How Much Fabric To Cover A Club Chair And Ottoman

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This week, I’m back with another two-part tutorial on how to upholster a chair. In particular, I will show you how to solve the problem of removing fabric from your chair. Also, depending on the seat, you will see how to disassemble the seat to make an attachment.

How Much Fabric To Cover A Club Chair And Ottoman

How Much Fabric To Cover A Club Chair And Ottoman

Once you’ve removed the fabric and disassembled the seat, you’ll be on your way to replacing the seat. Finish it!

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Not to mention, your motivation will go into gear 5 when you find yourself halfway to the finish line.

But before we get there, some dirty work needs to be done. And by mortar work, I mean cut the columns. One of the most boring, repetitive and physical tasks of this entire project. I don’t want to take you away from my renewal ambitions, I just want to prepare you to get through this period quickly.

After two years of innovative clothing projects, I’ve learned that a little focus and passion can get the job done. So I know it can be helpful for you too.

First, take pictures of each area of ​​your seat. Each photo you take will be your reference point, so you know how to resave later in each episode. Also, as you remove each layer of fabric, take pictures along the way to see how the chair is packed under each layer.

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Now, to start removing the fabric from your seat, you need to work backwards. Start with the bottom of your seat. So start with the feet.

First, turn the chair upside down. Depending on your seat, your legs can be lifted. With the roller, remove the legs. That should be pretty easy. To my surprise, the screws that hold our feet together are square screws. Luckily, my drogue was small enough to fit perfectly on its own.

Then you should see a thin black cloth stuck to the bottom, this is the dust cover. It is also called Cambric fabric, and is used to prevent dust and other objects from falling off the seat. Use your stock to remove, remove the stickers to avoid dust and install the fabric one by one. take off.

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How Much Fabric To Cover A Club Chair And Ottoman

You can also use a slotted spoon to take out the nails, which is what I did earlier. However, this is a longer process and will likely require you to place a screw under the neck edge and store it. If you do this for every foundation, or every foundation, you will quickly become frustrated. Therefore, I recommend that you purchase a basic product like this and remove any reason to stop.

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Another part that can be removed from your chair is the fabric panel, consider the back of the chair. This is maintained by the seat bars above (and possibly on the sides) of the seat and the posts below the seat.

First, remove the screws that secure the underside of the back panel fabric to the seat. Then place the edge of your neck product or flat head wrap between the back panel and the seat frame. Stretch the rubber band away from you. The table should start to come off easily.

Repeat this step on the back of the seat until all the panels are removed. Then cover this cloth with some soil. You will need all the fabric to repeat the fabric sections to make the reinforcement.

As you remove the fabric, you may notice that there are some areas on your chair that you can’t reach. In this case, it may be necessary to lift the seat to continue removing the fabric. This is very easy in my case as I can see the screws and start to understand how to make the chair.

Cost To Reupholster A Chair

The handle is attached to the other parts of our chair, keeping all the pieces together. If this is your case, remove the screws.

Now, you will continue working backwards, if your seat is still in one piece, cut the rest of the fabric. Some areas will be covered more than others, so you will have to remove posts. At this point, you will have to peel off the layer.

For our chairs, I folded the other side because it seems to have more fabric. Once open, I cover the bottom of the quilt, the fabric panel on the outside of the handle, and the rest of the fabric.

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How Much Fabric To Cover A Club Chair And Ottoman

Here your focus and determination will be needed! Depending on the original manufacturer, there may be a moderate to excessive amount that needs to be removed. So if you are busy with work, you can do it at a good time without much rest.

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As a suggestion, for stubborn columns that look messy, leave them alone if you can! You don’t have to duck during prime time. Just cut the fabric from that area with the box and continue.

Your goal is to remove as much of the shoe as possible to make room for the new shoes with the new shoe fabric. It’s good if you have leftovers.

By moving down to the last area of ​​the fabric, which may be the area that holds the box flap, you can decide if you need to remove the fabric. In this area there is usually a visible cushioning fabric attached to the opposite fabric covering the seat spring. This area is invisible when the pad is in place.

The fabric does not need to be removed, but I recommend a good cleaning! I left this place for our place. After cleaning, I will cover the original cloth with my new cloth. God If your chair is in good condition, I suggest you save time and keep your cloth in this area as well.

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Now that you’re done, remove the cut fabric and save it for use in your next assembly. You will need to trace each piece and duplicate the corresponding piece to use with the new fabric.

Now, you’re done! You can breathe a sigh of relief from what you’ve been through and get excited about your chair almost done. Yes, now that the tissue has been removed, you are almost done. You do not see?

As soon as I removed the tissue, I felt fulfilled and motivated. If you can get rid of the fabric, you can certainly handle adding new fabric. It’s fun to see a chair broken to the core and that makes it easier to imagine the new life it will have.

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How Much Fabric To Cover A Club Chair And Ottoman

This is the latest DIY project to modernize our classic bedroom, so God is excited for the next period. I hope you too! Let me know if you have any questions about your chair upholstery project below!

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How Much Fabric To Cover A Club Chair And Ottoman