How To Cover A Chair Seat With Burlap

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How To Cover A Chair Seat With Burlap – Hey peeps! I am in the final preparations for next week’s hobnob market! EEEEKKK! Very interesting and the final preparation is required! I thought I’d let this month’s project challenge slide, but at the last minute I had a burlap seat on a chair.

A chair that has been sitting in my living room for at least 2 years. I showed. It was also a good idea to get a new seat. But good intentions are often just that, intentions. Also, the chair looked really cute in the corner of my room. I draped a blanket over him or propped him up, leaving the seat change at the ‘target’ level.

How To Cover A Chair Seat With Burlap

How To Cover A Chair Seat With Burlap

A few weeks ago I pulled the chair out of the room and said, ‘It’s time to wrap it up and take it to Hanbanob Market. Since then it’s been hanging around my workroom, moving around and piling up ‘stuff’. Until it hits me that I can finish the chair, get ready to sell it on the market and complete your project challenge!

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So, my burlap chair seat makeover – our item this month is burlap or tiktok because it’s used. At first I thought I would use some TikTok. But the Tiktok paint didn’t personally match the work, it was what I had in mind, so I turned to using burlap from a cool old burlap bag I had in my stash.

I should add here that I really don’t like working with burlap. My skin is itchy and breaks out a bit sometimes. It really hurts my lungs. So I rarely use burlap anymore. But recently a customer asked for some pillows in burlap with a state, so I obliged. I used this old burlap sack that I had – not actually in my stash – I cleaned out my burlap a while back and took all the burlap sacks I had at the store to sell. And gave them to someone who likes them. Working with burlap. Some haven’t sold yet, so I reach back

1. Turn the chair upside down and staple strips of upholstery webbing across the seat opening and weave to stiffen it. This helped narrow down my hobby of webbing as much as possible.

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2. With the chair back upright, fill the seat area with batting. I used cotton quilt batting sheets because I had them on hand. I drew the edge of the seat with a pencil, cut out a pattern and then cut 15 more sheets to get the thickness I wanted.

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Now it’s time to hide the staples. I thought for a while – the easiest way is to hot glue piping or trim the stapled edge. There was no trim I wanted to use, and I shuddered at the thought of making piping out of burlap. I’m working on this project outside as much as possible because I hate the dust and fog in my house! It’s damaging my lungs.

5. Cut strips of burlap (or fabric of choice) 4 inches wide. I cut three strips, sewed the short ends together to make one long piece, pulled the long edges and let my homemade pot go straight back.

(It was evening, overcast and there was a chance of rain, so the weather was mild and dry enough for me to complete the project and photograph it!)

How To Cover A Chair Seat With Burlap

7. Staple all the way to the edges of the chair seat. I know the picture doesn’t show it, but I tucked the end of the burlap strip around the edge of the burlap seat piece. I started it at the top but I didn’t like how it looked when I put the finishing touches so I pulled the first 3 staples and started again – but forgot to take new photos – remember I’m light And was running dry. Weather!

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I was thinking about heating the folded edge of the burlap to a ‘flat’ seat. But I thought about using upholstery nails for a bit of an industrial feel. I love the look of deconstructed furniture and had a box of vintage upholstery nails in my tool bag and an upholstery hammer thanks to my hobby so I went with that.

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9. Nail upholstery nails around the folded end of the ‘wrapping’. My line isn’t exactly straight – I have to make sure the nail goes into the wood to hold it in place. But I like the curved line more – goes well with the industrial style of the nails, and it works with burlap too.

I even added nails to the outer edge of the ‘ripping’ where I felt I needed them. The overlap causes the burlap to rise slightly on the back of the chair where the strip ends meet. I went with him. Nothing is perfect with this burlap chair seat transformation! But I think all those little imperfections and the chippy milk paint finish I gave this chair years ago make for a happy, imperfect, perfect chair!

Putting that chair back in the corner of your living room is adorable! I love it when a project comes together like this and I’m so happy with the end result!

Vale Dining Chair

It’s in the stack coming to market next week – if it doesn’t sell, it’ll be hanging in my living room for a while!

As always, my friends have lots of fun plans! Take some time to check them out!

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How To Cover A Chair Seat With Burlap

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that you will need to re-enable or disable cookies each time you visit the website. If you have an old chair or no seat at all, and you still love the chair – don’t worry! All is not lost. With an hour or so of your time and a few simple materials, you can breathe new life into your chair and make it functional and beautiful again.

This tutorial will allow you to completely customize your chair seat with woven hemp webbing, which comes in a variety of widths and color options, including webbing spacing and nail trim options. Jute webbing used for many upholstery projects is incredibly strong and durable. A hemp lounge chair can work well with rustic, cottage, industrial and even modern home decor styles. Let’s begin.

How To Cover A Chair Seat With Burlap

First, you’ll want to prepare your chair. If the chair you want does not already have a seat, go to step 2. If your chair is a seat that you replaced with this project, remove the old seat now.

Reupholstered Wood Side Chair

Measure the seat of your chair to determine where your webbing will go. Since I kept the webbing spacing pretty tight in this first example, my chair measurements allowed me to start in the center of the chair.

Fold the ends of the webbing under 1/2″, and place three staples to hold the back of the chair.

Tie a jute twine (as best you can) to the front of the seat. Stretch the webbing 1/2″ over the lip of the chair frame, and cut the webbing 1/2″ beyond that.