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Fisher Price High Chair Space Saver Cover – You’ll find that you have a few choices during your baby’s first year. The Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair is probably the best.

Sometimes, I wonder how I got through it once, not just three times. I look back now and I got through those first 12 months with the support of my husband, family and some baby related products.

Fisher Price High Chair Space Saver Cover

Fisher Price High Chair Space Saver Cover

Fisher-Price recently surveyed hundreds of BabyCenter moms and came up with a list of ten first-year moms’ favorite products.

New ~fisher Price High Chair Or Space Saver Replacement Pad Cover Cushion

As I looked at Mom’s list of first year favorites, memories of my early years flooded my mind. As I read each one, I was reminded of my “_________ let me cook dinner” or “_________ is the only way I wash most days.”

While my top ten is not necessarily a top ten (Swing is still #1), I have used every product listed and feel the products have helped me tremendously in my first year of trying. Aside from the pump that I can’t live without, the breast pump is my best friend. This allowed me to always keep a large supply in the freezer and allowed Dad to help me when Mom wasn’t around.

Sleeping is another product that helps me stay sane because I’m not constantly worried if the baby has a cold. I can put the babies in their beds and know they are comfortable and warm without having to check every five minutes.

What do you think of the top ten list? Will your top ten include these products and/or be in this order?

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Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair

Since not all of my kids are really kids, when I received the Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair, I gave it to my 17-month-old nephew. To see how it works, I took it home to my sister and installed it for her. Assembly is easy (I did everything myself) and takes no more than ten minutes. It probably didn’t take long, but I really took my time because I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right.

My sister loves this unique high chair because it can be used as a chair from your desk and does not need to be stored. It is better if there is an extra chair at the table. But if you are like us, a family of five, who until recently had four tables, this is not a job for us. It certainly lives up to the “spacesaver” part of the name.

The Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair has a three-position seat that accommodates small children and provides a safe eating environment. It also has a three-position height adjustment that increases as your child grows, allowing them to share meals with the whole family. I was pleased to find that the tray stayed level during my kicking, prodding and testing and didn’t move when rotating or adjusting the height. Once you’re past that baby stage and into toddlerhood, this high chair can easily become a baby food booster.

Fisher Price High Chair Space Saver Cover

Easily attach high chair straps to your desk chair with a buckle on the back of the chair and a strap under the chair. The straps that attach most of the seats are long enough, so it should be on every seat.

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Whystockit?: Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair

The dishwasher-safe tray (if you have a large enough dishwasher) gives you the ability to lift and put down the tray with just one hand. With a baby at home, you often do everything with one hand.

The full-size seat cushion is spill-resistant and machine washable, but I’m not sure about the baby restraint straps. I couldn’t find a way to separate them, so I think you should clean the ones below.

Securing your child in a high chair can be a bit of a task. The shoulder straps have a loop that must be placed on the strap before clicking on the bottom strap. It’s less intimidating once you learn how to do it, but attaching the belt and shoulder straps makes the process easier with fewer steps. That being said, the child will not go anywhere because it will be securely locked in the seat when properly secured. All straps are easily adjustable and expandable as your baby grows.

Overall, I think this is a great high chair, especially if you have extra chairs near the table. I remember having to move our high chair to the side of the dining area and it was a real eyesore. It’s attached to the seat, out of the way, and very pretty. Fisher Price Spacesaver High Chair

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