Highlord Instant Madness Cha-la-head-cha-la Cover

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Highlord Instant Madness Cha-la-head-cha-la Cover – In December 2002, the Spanish label Arise Records released the second edition of Keepers of Jericho, a tribute to Halloween, and featured the song Highlord’s Power from the album The Time of the Oath. In January 2004, the band returned to New Syn Studios to record their fourth full-length, entitled Medusa’s Coil. It was released in April by Soundholic for Japan and in May by Arise Records for the European market. Medusa’s Coil is also licensed in Taiwan and Russia. Now the group has finished recording the new album Instant Madness at Milan’s Elnore Studios (Labyrinth Freeman) and the CD was released by Soundholic in Japan in March 2006. The Japanese version includes the bonus track Cha-La Head Cha- There, the opening. theme for the anime Dragon Ball Z. .

The album is generally good, maybe not very original, but good. Every musician is very talented, but unfortunately a singer has some problems to find a good way to sing. It’s not that bad, but he’s trying to sing in a way he can’t handle, and it’s a shame. But sometimes she sings the way she really can in “Scarlet Tears” & “The Hand of God” (some good female vocals and some screams of past drummers). But sometimes he tries to get a darker note and can’t manage it, and it’s even worse when he tries to “play” the high notes. But here, the middle is good.

Highlord Instant Madness Cha-la-head-cha-la Cover

Highlord Instant Madness Cha-la-head-cha-la Cover

Compared to the debut, this CD feels much more mature. A truly stunning production plays its part courtesy of New Syn Studio, the no. 1. What I like even more in this band is Fronter Vasse, who also uses low notes and is one of the best Italian singers. Musically they put out some great songs, whether it’s bombastic and epic, fast and accessible, or ballads, you’ve got it all here.

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Tasselhoffs Pouches Of Everything

Band: Warchild Country: USA Release: Warchild Year: 1995 Genre: Heavy Metal Info File: MP3, 320 Kbps Download: ][ Uloz.to ][

Notes: “This album is dedicated to the loving memories of Larry “Dixie” Moore. A cousin, mentor and friend. He gave us two things that no one can take away; our music and the courage to live freely.” – Cal and Casey Moore.

Band: Various Artists Country: Hellas Release: Beast Over Greece Tribute to Iron Maiden Year: 2012 Genre: Heavy Metal Info File: MP3, 256 Kbps Download: ][ Uloz.to ][

Release: The Wrath of My Steel (EP) Year: 2010 Genre: Epic, Heavy Metal Info File: MP3, VBR Download: ][ Uloz.to ][

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

1. Morte Merchant 2. Pride Falls 3. Thunder and Iron 4. Tall 5. Home Bound (Life Not Found) 6. To Night 7. Captured 8. Memory 9. Poseidon’s Wrath 10. House (Life Not Found) (Demo Version ) ) 11. Into the Night (Demo Version) 12. Pride Brings the Fall (Demo Version) 13. Poseidon’s Wrath (Demo Version)

Tramped Underfoot began under the vision of guitarist/composer Kyle Harrison. In 1994, Kyle recruited musicians he had known and respected for years living in Los Angeles, CA. With a true ‘take no prisoners’ metal attitude, Trampled Under Foot takes its cues from classically influenced European rock music, covering respectable territory with a strong lyrical edge.

Band: Wyxmer Country: Italy Release: Feudal Throne Year: 2005 Genre: Epic, Heavy, Progressive Metal Info File: MP3, 320 Kbps Download: ][ ZippyShare ][

Highlord Instant Madness Cha-la-head-cha-la Cover

The latest album from this German outfit, now with Don Lilker on bass. By this time Sabina Klassen had moved to the Temple of the Absurd and HM was a three-piece band. It’s death-metal/hardcore (as you can imagine), and it’s great. Riker fans should check it out (Riker’s latest album features the band’s drummer, Holly Moses).

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Martial Peak Ch 2054

Awake is the third album by Dream Theater, released on October 4, 1994. It was the band’s heaviest and darkest album at the time, and was recorded as the last album to feature the keyboardist Kevin Moore. It is considered the band’s second best-selling album, after its predecessor Images and Words. Line Up: Mike Portnoy – Drums John Petrucci – Guitar John Myung – Bass Kevin Moore – Keyboards James Labrie – Vocals