Graco High Chair Replacement Cover And Straps

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Graco High Chair Replacement Cover And Straps – Sorry for the trouble. I am in the process of moving to another state and will be reopening on October 28th.

Paisley Replacement Chair Cover for Old Duodiner and Graco Blossom Chair Accessories Olive and Rust Paisley Handmade.

Graco High Chair Replacement Cover And Straps

Graco High Chair Replacement Cover And Straps

This soft cotton cover is designed to fit an older Graco DUODINER or Graco BLOSSOM chair. It fits the new Duodiner DLX 6-in-1. Padded for baby comfort.

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There are two slots for the shoulder strap, one slot for the leg strap, and one slot for the main strap between the legs. The holes are large enough to insert a string and fasten with a button.

It has a pocket on the back and a hole for the hands.

Time to update that old chair and make a statement? Mobile seat covers, accessories and ready to ship! Hide old dining chairs. Upgrade it with a custom, unique, new chair. Give a seat to grandma or an old friend? The new packaging will make the move unique.

Check the model and brand of your high chair. These pads are designed to fit some chairs but not others. Angle measurements are included in the description below the image so you can check to see if your existing wing fits. But yes; I am making other plans, just ask and I will be happy to help.

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I will accept returns and I will refund the price of the pad when I return your chair to its original condition.

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3. Do not come home from a smoking room with pads (yes, I will smell)