Funky Back To School Fabric To Cover A Chair

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Funky Back To School Fabric To Cover A Chair

Funky Back To School Fabric To Cover A Chair

❤ Please see below for all types of clothing we offer. Please note that different types of fabric produce different results. For example: Natural fiber fabrics such as Kona Cotton can give a matte finish, while Poly-blend fabrics such as DBP, Poplin, Bullet or Liverpool give a brighter and cleaner look. We try to update each listing with actual images of the item.

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❤ The price is for one yard. Orders of 5 yards or more of the same design may or may not be in one continuous piece. All attempts are made to print in one continuous section.

❤ MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENTS: Our machines are set up to print a few one yard increments, but you can order 2 half yard designs to make one yard each. The fabric must be of the same type of fabric. Send us a note of the design you want to check.

❤ Canadian Customers: If your shipping cost seems high, please contact us so we can give you an accurate shipping cost estimate.

❤ Order Processing Time: We print all our garments using environmentally friendly permanent water-based pigment inks. No other chemicals are used in printing or preparation.

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We do our best to get your order on time. Our current production estimate is 3-4 business days.

Our customers are very important to us. All orders placed with us are custom printed, we do not ship. Which means we cannot accept returns or exchanges. We always check every order before shipping. If you receive an incorrect or damaged order, we will be happy to work with you to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

► 100% premium KONA cotton by Robert Kaufman, 4.3 ounces per square yard. Please note: We print on white Kona cotton from RK, not printed from RK.

Funky Back To School Fabric To Cover A Chair

► KONA is a heavy quilting cotton, making it ideal for pillows, blankets, quilts, handmade textiles and other home projects.

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Personalized Armenian Flax Linen Natural Fabric Backpack In

This popular jersey has a crepe face texture and great stretch. The fabric is comfortable to wear and otherwise easy to sew.

This beautiful ultra-soft jersey fabric is brushed on all sides and feels heavenly against the skin, with 4-way stretch for comfort and convenience. Brushed poly has incredible drape, stretch and recovery.

► Smooth 4-way stretch fabric at the back and polyester velvet at the front. It is a very soft fabric with a beautiful sheen. It is made to a higher quality than many other stretch velvets sold in the market.

The polyethylene fabric is very durable and can be washed and dried in the washing machine. It is often used for tables, tablecloths, backgrounds and other decorative applications. This fabric has a matte finish without any shine.

Seamless Repeated Colored Back To School Pattern With Supplies Stationary And Creative Elements Doodle Drawing. Colorful Fun Cute Stock Vector

The soft cloth has a brush that is designed like peach skin on the other side, with a good amount of suction. Peachskin is often used to make jackets, skirts and dresses with linings.

► This functional swimwear is perfect for leggings, yoga pants, tops, leotards, sports bras and swimwear. 4 way stretch.

French terry fabric is a woven fabric with loops and piles of soft yarn on one side, (usually in a shirt), and a smooth, soft texture on the other. The result is an absorbent, lightweight, moisture-wicking material that is extremely comfortable to wear at all times.

Funky Back To School Fabric To Cover A Chair

*** Please note that French terry will give an old or distressed look after printing. The color will not be as strong as other polyethylene fabrics.

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This beautiful premium jersey fabric is brushed on both sides and feels heavenly against the skin with 2-way stretch for comfort and convenience. This fabric is thicker than our regular DBP and has a flannel-like finish.

Super soft with great 4-way stretch and perfect for every season. This rib is the perfect choice for cuffs and bands on sweatshirts, pants, jackets and hoodies.

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Love this post! Nice clothes too. Used it to make masks for kindergarten teachers, they were a huge hit!

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This dress is so beautiful! It arrived quickly and is in good condition. I used it as a pillow case for my 6 year old niece, with different flange and cuff fabrics. The whole project was a set of pillows for his birthday, for each month of the year. Her BD is in August, so at the end of that month, she’s happily laying on her pillow. I tried to upload a photo but I don’t know if it was successful.

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Funky Back To School Fabric To Cover A Chair

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Funky Back To School Fabric To Cover A Chair

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