Gold Metallic Damask Stretch Banquet Chair Cover

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Gold Metallic Damask Stretch Banquet Chair Cover – Our gold spandex banquet chair covers are durable and premium quality and designed to fit standard round banquet chairs. Made from high-quality four-way stretch elastane material, our gold elastane chair covers exude modern sophistication and luxurious elegance. We have been supplying these gold chair covers to upholstery hire companies, restaurants, wedding venue owners, hotels and catering companies for years. These types of chair slipcovers stylishly cover patterned bench chairs, giving them an elegant and festive look. Your Chair Covers gold spandex chair covers have deep elastic foot pockets, require no ironing and can be washed countless times. If you are planning a high-end event, chair covers from Your Chair Covers are an excellent choice, as our wholesale tablecloth and chair cover company is known for meeting the quality standards of its products. hotels and restaurants.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable in warm water on gentle cycle. Use regular detergent. Bleach is not recommended for this color. Do not wash with other materials. Wash like colors together. Dry on low heat. Avoid overloading and make sure your washer and dryer are in good working order. Dry gradually in the dryer to avoid temperature shock.

Gold Metallic Damask Stretch Banquet Chair Cover

Gold Metallic Damask Stretch Banquet Chair Cover

For help determining the correct size for your bench, use the size chart below. For more information on our wholesale chair covers and accompanying tablecloths, please call us at 877-450-8383.

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NOTE: There are currently inferior versions of these chair covers on the market. We recommend that you purchase a sample before placing a large order on our website, as there is a large difference in quality between spandex bench covers available online and in physical stores.

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* Spandex is a stain and wrinkle free fabric. This means stain absorption is reduced and wrinkles can be minimised.