How Much Material To Cover A Wing Back Chair

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How Much Material To Cover A Wing Back Chair – Disclaimer: I’ve never reupholstered anything before this chair, but I still have the urge to take on the project. Not many great skills, just patience and determination. Not too difficult, just takes a little time. However, it’s worth the effort to be recognized in the end (when people say the work looks professional). Go for it!

* The thinnest screwdriver you can find (you’ll use this to open millions of staples)

How Much Material To Cover A Wing Back Chair

How Much Material To Cover A Wing Back Chair

* Sheets or blankets to put on the ground (you’d be surprised how much dirt and dust gets in, really)

Lannister Wingback Chair

Upholstered chairs are built like onions. One by one. I was surprised to hear that there was so little sewing involved. This is true, except for the bearings and pipes.

** After removing each part, label it with its location and number. The pieces follow in the same order, and while this step may seem tedious, it’s important to stay organized**

Put down the bed sheet, and turn the chair so the legs are floating. Start by removing the staples from the black bottom of the chair (usually black mesh). Delete everything you see.

This is the worst and most heartbreaking part of the process. Do not give up. You don’t seem to be doing much, but the staples on the bottom and back are the ones I’ve taken the longest.

Sofa Covers Wing Chair Elastic Fabric Stretch Couch Slipcover Polyester Spandex Furniture Protector (camel)

Remove the cardboard and hose (if any). Then put the chair back upright. The next part is the back.

The best way I can explain is to use a screwdriver between the edges of the fabric (on the side) and push the seat tack board. The nail board looks like a long piece of metal with teeth on it.

I stole this image from The Creative Maven which has a great tutorial (which I referenced) on restoring a wing chair HERE

How Much Material To Cover A Wing Back Chair

The top and top edges may have what others call “sharp metal teeth” (** I just found out it’s called the Ply Grip). The cloth is wrapped in it. Pull out and pry out the base metal gear. Just be careful not to hurt yourself. His teeth are sharp. Close-up view of sharp metal teeth.

Sam Fabric Wingback Armchair

Continue working on the layers you can see. Take out all the staples you see on the street.

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Now you will work to remove the sides. There will also be sharp metal teeth on top of the sides. You’ll likely find pieces of cardboard elsewhere (under the sides and under the armrests). Try to stick these pieces together as you take them off.

You’ll find the filling, perhaps pinning to the frame as well. This will be a headache, but get rid of it. Which side label.

Note: Sharp tooth lines must be removed to expose the undercoat of the fabric (and pipe). Remember the order of the layers. And when you remove a sharp tooth, try to remember that you can use it again, so try to keep it safe. Label it and set it aside.

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Then you can remove the decorative item from the handle. Mine is completely nailed. Use a screwdriver to remove it. Or a hammer, if that’s easy.

Do the same to the other side. Then remove the armrest fabric piece (mine was attached/stitched on the inside.)

Bare chair. Take a breath, look at the work of your hands. Then back to work. It won’t heal itself.

How Much Material To Cover A Wing Back Chair

Lay down your strip of fabric (see my label?) and cut out your new piece. Keep the old and the new for now (so if you have any questions you can refer to where they are.) If any parts are sewn, use stitches to separate them to cut the new fabric and bring it back. -Sew them like the original.

Chesterfield Dunhill Leather Wing Armchair

Pull the wire out of the old pipe and sew a new pipe of the same length. The best tutorial for sewing pipes.

Start with the last piece you took. Maybe a piece under the pillow. Pinch one side then pull the other side tight. Strong enough to hold the fabric in place, but not so strong that the fabric will tear.

Now comes the tricky stuff. All I can say here is if you can see how it fits together when you pick up the pieces, then you’ll be fine. That side is a bit tough for me, especially around the armrest curve. Use a piece of cardboard for even edges. Lay the fabric (upside down on the sleeve) and place the cardboard on the bottom next to the pipe (see below). The cardboard ends where the beautiful metal gear begins.

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Add more in terms of decorative armrests. I hate this step. I can’t finish my nails properly. Do your best to stick to it.

Piece Wingback Chair Covers

Then attach the back. Start with the fabric at the top held in place by the metal teeth. Then work under the side of the nail board. This part is the most difficult for me. It took a little while to tighten things up, but you’re in the cage! Then flip the chair over and put on the bottom trim and a nice black mesh cut and you’re done!

And I’m not going to go into detail about Ottomans, because when you reupholster a chair, Ottomans are a piece of cake. I actually prefer sewing. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the bare back. Then do it again. You can also check out my post on How to Restore a Stacked Ottoman.

Hi, my name is Megan and I am a Project-aholic. I’m just a girl with a house and an endless supply of projects. Welcome to my sorrow!

How Much Material To Cover A Wing Back Chair

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Barnard Linen Fabric Wing Back Armchair, Sand

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How Much Material To Cover A Wing Back Chair

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