreamcatchers, he spoke of a recent dream in which he saw “a big fish pulling me everywhere”.

Listen To Cha Eun Woo (astro)

He said it was terrifying as he struggled to stay afloat with water “falling all over me”.

As the audience laughed at his story, Yoon Woo added, “It might sound funny, you’re like, ‘What?’ But really, in my dream, it’s really bad.”

When he finished creating Dreamcatchers, the Korean wanted his fans to always have a deep and restful sleep.

Download Mp3 Cha Eun Woo Rainbow Falling Cover Indonesia

“I’m very happy and it’s nice to meet my Filipino fans here in the Philippines.

August 2018 » Color Coded Lyrics

“I will come back to Korea and have the energy to become a better Yoon Woo and a better Astro.”

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