How To Cover A Chair Seat With Material

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How To Cover A Chair Seat With Material – It’s easy, takes just a few things, and can literally transform a piece of furniture once you know a few tricks. So today I’m sharing a detailed tutorial that breaks down exactly how to reupholster a fabric chair.

But anyway, it’s just a good excuse to talk about this set of vintage chairs I found while researching pieces for a home show. They’re the perfect set for a quick makeover job and look a thousand times better now that they’ve all been cleaned with a new cloth. This is what they looked like before…

How To Cover A Chair Seat With Material

How To Cover A Chair Seat With Material

The original clothing was gray and basic, which made these guys look less than elegant, let’s face it. They weren’t terrible, but they also didn’t feel very special… and these chairs deserve to feel special.

Tradition Rely Chair Hw9, Full/seat Upholstery, Fabric Grp.2 Tube Bas

I knew that finding the glass factory would give them a more modern look, to marry the old silhouette. And my fingers are crossed that it will give them the little extra they need. That said, here’s what you need to reupholster a fabric chair or dining chair…

After cleaning both chairs really well, I cleaned the fabric seats of each chair. It really is that easy! You can do this in many different ways. In some cases, you can pop the chair without any tools. Sometimes the bottom of the seat just rests on the lip of the seat and is not secure at all. If not, you can use a rubber mallet – hit it on the bottom of the seat. Or if the seat is attached to the wood from below, use a screwdriver to remove the seat.

This may not apply to all seats that are rebuilt, but it did apply to my seat, so I’ll mention it here anyway. If there is dirt or dust on the inner lip of the seat, remove it with a putty knife or similar. I used a screwdriver and it works fine.

Next, make your garment and measure it again, if appropriate. You want it to be about 2-3 inches larger than the size of the seat. The extra inches compensate for the clothes having to be folded down.

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For my chairs, I used napkins as fabric because I love fabric and collecting napkins is a way to have lots of pretty fabric without having huge piles of fabric everywhere.

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It’s a great idea, but I’m not going to lie… I still have scraps of cloth everywhere – obviously I collect a lot of napkins.

So instead of measuring and cutting, I measured and realized that each napkin was a little too small, so I used a seam ripper to get the extra inches I needed. I folded the bottom of each towel and then passed it on and was done with it

How To Cover A Chair Seat With Material

The open rust and cream pattern is from Jenny Pennywood and the black and tan line pattern is from The Block Shop. Also, Jenny Pennywood sells fabric by the yard if you have a big project.

Sally Fairhurst Interiors & Upholstery

I stamp the new fabric directly onto the old fabric, so I don’t have to worry about adding new foam or anything else. And if the fabric is particularly dirty or smelly, you may want to remove the old fabric and foam before this step. .

To rearrange the chair, I always stretch the material over the branches. So I start with staples on one side in the middle, then pull out as much of the fabric as possible (to make sure it’s tight) and turn the frame around and on the other side, staple in the middle too. put then I do this on the two remaining sides, so that there is a discontinuity on each of the four sides in the middle.

I repeat the process of stretching the fabric, stapled and turned to the other side until the whole piece is folded and tied as in the pictures. Note: When you get to the corners, you have to fold the fabric a little on the back, and then staple, as the picture shows.

If there is too much fabric that makes the bottom of the seat bulky or dirty, cut off the excess with scissors. This is mainly applied to the corners, as this is where the fabric usually bends slightly after stapling. Buyue Dining Room Chair Seat Covers Set Of 4, Luxury Jacquard Fabric Stretch Washable Slipcover For Kitchen Seat Cushions, Brown 4pcs

Then your new seat is ready to be reinstalled. Depending on how the seat was originally attached, you may be able to use heavy duty clamps around the lip of the seat to secure the seat, retighten the seat (using new screws which is the same length as the original), or a simple rest. Sit on the hips unless additional safety is needed (ie it fits well).

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And that’s it! I love the way the chair looks now – and it probably has a lot to do with how much fabric I used. But also…the King isn’t hurt. I think the only other thing I need to do to the seats now is to cover the deep scratches and scuff marks. I plan to try the almond method, which seems very easy. And will report back if it works.

Have you ever tried reupholstering a fabric chair like this? Can you think of anything I missed that would be useful to know? If so, leave me a message in the comments.

How To Cover A Chair Seat With Material

Also, curious, which of these chairs is your favorite? Blockshop’s cream and dark line pattern or Jenny Pennywood’s open cream and rust pattern?

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< Previous Post How I Transformed Items I Found in the Back of My Closet into Summer Accessories (DIY) Need a quick DIY project to freshen up a room? This is my favorite! I really wanted to upgrade my office chair. The black wheelchair I bought at Walmart a thousand years ago hurt me. We just reupholstered our dining chairs with vinyl to protect the cloth chairs from small children (read this post here), and I used a dining chair instead of an old wheelchair at work in my office.

I thought it was an easy decision as we have 6 dining chairs, 2 lounge chairs and a side table. I will steal a chair for my table, then I will pick it up and we can buy it for the dining area when needed. The chairs we have are Ikea Borje dining chairs, they retail for $49 but we got them on Craigslist for $10 per chair. We just need some clothes. Joanne Fabrics almost has a 50% off coupon in your mail. Sign up for the mailing list now through this link, then when you’re there just pull up the coupon on your smartphone and you can scan it from there.

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I was brave and after sending samples of the clothes to Mr. Busy Budgeter, I sent him clothes that I liked. He did a great job and made me a yard of this beautiful stuff for $9.99. One yard of material covers 4 chairs, so the cost per chair is $2.50.

Vinyl (we used medium weight) sold for $5.99/yard. The price per seat is $1.50 for a vinyl cover (which I highly recommend if you have kids at home!).

Your Step By Step Guide To Reupholstering A Chair

The total cost of this project is $4.00 per chair and it took an easy 15 minutes to complete each chair. I am absolutely in love with the results.

Vinyl (like fabric, you can skip this step if you don’t have fabric cleaner at home)

2. Remove the fabric cover. I recommend saving. They will try painting, sewing or something new later. If it’s dirty, just put it in the wash cycle.

How To Cover A Chair Seat With Material

3. Place the material on the table (clean), pattern side down. Tuck the seat of the chair up in the fabric, leaving about 1.5 inches of fabric in the corners (Mr. Occupy Boditor left much more than that but I was smart enough not to criticize the free labor). Octorose Set Of Two Made To Fit Any Dining Chairs With The Arms Or Without The Arms Upholstery Material Chair Cover Chair Seat Cover, Dinning Chair With Arms Slipcover. (linen Grey/beige/black) :

4. Using scissors, cut the fabric so that it overlaps the seat by about an inch and a half.

5. Attach the fabric to the chair and place the back of the wooden chair. In the corners, fold one corner firmly, then place the other, right in the corner. This will give you a nice clean edge.

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