Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair Beige Wipe Off Cover

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Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair Beige Wipe Off Cover – This perfect chair will make all your dreams come true. . . Plus one thing you didn’t even know was possible

When Fisher-Price came out with a four-in-one highchair that could throw just about anything in the dishwasher, I had my doubts. Many products for children promise variety, but in reality they have only one important advantage.

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair Beige Wipe Off Cover

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair Beige Wipe Off Cover

When the Fisher Price 4-in-1 Total Clean Highchair ($140) was launched this summer, it promised a full-size highchair with six heights and three reclining positions for toddlers, as well as a SpaceSaver highchair for those who do not want to carry. Enhance valuable space with comfortable furniture, highchair and teen highchair for long term flexibility. It seemed like a lot could be promised for one product, so with the help of my daughter, who used the chair during the wildest months of her childhood, and a few little friends, I decided to see what she could really do.

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Who is this product for? Designed for toddlers to 12-year-olds, its multifunctional tables are designed for mothers who want more than just a standard highchair but don’t want to waste space on multiple seating options. It is also ideal for young parents who are planning to have multiple children.

Is it practical? More than any other highchair on the market today, this model checks everything on the busy parent’s wish list.

It’s durable, easy to clean (literally thanks to Push-and-Pop unlocking mechanisms), and has a host of small but powerful amenities. The frame folds in half for easy storage, and the tray, which can be removed with one hand (do I need to explain how handy it is for balancing a baby and dirty dishes?) can also be attached at the back. tied so that they are ready at mealtime.

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What makes it different? To be honest, my favorite part of the product at the beginning was the ability to install almost any part – except for the base, legs and casters! – For deep cleaning in the dishwasher. What could be more convenient for a busy mom who doesn’t want to spend hours pouring dried noodles from all over? And before this function

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Worth its weight in eating with your fingers, cleaning the old fashioned way with this high chair is actually pretty good. Often I just remove the main seat, throw it in the sink and turn on the faucet. The patented EZ Clean strips are like nothing I’ve ever seen.

I also like that it’s not just a high chair. While the benefits of a rollaway bed are often lost to parents who have toddlers of the same age and are therefore forced to forego the transition to a toddler bed in order to avoid buying a second bed, this highchair doubles as it allows you to sit on legs two branches at the same time. That’s right: the traditional seat can be used as a booster seat, while the frame can be used as a youth seat.

Another main advantage of this chair is that it adapts not only to the age and development of the child, but also to the dining table! Since we’ve used this chair, we’ve gone from a high table to a traditional one, and with the many height adjustment options, it’s never been a problem to make it comfortable and convenient.

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Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair Beige Wipe Off Cover

What could be better? Not much, but if we’re being picky, we suggest placing a handy baby wipe dispenser on the back in future iterations, maybe a little higher. Having such easy access to tissues was really nice, but I stopped refilling the dispenser as my inquisitive little one doesn’t get more fun than pulling out a tissue every time I wash and it’s off and running.

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Did it make the child happy? Although we’ve only tried this highchair a few times with our baby, it’s been a huge success – the recumbent positions make baby’s first feeding child’s play. As for our little one, the chair is really cute. It regularly asks you to sit in it, and we use it for more than just food. Since the tray can be taken out and put on the table, it can be used for coloring, drawing, crafts and reading.

I will buy Yes, yes, yes and yes. He flawlessly fulfills his task in all four stages. Because we traveled so often before this chair was available, we only had an extra seat that we used on one of our dining chairs. Having the right highchair at home without having to spend extra money on a separate travel option (you can get it with the SpaceSaver highchair or in booster mode) is a huge benefit not only to your budget, but also to your storage space. . And at a reasonably competitive price, there is absolutely no reason to choose another highchair.

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Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair Beige Wipe Off Cover

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