How To Cover A Dining Chair With Vinyl

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How To Cover A Dining Chair With Vinyl – Need a quick DIY project to spruce up a room? This is what I want! I really wanted to fix my office chair The black leather chair I bought at Walmart a thousand years ago blew my mind. We refinished our dining room with vinyl to protect the couches from little kids (and read that post here ), and I used a dining room chair instead of an old swivel chair to work on my desktop.

I thought this would be an easy choice as there are 6 dining chairs, 2 folding chairs and a table next to the dining table. I’ll just steal my desk chair, rearrange it and we can move it to a dining room if needed. The chairs we have are Ikea Borge dining chairs, which retail for $49 but we found them on Craigslist for $10 per chair. All we need is fabric Joan’s Fabrics has a 50% off coupon in your email Sign up to their email now via this link, then you’re there just pull the coupon in your phone and they can watch from there.

How To Cover A Dining Chair With Vinyl

How To Cover A Dining Chair With Vinyl

I had the courage to send Mr. Busy Budgeter Jones to buy the fabric after sending me a sample of the fabric I wanted. He was nice and sent me back a plate of this good stuff for $9.99 One yard of material covers four chairs, so the cost is $2.50 per chair.

Faux Leather Upholstered Dining Chair (set Of 2)

Vinyl (we use medium weight), retails for $5.99/yard The cost per seat is $1.50 for a vinyl cover (which I highly recommend if you have kids in the house!).

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The total cost of this program is $4.00 per session and takes 15 minutes of easy work on the session to complete. I really like the results

Vinyl (like fabric, you can skip this step if you don’t have vinyl cleaner at home)

2. Remove the fabric cover I recommend to keep They can have fun painting, knitting or trying something new later If it’s dirty, put it in the washing cycle

Albury Commercial Grade Vinyl Dining Chair, Metal Leg, Charcoal / Black

3. Place the fabric on the table (clean) as shown below About a cm from the corner. Cm

4. Using scissors, cut the fabric covering about half an inch from the paper.

5.Place the cloth firmly on the surface and stick to the back of the wooden surface.At the corner, firmly fold one side, then the other, placing the piece straight on the corner This gives you in a nice clean corner

How To Cover A Dining Chair With Vinyl

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