How To Cover An Office Chair With Fabric Without Sewing

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How To Cover An Office Chair With Fabric Without Sewing – Remember the post I made when I first started blogging about how I replaced my not so pretty home office chair with fabric. Well, this office chair metamorphosis now needs a makeover. I covered a chair with black and white patterns about 6 years ago.

The back fabric held up well – the seat was very thin, which I sewed to. It was actually better than I thought, but it’s time to give it a decorative facelift to match the new color scheme of my workshop…which is my studio.

How To Cover An Office Chair With Fabric Without Sewing

How To Cover An Office Chair With Fabric Without Sewing

This black and white checkered office chair cover has served me well for many years… but it’s getting a little worn. Goodbye black and white chair.

Costway High Back Office Chair Reclining Task Chair Suede Fabric Dark

Hello fresh summer color! I found a woven cotton rug at HomeGoods for $7 and used it to cover my back. The green stuff on the bottom is from JoAnn.

I used cotton fabric for the seat of the chair and a cotton mat for the back of the seat.

I even used a colorful beach towel to redecorate my office chair. So don’t think you can just use yards of fabric from the fabric store.

1. Fold the rug in half right sides together and sew a seam on each side.

Vitra Oson C Office Swivel Chair Fabric / Green

1. Lay the fabric face down on the work surface. Center the pillow over him. Start at the front of the cushion: pull the fabric up and around the seat, then fold the raw edge and sew. Repeat on each side of the pillow, making sure the fabric is taut and straight if it has a pattern.

3. Pull the fabric taut in the corner, then body, tighten and body. Continue turning the corner until all the fabric is stretched and sewn, with no knots or folds.

If you have a crease, just stretch it a little and it will disappear. If you are working on a square seat, you can fold the fabric into a wrapping paper in the corner and then sew it. Trim the excess fabric, then fold the raw edges and sew. Repeat for other corners.

How To Cover An Office Chair With Fabric Without Sewing

Join the chair. Everything is ready: soft and stretched, so that when you sit down, the fabric does not move.

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Serta Hannah Office Chair With Headrest Pillow, Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair With Lumbar Support

If you want to change the color of your office chair, the easiest way is to use spray paint.

Since the bottom of my chair was mostly plastic, I used Rust-Oleum plastic spray paint. It has a subtle sheen to it and I am very pleased with how well it adheres and covers.

I put the cloth on the terrace and sprayed the chair outside. At first I left the cushions in, but then I took them out to paint all the cracks in the chair. The cushions are easily removed with a screwdriver.

This is the first time I’ve used a primer since I’ve had one, but it’s really meant to be used on plastic when you don’t have a specific paint for plastic. The Rust-oluem Plastic label indicates that no primer is required.

The Best Way To Cover An Ugly Desk Chair

I applied a coat of primer and let it dry, then added about 4 light coats of paint throughout the day until I covered all the black.

Now that my chair is ready, I’ll move on to the other projects I want to do in this room: bookshelves, drawers, rugs, and electrical wiring. I’m really looking forward to starting them.

If you want to see a tutorial on the first chair cover I made, you can find it here:

How To Cover An Office Chair With Fabric Without Sewing

. You can see the white and pink office chair. It used to be black and red. I painted the base white and covered the seat and back with pink and white cowhide fabric. If you don’t like regular office chairs, this post is for you! Here’s how I replaced my boring (but very comfortable) office chair with a custom slipcover and some spray paint.

Bimos Work Swivel Chair On Castor Seat With Fabric Cover In Blue, Heig, 210,28 €

Also, don’t forget to check out the update at the bottom where I share how the chair looks after two years of use.

Last Christmas, my relatives gave me and Ken matching chairs. We only had one and it was pretty broken.

I love it because it is (I mean YES) comfortable, actually one of the best I’ve ever owned. This chair makes my back feel so much better!

