Extra Large 21 X 18 Stretch Chair Seat Cover

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Extra Large 21 X 18 Stretch Chair Seat Cover – ELEMAX is a cooling, heating and massage device that fits the chair’s DVL (Dynamic Variable Lumbar) TM support. This new technology provides full body temperature control for maximum seating comfort. ELEMAX is powered by two fans and fast heating technology that targets the core of the body. Air conditioning or heating can be combined with ELEMAX’s dynamic massage function, which activates static or variable massage cycles with two massage intensities (mild or strong) for a total of 4 massage program combinations.

ELEMAX is designed to work with you at home or in the office, whether you’re gaming late at night or watching TV. ELEMAX is the pinnacle of comfort and technology that supports your lifestyle.

Extra Large 21 X 18 Stretch Chair Seat Cover

Extra Large 21 X 18 Stretch Chair Seat Cover

Place the ELEMAX unit on the Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL)™ support on the right side of the button panel. Place the rear cover behind the rear support so that the lines provided are on the left. Align the left edge of the back cover with the left edge of the DVL and gently press it into place.

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ELEMAX has two fans that keep your body temperature cool and comfortable. Double-click the left panel button. The LED indicator flashes blue and the fan starts. To turn off the heating and/or cooling functions, press the same button again.

Relax your muscles with ELEMAX’s fast heating technology. Press the left button once to turn on the power for even heat. The LED indicator flashes red and turns off automatically after 15 minutes of use. With the heat function alone, ELEMAX lasts up to 7 cycles when fully charged or connected.

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ELEMAX massage is available in two strengths: mild and strong. For a smooth setting, press the bottom button once and you will see two green lights on the button panel. If you want high intensity, press the top button once and it will light up in yellow and green.

ELEMAX has two different massage mode settings (standard and variable). The standard setting is a constant vibration pulse and the variable setting is a rhythmic vibration. To select the massage mode, press the lower button once to turn off the fixed mode, the second button for the variable mode, and the third button to turn off.

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ELEMAX is designed to work with you at home or in the office, whether you’re gaming late at night or watching TV.

Use the ELEMAX cooling, heating and massage unit on battery power or while charging. ELEMAX devices come with a wall charger and a USB cable that you can connect to a computer or other device.

All parts and materials have a 3-year warranty. During this time, X-Chair™ provides replacement parts in case of damage due to material or manufacturing defects. During the first two years, X-Chair™ covers all spare parts and shipping costs. During the third year, X-Chair™ pays the cost of the spare parts, but the customer pays the shipping costs.

Extra Large 21 X 18 Stretch Chair Seat Cover

Upon request, the customer must provide appropriate pictures of the damaged product. (1) Defects in the product or manufacturing defects resulting from abuse or misuse of the product do not include damage to or defect in the product that does not function or function properly or has not maintained its appearance. (2) improper assembly or assembly not recommended in accordance with written installation instructions; (3) normal wear and tear; (4) natural disasters or calamities; (5) transportation; (6) unauthorized modifications made without the written consent of X-Chair™; (7) improper storage; (8) natural aging of materials such as wood, leather and fabrics that cause color changes during use; (9) Crocheted or reversed seat material color.

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Products damaged in this way are not considered defective and cannot be repaired, exchanged or refunded. X-Chair shall not be liable for any product-related damages, nor shall X-Chair be liable for any indirect, monetary, consequential, special, punitive, or incidental damages arising out of any product defect.