Duck Covers Ultimate Patio Chair Cover 29 Inch

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Duck Covers Ultimate Patio Chair Cover 29 Inch – Fits patio chairs up to 27″ wide and 30″ deep, duck cover with optional air bag 29″ W Patio Chair Covers offer superior protection for your valuable outdoor furniture at an amazingly affordable price. Waterproof. Also UV, crack resistant and fading, these covers Constructed of a unique tri-layer material that provides superior performance and protection.They come with a two-year warranty.

Duck patio chairs are protected from scratches to keep them looking like new. Our innovative laminate creates better airflow between your cover and outdoor furniture, eliminating condensation that can damage furniture. The patent-pending duck dome airbag inflates at the low points of outdoor furniture to create a dome-like cover to repel water, snow and debris, just like water off a duck’s back. Move the best patio furniture covers today!

Duck Covers Ultimate Patio Chair Cover 29 Inch

Duck Covers Ultimate Patio Chair Cover 29 Inch

Contact between patio covers and furniture increases mold and mildew on your furniture. This was a serious problem for patio covers. That is, until now. Duck dome + breathable material = no problem!

Duck Covers Elegant 29 Inch Patio Chair Cover For Sale Online

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The duck cover lashing straps are made of strong nylon and sewn to the cover with a special strong stitching technique to perform in high winds.

Attach the duck canopy to your furniture using rope and flats. Place the cover over it and secure it with the attached strong nylon lashing strap. You are safe!