How To Cover A Cushion On A Chair

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How To Cover A Cushion On A Chair – Hello, this is Katie! I’ve been hard at work on redecorating our dining room lately. I love having people over for big brunches and nice dinners, but our dining room had some issues and it got to the point where it wasn’t a comfortable place to gather. Our old formica table sagged a bit in the middle and the edges of the table were tearing. The legs on our metal chairs had lost their foot caps, which meant that if someone slipped in or out of them, the floor would slide up. When our friends come over, we usually sit at the table and chat or play games, so it’s an important place for us.

The first thing I chose was a simple, inexpensive chair. These IKEA chairs were exactly what I was looking for, within my budget, and I was able to have them shipped to my home. The kids weren’t too excited about it because they were hard wooden chairs instead of the soft ones they had before. The first part of this DIY is the solution to that!

How To Cover A Cushion On A Chair

How To Cover A Cushion On A Chair

Step One: Choose a size for your pillow. I chose to insert cushions instead of cutting the foam to fit as I wanted these to be extra cushioned. Lay out your pillows and determine how much vinyl you need for each pillow. My rugs were 16″ so I cut 18″ squares for each.

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Step Two: Once you’ve cut your fabric, it’s time to sew it! Place the two pieces of vinyl on opposite sides and sew 3/4 of the way. I gave my pads a curved edge because I found them a bit soft but very pointy. When you’ve made it 3/4 of the way, place two pieces of your fabric 2 inches or so away from the corner. Use your machine to sew about 12 inches from both remaining open corners toward the center. Make sure you leave the right size opening in the center of this last edge – that’s where we’ll stuff the pillow!

Step Three: If you chose to make your edges curved like I did, it’s time to trim the edges to get a nice angle when the vinyl is flipped over. After you’ve made each corner, turn your vinyl right side out and insert the pillow. Go ahead and backstitch the opening, and you’re done!

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Use fabric ties to tie your pillow to the chair! I chose vinyl for my cushions because I knew they would be washable and easy to clean!

To make the dining room more comfortable, I wanted to add soft textures. I think you can never go wrong with nice (faux) fur, so I’m in the process of making soft covers for our chairs.

Supportive Seat Cushions For Office Chairs

Step One: First measure your chair and decide how long your cover should be. Once you have your numbers (mine was 18″ x 44″), carefully cut the fur. Try to stay under as much material/jacket as possible. If you cut them like normal fabric, cut them like cloth, and if you cut them like cloth, you’ll have fur that looks like a barber. – All chopped up. Cut the cotton fabric to the same size.

Step Two: Now it’s time to confirm! Lay out the fur with the fluffy side up. Place one piece of canvas trim in the top right corner and one piece in the top left corner. Add another piece of trim 14″ (more or less depending on fabric length) from the top on each side. Place the cotton fabric on top of the fur and cut the face down. Pin all the edges and leave a hole in the lower right corner.

Step Three: Sew along the edges, remembering to leave a hole in the bottom corner. Once you make it all the way, turn the lid right side out. Sew the hole closed and tie it to your chair!

How To Cover A Cushion On A Chair

We have kids so this seat cover works perfectly for our family. I can remove the seat covers when the kids eat a little messy and put them back when they’re done!

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Our dining room is really starting to feel like a wonderful place for friends and family! It’s a happier, more comfortable place now!

Stay tuned for a DIY on this beautiful board! I sent Josh a rough sketch of the table I had in my head and he whipped up something even better than I could have imagined! Such a talented person! xo Katie

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Credit // Author: Katie Shelton. Photography: Sarah Rhodes and Katie Shelton. Images courtesy of Imogen from the Folk Collection and Celeste from the Fresh Collection. Rug from Uncommon Goods, “Eat a Rainbow” print / DIY, Chandelier / Thrifted. Do you have an old chair that is in good condition, but no cushion? Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix! Stay informed. Today I will show you how to make a cushion cover for a chair. If you have an antique chair with a good … Read more

Do you have an old chair that is in good condition, but no cushion? Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix! Stay informed. Today I will show you how to make a cushion cover for a chair.

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If you have an antique chair with good bones or an upholstered chair, you’re in luck because, as they say, they don’t make them like they used to!

It recently occurred to me how lucky my husband and I are to somehow inherit a treasured piece of furniture from each of our 4 sets of grandparents.

One of those items is Chuck’s grandfather’s handcrafted chair. It’s not exactly our style, but we want to respect it and take care of it. And today it gets a little makeover.

How To Cover A Cushion On A Chair

If you want to learn how to make chair cushions or how to sew a cushion cover for a sofa at home or outdoors, this post will walk you through a materials list and step-by-step instructions. Go!

Pink Freda Chair Cover

There are many approaches to this project, but I think the best way to start is to measure a pillow if you already have one, or to determine what size your new pillow should be to fit your chair or sofa base.

If you buy a new foam insert cushion, determine the height of the cushion based on the chair or sofa. Combine it with what you can buy.

Available mattresses are usually 1, 2 and 3 inches high. Then gather measurements for the length and width of the cushion’s footprint.

For the pattern, any type of paper or cardboard will work. I love Medical Pattern Paper on Amazon (affiliate link). It is relatively inexpensive and is as nice and thin as commercial sewing patterns. I used this for my pillow pattern.

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Indian Style Dining Chair Cushion Covers Bohemian Kantha Pillow Cases

However, I chose stiff cardboard for the wooden base pattern because it was stiff and could lie flat on the chair base to fit. I glued cardboard pieces together because the cardboard sheets I had were too small.

One for the top of the cushion, one for the wooden base of the chair or sofa and one for the side bar that goes around the cushion (optional).

Your pillow and wooden base can be the same size or you can make them slightly different sizes.

How To Cover A Cushion On A Chair

My pillow is a little different because I wanted rounded side edges, but my wooden base needed to have sharp corners to fit the chair properly.

How To Make An Upholstered Foam Cushion From A Shower Curtain

For the side piece, measure the length around the pad and the foam insert plus the wood plus about 3-4 inches of height to line the bottom of the base.

If you have cable, you can also make a pattern for the width of the hole strip, but it’s not necessary.

To make sure your pattern is symmetrical, you can cut half of your pattern and turn it over and then repeat.

As you draw each shape on paper, add all the dimensions. This process will ultimately help you decide how much material to buy.

Wool Cushion For Poang Chair With Removable Cover

Seam allowance is the area between the edge of the raw material and the seam line of the fabric pieces.

They typically range from 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) in width to several inches. It is up to you how wide you want to make it. I usually use a 5/8 inch (1.5 cm) seam allowance.

Fabric piping, also called trim or cording, is a fabric-covered trim that you’ll find on a variety of upholstered furniture, upholstery, cushions, and headboards. Pipes give any project a custom and professional feel.

How To Cover A Cushion On A Chair

In simple terms, biasing is cutting strips of fabric on the bias (diagonal direction) of your fabric.

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