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How To Cover A High Back Chair – I did something scary: I decided I had to learn how to restore a chair I bought at a thrift store. First, I don’t buy jewelry at a thrift store. I’m afraid it’s full of wild animals and animals. But there is something so beautiful about this chair that I can’t look away from.

If you’re interested, I found this vintage wing chair for $60 at Value Village and Unique Thrifthere in Maryland, so if you’re still around,

How To Cover A High Back Chair

How To Cover A High Back Chair

To go Best prices in town and great selection (ReStore is also a great place to shop).

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I left disappointed…because I hate bringing jewelry home from the store and not being able to throw it in the washer and dryer. I fear that every fabric in the thrift store will be infested with nasty things I don’t want to bring home.

Finding a good desk or table is one thing…finding a chair with lots of nooks and crannies to hide bugs is another.

My vintage antique chair that I restored to this recliner was one of those things that was sitting in my garage, “Oh my god, make sure there are no bugs in this thing.”

Wait till I hear something dead or crawling inside. LOL…..ugh that was good thanks. 🙂

Jericho High Back Chair

The color of this recliner was great until I removed the cushion. If you look at the sun, I’m sure you’ll see an image of a wing chair on the side.

I signed up for a local upholstery class and decided to tackle this chair: a $60 recliner that had been sitting in my garage for 4 years.

This program?? How can this wing chair break down to be upholstered?

How To Cover A High Back Chair

But when I finish the details, I’ll post a video on my YouTube channel along with the many recycling tips I’ve learned along the way!

Renaissance High Back Model 1068 Chair Seat Cushion & Cover

This is what this beautiful chair looked like before I started. You might be thinking, “But this fabric is so pretty!” Yes I agree. But remember that the sun has a very strong effect on this fabric. gorgeous!

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The chair smelled very old and disgusting, like a neglected “amazing” piece that needed a facelift.

Installing a new belt is easy (see PART 3 below) and the rest of the seat should be cleaned. I have to admit, I really underestimated how long this chair would take. I thought 6 pieces of upholstery would be enough, but I was wrong! This chair is very hard. Every small step is a great victory and an insurmountable mountain! I ended up signing up for 3 sessions of 6 week courses (18 courses, more or less depending on my availability). And I’m not done yet!

Because this project is so important, I’ve posted an update to this blog post as it’s completed.

Cane Line Breeze Highback Chair

Now let’s see the progress! You can watch all episodes on my YouTube channel.

Buying all the materials will add to the cost of repairing this recliner, but if decorating is fun and you plan to do it regularly, spread the cost over all the projects you do.

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How To Cover A High Back Chair

If you are worried about the amount of materials needed to repair a recliner chair, you should be shocked. AND

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That’s why completing this upholstery project gave me a new appreciation and respect for upholstery. As a do-it-yourselfer, it’s worth investing in these tools and materials if you’re looking to upgrade a single chair. It’s great to create your own upholstery tool kit. But if you plan to make a chair, I suggest you hire a professional. Despite the high price, it is equally expensive and long for you.

If you’re like me and really enjoy learning about and planning to reuse materials, then go for it!

For the amount of money I spent on glass, fabric, and furniture, I could probably buy 3 or 4 new reclining chairs at Home Goods. HA! However, I have to say that none of these chairs were as sturdy and high quality as my chair!

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Anyway, check out the evolution of this chair below based on all the photos I took and posted on my YouTube channel!

Grand Terrace Sling High Back Swivel Rocker Lounge Chair

In this video, come with me to my upholstery class and see how to start and disassemble a wingback chair. It was the scariest thing because I didn’t know where to start! Once I started removing the pieces, layer by layer, it wasn’t that hard! It takes time, yes…

In this video I have finally completed 99% of the disassembly of this chair after attaching the new strap.

It takes some time to bind the springs and tie them together. I have to admit I was nervous about this part because it looks so complicated! But with a little practice, I got it! Check the seat springs!

How To Cover A High Back Chair

In this video, you’ll see how I sew the coir to the seat using a double-pointed needle and thread.

Hampton Bay High Back Outdoor Patio Chair Cover 517938 C

At this stage all burrs should be added to the chair, however in this case there is still burr fabric to cover the back of the chair and the coir is sewn to the back of the chair. chair.

However, to modify this part of the seat back, you can start with the front of the seat and the armrests. Stay tuned to see the progress!

In part seven of this video series, I’ll show you how my instructor and I finished the seat and front, and started refining the arms.

In this video I show you how to finish the chair arms and wings. I didn’t record a video for this step as I was trying to focus on what the instructions said. HA! It’s hard to shoot and focus at the same time. 😉

Sale Velveteen Wingback Armchair Slipcovers Large Arm Chair

In this video I used all the glue for the upholstery, so I’m just finishing the back and the outside of the chair! Even if it’s not perfect, I think I did well!

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This chair is designed with a backrest that is higher than the backrest, ideal for tall people or those who prefer comfort.

How To Cover A High Back Chair

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How To Cover A High Back Chair

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Entice Multi Function High Back Chair