Flash Furniture Oversized Bean Bag Chair Cover

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If you love video games, meditate, or just want to update your space with a modern, alternative seating option, this comfortable bean bag chair is for you. Beanbag chairs are certainly not only for children. Relax with a cup of fresh coffee from your subscription, listen to your favorite podcasts or watch the sunset.

Flash Furniture Oversized Bean Bag Chair Cover

Flash Furniture Oversized Bean Bag Chair Cover

Low chairs are ideal for any room and can be part of your permanent design, not just for the company. Chair bags are not only for the home. Add this flexible chair to a corner of the classroom, library, or living room where students can socialize or relax. Adjustable polystyrene polymer balls allow this chair to easily adapt to your body for a great sitting experience. A metal safety seal secures the tub and prevents unauthorized leakage or removal.

Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Light Pink Bean Bag Chair

The durable fabric can be wiped with a damp cloth or machine washed for deep cleaning.

Beanbags come in a variety of colors and sizes and make great “baby” chairs for all ages. Combine this large bean bag with our smaller version. Not only are they comfortable to sit on, their lightweight construction makes them durable and versatile.

This is a gift for my grandson for his 8th birthday. Arrived quickly and shipped for free! It is comfortable and looks exactly as shown on the website. However, now (two weeks later) it’s flat—probably because some kids are being too rough on it. It is better if the company resells. Also, I was surprised to see that the new seat was shipped without a plastic cover to keep it clean. It came with a slightly damaged box and dirt on the seat cover. Overall I am very happy with my purchase!

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2 of these were ordered by the teenager to be placed under the pool table when not in use. They arrived as if they had been packed in large boxes for storage. They were really big, good quality removable lid made of strong material! There is a bean bag chair with a little white bean/bean inside (I don’t want the foamy bits) just like college bean bags from 20+ years ago and they are in a secure white garment bag with it’s own zip. I am very happy with my purchase after researching and searching online!

Big Joe Bean Bags And Pool Floats

This was a birthday present for our 11 year old grandson who really wanted a big bean bag chair. I looked at them all and came to the conclusion that you don’t want pieces of fiber or chairs that wear out over time, but real “beans” that make all the parts comfortable. Love the jeans as shown in your pictures, the lining is removable for washing. Love it, thanks for making such a great product.

This may sound funny, but I bought this seat for my 2 dogs. One likes to sleep on beanbag chairs, and the other likes to jump on them. I had it but it was worn out and I had to return it. Both must say they love each other. I’ve been there and it’s great. You can’t beat the price. I searched for a while until I found one that was big enough and at a good price. I will not hesitate to buy another one when this one runs out.

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At first I wanted to return the item, it is very sturdy and a little smaller than I thought, but when I found out I would have to pay for return shipping ($215 for return shipping when the item was $85) I decided to keep it and go for it. also. So be careful before buying a great product from this company because you will be paying a lot in return. This product is not bad, not what I wanted.

Flash Furniture Oversized Bean Bag Chair Cover

Two things. First, this beanie is big enough to easily fit an adult or 2-3 children. White wool is pleasant, soft and washes well. However, we have a very strong chemical smell. It has been washed on the outside, but the inside smells really bad and has a chemical smell that is noticeable even after several weeks. We thought about putting it in the room, but the smell is very unpleasant.

Flash Furniture Oversized White Furry Kids Bean Bag Chair

3 boys grew up and left. The “adults” created a living room, and the boys needed a place to hang out when they got home. It’s weird. They are huge (hopefully they will shrink a bit with wear) and the perfect size and style for comfort! When they leave, I put them in the spare room. Good quality and great buy!

After searching bottom to bottom, I finally found a big red bean bag chair that would fit a grown boy. The only problem is to find a place. Two separate shipping days have passed. Representatives did not return calls after the inspection. I was disappointed twice when I called.