Dye Chair Slip Cover In Front Loading Washer

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Dye Chair Slip Cover In Front Loading Washer

Dye Chair Slip Cover In Front Loading Washer

Today I’m going to show you some tricks to put this room together without spending a fortune. A little ingenuity goes a long way.

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It’s week 4 of the Spring 2019 One Room Challengeā„¢ and the family media room is about to fillā€¦

This week is all about the little changes and tweaks I can do to my existing furniture to give it a new look. The biggest project I took on was updating the Pottery Barn PB Grande sofa for a newer look. This sofa is 15 years old and is showing its age, even though it is a nice, soft piece of furniture.

In 15 years of ownership, Christine has replaced the cover once. This replacement will cost approximately $2500. That’s the price of a new couch! The difference is that this part is still as comfortable and relaxing as the first day. It looks like nothing.. just dressed up. (story of my life)

Our room gets a lot of sunlight and we started noticing the cover fading under harsh UV about six months ago. Those pink spots you see are a sign that the color is fading under the sun.

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Originally we were going to buy a new cover. Then we noticed that the Grand Collection seems to have been replaced by the Big Sur Collection. While we love the look of the Big Sur couch, it just isn’t the same as the one we have. As a result, we are not sure if we can afford a new cover for our couch.

That’s when I started looking at options to make our masks fresher. I am no stranger to fabric painting. I have been dyeing dark rugs and my quilts since childhood. My mom taught me how to extend the life of faded black clothes by throwing a packet of Rit Dye into the top of the washing machine when I was little and I’ve used this method all my life. .

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I’m an adult now and I don’t have a full load washer. Mine is a front loader. The main difference is that the prewash machine uses less water. In addition, they do not fill completely until the load begins and the tank is closed (so as not to open the door and cause leakage).

Dye Chair Slip Cover In Front Loading Washer

Since I can’t add powder to the water before I put the fabric in the drum (like you would with traditional dyeing), I always thought that it was impossible to use a washing machine to dye my clothes. and upholstery. For many years I painted canvases the old-fashioned way – plastic bottles of paint in the garage, constantly moving. This method works for smaller items like t-shirts and pillowcases, but I needed a big dye bath for the mask.

Bosch Serie 4

I knew there had to be a better way to paint masks in my house. So I looked for ways to dye and found this super easy trick to dye a sofa cover (or something bigger) in front of the washing machine.

Paint the sofa covers in front of the washing machine. Before I thought it was impossible, I found a way to paint large, heavy canvases in clear water front loaders. This method keeps the color consistent.

KEROT EQUIPMENT: fabric dye warm water 4 cups of salt (for cotton, 4 cups of vinegar for synthetics) 1 teaspoon of laundry dye glove 2 measuring cups (one 4 cup and one 2 cup (don’t use silicone because it will stain) tea kettle. and white vinegar (to prepare the cloth)

This is the recipe I used to get the gray color for the sofa cover. I wanted a deep color, so I used two different colors and shades.

Amazon.com: High Stretch 2 Piece Armchair Cover / Sofa Chair Covers / Slipcover Furniture Protector For Chairs, Made Of Rich Textured Spandex Small Checks Knitted Jacquard Fabric (chair, Navy)

Step 1 – Prepare your cover (fabric) to receive the dye. Because the sofa cover is big and bulky, I decided to make two dye baths so that the fabric can run through the dye. I suggest you do the same thing.

Start by washing your body with cold water. Do not use soap in this cycle. The purpose of this preparation is to remove any chemical residue from the fabric so that the dye can penetrate. Instead, just use 2 cups of baking soda, poured directly into the machine’s drum, before scanning. Then add 1 cup of white vinegar to your dishwashing cup.

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It may be tempting to skip this step, but don’t. If you want a consistent fabric color, this step is necessary. This will remove stubborn soap scum and grime so your dye can fully penetrate each strand.

Dye Chair Slip Cover In Front Loading Washer

After charging, do not let the mask dry. Removed from the washing machine to remove any pools of water. You want the mask to be completely wet as you proceed with the paint bath. Water is attracted to water. A damp cloth can stain your carpet.

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Step Two – Prepare your paint mixture. In contrast to the previous dyeing method (using a top filling machine), this method requires less dye preparation. But don’t worry. It’s very easy.

Fill the kettle with cold water. Pour your paint into a glass measuring cup. Use separate measuring cups to measure your two glasses of hot water. Then add to the paint and stir with the iron until the paint dissolves. Measure out two more glasses of hot water and add to the dye mixture and stir again.

Step Three – Prepare the salt mixture. In a separate glass bowl, add two cups of salt and very hot water (I used this juicer). Then stir until the salt is completely dissolved. Add 2 cups of salt and 2 more cups of hot water.

Step Four – Start your wash cycle. Before you add salt or dye to your washing machine, you want to start your cycle. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to open the pool door when the cycle starts. You don’t need it.

Beko 8.5kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Choose the hottest and longest cycle. For washing machines (older models at this), I use the clean cycle and select floor level.

Step Five – Add your dye and mixture to the washing machine. Instead of adding the mixture directly to your bath, you add it to the soap dispenser.

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You can do this by opening the drawer for your dispenser, after starting the wash cycle, and removing the plastic cup. Place the cup on its side and pour the paint mixture labeled “Main Wash” directly into the dispenser area.

Dye Chair Slip Cover In Front Loading Washer

After adding color, mix salt. This will help remove the dye from your fabric and help the dye penetrate the fabric.

How To Dye Textiles In A Front Loading Washing Machine

Close the door and wipe any areas that may have been stained with paint with a damp towel.

When your cycle is over, you can remove the mask and let it dry. Then repeat this entire process for the pillow cover. You don’t have to paint them individually. You can add them all in one color bath.

Although I have yet to rub the sofa cover to get the creases out, I am very impressed with how well the paint has been taken on the cotton fabric!

My couch cover looks more modern and fresh than before and I spent less than $50 to get this look. Consider replacing the couch cover costs about $ 2500, I think it’s a big win.

Electrolux 8.0 Cu. Ft Front Load Perfect Steam Electric Dryer With Luxcare Dry And Instant Refresh In Titanium Elfe7537at

You may have noticed something else I did to update the look of the old sofa: I replaced the old legs with new modern nails!

I found these replacement feet for $3.50 each and the process is simple. I took my legs off my couch and just messed around. A great upgrade that took less than 15 minutes and only $15!

I liked the design so much that I decided to buy six extra legs to combine the new modern chaise with the old sofa. This upgrade was also easy because I could just use these legs instead of the legs that came with the chaise when I put it together. This is what the original chaise legs look like:

Dye Chair Slip Cover In Front Loading Washer

You can stain replacement feet (which come in all kinds of sizes and styles, by the way), but choose to stay

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