BUT it’s all dark and leathery, on hot days I feel like I’m stuck to it and it hurts when I get up 😛

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Katmai Deluxe Fabric Office Chair

So one day I decided to decorate it with polka dot fabric, some primer and paint.

My main idea was to make covers that can be easily removed and washed, because as long as it’s fabric, it will get dirty.

I used velcro for the elastic back and seat so they can be removed later.

How To Cover An Office Chair With Fabric Without Sewing

There were a few things on the bottom of the chair armrest, so this was the perfect time to tweak it a bit.

Bush Business Furniture Arden Lane Brown Fabric Contemporary Adjustable Height Swivel Desk Chair In The Office Chairs Department At

I work at a stationery and sewing shop so I’ll be showing you all the work I’m working on (currently I have 3 more half-finished projects)

Since all chairs are different, I’ll give you some general advice if you want to update your own chairs.

For the covers I use about 4 meters of cotton on the outside (but you have to measure the height of the back and seat – don’t worry about the width) + about 1 meter of velcro and about 1 meter of 1 /2″ elastic.

First you have to designate the surfaces you are going to paint, in my case I had plastic and metal parts.

Clp Vancouver Xxl Office Chair, Robust Swivel Chair With Castors, Desk Chair With Fabric Cover, Maximum Load 235 Kg, Colour: Dark Grey

So I bought a spray primer specifically for metal and another for plastic so that all surfaces are covered as best as possible.

You will need to disassemble your chair with whatever tools came with it, in my case this chair was ready to assemble with a hex wrench.

I separate all the different parts to spray them according to the material. And make covers for the seat, back and armrests.

How To Cover An Office Chair With Fabric Without Sewing

The armrest was the only part I didn’t make the covers easy to remove (washable) because I didn’t really have room for anything and if I added a rubber band to the bottom like I did with the seat, I wouldn’t would do there is room to screw it back onto my shoulder.

How To Make Over An Office Chair

So I just sew the fabric, so when I have to wash it, I’ll have to take the staples, and when they’re clean, I’ll repeat the process.

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For the seat, I placed the piece I was going to cover on the wrong side of the fabric to line it up that way (so you’ll see the seat covered as and when you’re done).

I measured 5 inches per fold (this will be the elastic end) from the top edge of the seat (remember the seat is facing backwards).

Then I folded the corners and pinned them tightly (you can see they are already sewn backwards in the picture below) and then sewed them to the top of the fold. Thanks to this, the folding at the bottom (thanks to the elastic band) has improved a lot.

Yamasoro High Back Home Office Chair Fabric Computer Desk Chair Adjustable Hight With Movable Armrest

After sewing the sides you will have a cup shape and it will stay on the seat.

You will need to make a 2 cm fold at the top of the bowl, sew it, leaving a small piece open for the elastic to go down. Tie a knot in the elastic and finish the folded seam.

You now have a seat cover, but if your chair is anything like mine, you’ll need to drill small holes in the sides (where the screws go).

How To Cover An Office Chair With Fabric Without Sewing

The main difference is that my chair had a fold that separated the back from the headrest, this detail seemed quite complicated.

Fabric Office Chair Grey Bedford Computer Chair Aoc4482gry

To avoid sewing the chair cover, I simply attached a piece of velcro to the hook with Gorilla Glue and then attached a second piece of velcro to the center of my fabric.

I put the fabric on the seat right side out the way you want it, then adjusted the sides and folded (just like the seat).

I sewed the pleats on the top and also sewed on a piece of velcro that I attached at the beginning, it fitted again but I couldn’t use elastic in this case as that would mean the back would be open. .

So I put the fabric on the back again, but this time on the wrong side (so the cover was inside out) and put another piece of fabric on the back.

Clp Sparta Xl Office Chair With Fabric Cover, Rotating Executive Chair With Rocker Mechanism, Swivel Chair With Armrests, Maximum Maximum Load: 140 Kg.

ADVICE! Keep this in mind as you shape it