How To Cover A Cane Back Chair With Fabric

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How To Cover A Cane Back Chair With Fabric – If you’re looking for a weekend project – grab an old chair and get started! You can put a stylish new set in your home for just the cost of paint and some fabric — and maybe some hardware, like the nail-trim Roxanne used on the Caneback dining chair:

You can make more than any kind of chair (like these ones here)—though some are little more than a weekend project. Keep it simple and start with a dining chair.

How To Cover A Cane Back Chair With Fabric

How To Cover A Cane Back Chair With Fabric

Hello! I’m Roxanne from blog, and I’m excited to be guest posting here today! I’m slowly updating my tiny house, builder on a budget category, one DIY project at a time.

Mina Wood And Cane Upholstered Dining Chair By Christopher Knight Home

Have you ever caught something on the sidewalk? One day last fall, I was driving and saw this chair on the side of the road. I was thinking about picking it up and fixing it, but I wasn’t sure if I should. I turned and walked past him once more to get a better look. Then I decided to go for it, so I wandered.

. I’m so embarrassed to take things out of someone’s trash, but I just couldn’t get over it.

Another reason I thought of this was because years ago I convinced my husband to get a nice picnic table and bench for the sidewalk. It was a round table with four round benches. After getting home, we realized it was infested with termites. John was not amused. So I brought the chair home anyway, much to John’s dismay. He put it in the shed because he didn’t want to keep it in the house. Then it snowed every other day all winter, so I couldn’t get back into the shed to go outside.

Now that the snow was finally gone, I could start working on this change. I came and removed the seat by opening it from the bottom.

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Once it was finished, I started painting. I had to get rid of that pink ASAP! The chair was sprayed a bright salmon pink that would be difficult to cover. Note in the previous also spray painting with the current cushion! So I decided to try Annie Sloan Chalk Paint again. You can read about my first experience with chalk painting here. I had a sample of Paris Grey.

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Since I only had one swatch pot, I only painted 2 coats before I was done. As it turned out, it was enough to completely cover the pink nightmare. While the paint was drying, I removed the old fabric from the cushion by pulling on the staples with a flathead screwdriver. Someone has obviously cleaned this chair once before.

This is one part of the project that I got so involved in that I forgot to take a picture. After I ran out of old fabric, I salvaged fabric left over from my unstitched curtains that I made for my family room. It was really close to not being wide enough, but I made it really tight and it was enough to do the job. There I attached the fabric with my staple gun. Then I remembered I had some left over from the headboard I made. The headboard is from my pre-blogging days, but you can check out the tutorial I used here. Connect the ends of the nails and tap with a rubber mallet.

How To Cover A Cane Back Chair With Fabric

I then generously covered any gray painted areas with Annie Sloan Wax to seal in the color. I didn’t hate this piece because I didn’t want the pink to ever show through. Chalk paint is a bit pricey, but now that I’ve used it a few times, I can see why. Totally worth it! I did not sand this chair before painting it, and only two coats completely covered it.

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Quite a dramatic difference, isn’t it? Not bad for a sidewalk chair and I’m just using stuff I already had from other projects.

Thanks Roxanne! s, see more from Roxanne at The Honeycomb Home — her home is beautiful and she loves projects like her spice rack and closet door makeover.

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How To Cover A Cane Back Chair With Fabric

I could see it was a Louis XV reproduction, probably made in the early 80’s, and when I saw the price I knew I had to get it right away! After he played for about 20 minutes, we put him in our car and drove him home.

Set Of Four Vintage Rattan Woven Back Chairs & Two Armchairs

The next hurdle was getting rid of the arm swing. For this I simply flipped the chair over, pre-drilled and screwed in 3 inch heavy duty screws. It solved 90% of the fuss.

So, I also added some 2 inch nails to the back of the frame where it meets the arms. No more nodding!

I wanted some color, so I decided not to prime the frame. I lightly roughened the surface with 150 grit sandpaper, just to make sure the whole thing didn’t peel. Then I apply 2 coats of white, latex, semi-gloss.

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The paint I used is supposed to be a “one coat paint” because it’s “paint and primer in one” but obviously I needed more than one coat.

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Then I applied the frosting. I used Martha Stewart Faux Effects Glaze (not my favorite, but not terrible) mixed with about 10% raw amber and 10% burnt amber. I didn’t do a heavy concentrated frosting because I wanted the frame to still look white. I just wanted to bring some detail to the piece. This is part of the reason I used semi-gloss. I wanted the glaze to darken the color of the paint a bit. If I had used a satin finish, the paint would have absorbed too much color. The semi-gloss finish allowed the glaze to slide perfectly.

Then I sealed it with two coats of my favorite poly acrylic in satin. While it’s super smooth and even, it came out a bit shinier than I’d like because of the semi-glossy color underneath. all right.

It’s upholstery time! The set went quickly. I’m sure most of you have done chair guarding before or at least seen someone do it, so I won’t go into detail about it unless someone asks.

How To Cover A Cane Back Chair With Fabric

It’s time to deal with the barrel! I really debated what to do with the back of the stick. Many people these days think of their grandmother’s house and her cat when they see a stick. Well, given the large amount of cane furniture in the mid-20th century, I can see that. It’s really pretty and functional though. It can be spread on curves, giving a great texture. In fact, the other night I was flipping through the latest Children’s Restoration Hardware catalog where I found 2 different wicker cribs! Maybe he’s coming back? Most used chairs you come across are bad, but this one was an antique, which made my decision even more difficult. I finally decided to make up for it for two reasons. I wanted to try something new and thought this would be a useful guide for many of you.

Cane Back Dining Chair

First I grabbed some old newspapers and did this.