How To Cover An Office Chair With Arms

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How To Cover An Office Chair With Arms – If regular desk chairs aren’t your cup of tea, then this post is for you! I share how I transformed a boring (but very comfortable) work chair with a custom cover and some spray paint.

Also, check out the update below that shares what the chair looks like after two years of use.

How To Cover An Office Chair With Arms

How To Cover An Office Chair With Arms

Last Christmas, my sister-in-law gave me and Ken the couch. We only had one and it was very broken.

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I like it because it’s very comfortable (I mean), it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever owned. My back is great with this chair!

But everything is dark and leathery and on hot days I feel trapped in it and it hurts when I wake up 😛

So the other day I decided to sew it with polka dot fabric and some spray paint and paint.

My main concern is to make a cover that can be easily removed and washed, since it will remain dirty as long as it is a cloth.

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I used velcro for the back and elastic on the seat so I can remove them later.

This chair has some sportswear under the arms, so it’s time to give it a little update.

I’m working in an office sewing room, so I’ll show you all the work I’m doing (three and a half projects left right now)

How To Cover An Office Chair With Arms

Since every chair is different, I will give you a general guide if you want to update your own chair.

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For the cover, I used about 4 yards of cotton (but you’ll need to measure the height of the back and seat – don’t worry about the width) + about 1 yard of velcro and about 1 and a half of elastic.

First you need to determine the surface you want to paint, in my case plastic pieces and metal pieces.

So I bought one sprayer for metal and one for plastic so that every surface is covered as best as possible.

You will need to pull the seat out with any tool and in my case the seat was ready to pick up with an Allen wrench.

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I separate all the different parts so I can spray according to the material. Make the seat, back and armrests.

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The arms are a piece of cover that I can’t remove easily (for washing purposes) because I don’t have room for anything and if I add elastic under it like a chair there is no room for it put it back on the arm. Above.

So I bandage the cloth so that when I have to wash it, I have to do the main work, and when it is clean, I start the process again.

How To Cover An Office Chair With Arms

For the seat, I put the piece I wanted to cover on the wrong side of the fabric so I could shape it to fit (this way you can see that the seat is already covered).

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I measured 5″ from the top edge of the chair to fold (this will be the elastic end) (remember you are lying on the back of the chair).

Next, folded in the corners, I pinned them in place (you can see they were pre-stitched to the back piece in the photo below) and sewed the top of the fold. This makes the bottom (because it is elastic) fit better.

After the sides are sewn, you will have a bowl shape and you can put it on the chair.

You will need to sew a 2″ fold on the top of your bowl, leaving a small space to run the elastic. Complete the folding thread by tying a knot with an elastic band.

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Your chair should now have a lid, but if it’s like mine, you’ll need to make a small hole in the side (where the screws are).

The main difference is that my chair has a folding area to separate the headboard from the headboard, which makes the part look quite complicated.

So to keep the cover from being sewn to the seat, I used some gorilla glue to attach the electrical tape to the leader’s head, then I glued the velcro on the opposite side to the center of the fabric.

How To Cover An Office Chair With Arms

I placed the right side of the fabric on the chair, as shown, then folded the sides and turned them (like a chair)

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I sewed the top of the fold and sewed on the velcro that I pinned at the beginning, and I ended up with another bowl shape, but in this case I can’t use the elastic because that means that d -back will be revealed. .

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So I put the fabric on the one behind me, but this time with the left side facing out (so I can take out the lapel) and put the second fabric on the back.

Guide! Keep in mind that if you don’t shape the top and bottom, it will easily come off later if you don’t slide it.

I glued the two pieces together and cut off the excess, then sewed them together and added a 10″ piece of Velcro centered at the bottom so I could fold the sides to close the seat back cover.

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For the seat pieces, I had to make holes for the pipes leading to the arm pieces, which I ran around to prevent them from wrinkling when it was time to wash.

In the picture below you can see how I secured both sides (top and bottom) with pieces of velcro.

I know it’s hard to have to remove the covers every time I have to wash them, but on the other hand, I like to do it so I can throw them in the washing machine if they get dirty from cleaning the place. .

How To Cover An Office Chair With Arms

No scratches on the paint, even the benders played a lot with my feet and the little feet scratched the bottom, so that’s great.

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Also, I added an update later with more pictures, so scroll down to see!

I totally recommend making a washable cover, because for me spot cleaning is just a pain in the ass – ugh.

Ken is getting a little funny when my chair is shouting “I belong to happiness” but I think it’s good!

I hope in the future Ken takes my suggestion to make some small changes to his chair =]

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Edit Added – September 12, 2013 It’s been almost two years since I updated this chair and it’s still holding up great guys! I am adding more pictures of the seats, especially the lower back, as I have received many requests. Here is a picture of the chair a year and a half after I made the cover! I have washed it many times and the paint on the seats is still almost perfect =]

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Thank you very much for your help in restoring the chair. I have some questions about the head of the chair. Is it just below the top of the stairs and above and below the seat? Also, I want to know the folds on the cover. Did you screw them back on once the covers were installed or just glue them in place? I was going to make a pattern and lots of work and sewing to cover the chair, but I found your site and love the results! You make it so simple! You have to watch a video of me doing it! Thanks again!

I love what you did with this chair, it’s great to combine a “cool” chair as well as directions. Thanks for sharing. Remember the post I did when I first started blogging about how I converted my not-so-nice home office? Seat fabric. A good office chair makeover – now it needs a makeover. About 6 years ago, I covered the couch with black and white prints.

How To Cover An Office Chair With Arms

The upholstery of the back holds up very well – the seat is a very thin fabric that I have on it. It actually wears better than I expected, but it’s time to refresh with a new color scheme in my craft room.

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This black and white checkered paper has served me well for many years…but it is a bit dated. Goodbye black and white chair.

Hello summer, new color! I found a woven cotton throw rug at HomeGoods for $7 and used it to cover the back. The blue fabric below is JoAnn’s.

I used cotton fabric for the seat seat and a cotton fabric rug for the back of the chair.

I have

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