How Much Fabric To Cover Chair Seats

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How Much Fabric To Cover Chair Seats – Anyone can turn a bad chair into a good one in a few hours. Here’s how to make a stylish DIY chair upholstery.

Introduction If you have used chair seats, you can easily reupholster them. Make a mistake? No problem. Just take out a few clips and start over. Reupholstering is a great way to bring worn-looking chairs back to life, even in worn-looking rooms. The equipment is inexpensive, the equipment is simple, and it is a project that almost anyone can complete successfully.

How Much Fabric To Cover Chair Seats

How Much Fabric To Cover Chair Seats

Here’s how to reupholster a chair with a “folding seat” or “swivel seat,” a technique shared by many benches and chairs. The seats can be made of different materials: solid wood, plywood, pegboard and others. The seats usually rotate, but can get stuck or fall out. Pillows can be made of foam, cotton or other natural materials.

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All staplers shown will do. The question is: Do you want to work hard, and push, to do the “trick”? Your basic purchase decision may depend on several other factors, including how often you’ll use it, what else you might use it for, and whether you need a good reason to buy an air compressor.

Manual Stapler – It will give your hand a workout and you may have to use a hammer from time to time to get all the basics right, but you can still get good results. Be sure to hold the stapler tip firmly against the saddle base when you pull the trigger.

We used one for our project and it worked perfectly. You still have to press the tip firmly against the fabric and plywood for the needle to fit, but it’s very easy on the hands. As a bonus, some models also shoot 3/4 inch. and short chin nails.

If you’re going to be stapling for hours, invest in a pneumatic stapler. These staples are flush with the movement of your finger and allow you to place the staples with extreme precision. Some tools also drive nails up to 1-1/4 inches. You will also need an air compressor to operate this type of stapler.

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When shopping, buy a “quality upholstery” fabric for durability and stain resistance. Fabric prices vary widely; you can find something for $5 in the sale bin or spend 10 times that. We bought the fabric, foam and batting at a fabric store. We use landscape fabric from a local center for the dust cover.

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Pry up and connect the clips with a small, flat-head screwdriver and pliers or side cutters. Remove upholstery and cushion material.

If the old seat is in bad shape, cut a new one out of plywood. Trace the old seat and cut it out with a jigsaw or circular saw. Chamfer or smooth the edges with a sander or router to match the previous outline.

How Much Fabric To Cover Chair Seats

Follow the drawing of the chair in 1 foam. Cut the foam with a bread knife. To avoid tearing the foam, pull the knife toward you with light pressure and short strokes.

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For example, our seats are made from materials such as pegboard bonded to a 1×3 frame, covered in horsehair padding. Someone already renovated the chairs, went straight to the old fabric. Expect the unexpected and adjust your game plan accordingly. If it covers more than one seat, number each seat; this way the bolt holes will line up correctly when the seats are reinstalled. There are special tools to simply pop out the studs or upholstery studs, but basic hand tools are fine. Tip: Old fashioned blunt side cutters are perfect. They hold staples well, but don’t cut them.

Remove the padding and inspect the seat. If the base of the tree seems solid, use it again. If it is cracked, use it as a template to create a new one. We use a sander to sharpen the edges to match the old profile. Glue the seat on the foam and outline with a marker. Use a serrated knife to cut the bread just inside the line.

Cut the batting so it goes around all sides of the seat about 4. Then stretch a staple on each side to hold the foam in place.

Determine the best design for your material; make sure all the patterns or lines are lined up correctly. To hang the edge of the seat over the work surface, pull the clip from the bottom through the front and rear centers.

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Working from the center out, sew along the front, pressing the fabric lightly with your hands. Stop 2 from the corner. Rotate the seat a few times to check the pattern as you go. Repeat the process with the back and sides. Place the bat section – 4 inches. wider on all sides than the size of your seat: on the bottom work surface, then lay the foam and seat on top. Lightly tug on the lashes and run a strand along each edge.

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Turn the seat over and then place the material on it. Cut the material so you can wrap it around the seat at least 4 on each side. With the seat facing up and the front edge facing the work surface, insert a staple into the bottom to hold the material in place. Rotate the seat 180 degrees and then support the backrest in the same way.

Check the pattern alignment one more time, then turn the seat over. Starting from the main center and working towards the corners, use the palm of your hand to gently stretch the material, then pull the clip every 2 times. Keep the staples an inch from the edge and secure the batting and fabric in place. Same time. Use your whole hand to squeeze the material, not just your fingertips. This will prevent small depressions and wrinkles in the pattern.

How Much Fabric To Cover Chair Seats

Rotate the seat and check that the pattern is straight; it’s easier to keep revising and revising than it is to go back and pull out the basics. Our expert turned the seat over and checked the pattern twelve times by drilling each edge. Stop sewing 2 in each corner. In the same way, protect your back and stretch things easily while working. Then fill in the pages and check the pattern over and over again.

Alternative Dining Room Chair Fabric Ideas

Trim excess upholstery and trim so you don’t end up with unsightly bulges in the corners.

Create a “butterfly corner” by first tucking the center under, then folding and tucking the material on each side. Turn the seat over and pass the clips to firmly hold the corner.

After cutting the top fabric and batting, keep the dust cover. We used landscape fabric for this project. The dust cover hides the exposed edges of the fabric very well. You can create simple double “hospital corners” if the edges of your chair are hidden by the frame. But in most cases, the front corners will be accentuated and look better with a “butterfly corner.”

Remove excess batting and material from the corners, then turn the seat upside down and test a few corners. Fold the center inside out, then cross each side of the opening. When the corner looks symmetrical and tight, turn the seat over and put the folders in place.

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No Sew Dining Chair Upholstery Tutorial

When the corners are done, flip the seat over and cut off the excess material. Dust cover style.

We no longer support IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide websites for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Let me show you how easy it is to restore wooden chairs. Even if you are a beginner, you can do it! Here are some tips…

Upholstered chairs – Fabric of your choice – Hole punch – 1/2″ plywood – Basic upholstery remover – Flathead screwdriver and needle nose pliers – Fabric scissors – Basic gun – 3/8″ or 1/2″

How Much Fabric To Cover Chair Seats

Start by removing the seats from the chairs. They are usually attached to the bottom with screws. Remove the bases of the old fabric to remove the fabric.

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RESTORE PLYWOOD IF NECESSARY Check the plywood and foam underneath to see if they are in good condition for reuse or not. If it needs to be replaced, use the old plywood as a pattern to cut 1/2″ of new plywood with a jigsaw.

GET FOAM AND GUESS IF NEEDED If your foam is still loose and doesn’t look dirty or ugly, you can reuse it.

Begin by laying the fabric face down on your work surface. Lay the batting on top of the fabric, then the foam and the wooden seat.

Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the bottom of the chair. Start with a staple in the center of each side and secure the fabric by squeezing. Use a clip to hold it in place.

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Raising the antlers can be difficult. That’s how I found it. Try to protect the fabric from the sides near the corner.

Cut off about 1/2″ of the excess fabric from the bag.

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