How To Cover An Old Rocking Chair

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How To Cover An Old Rocking Chair – Identifying antique rocking chairs can be difficult, but researching the unique features of different styles and eras can help. Research the types of vintage rocking chairs and identify marks such as the maker’s mark to identify and value your antique rocking chair. Actual values ​​for antique rocking chairs range from $100 to $3,500 or more, depending on style and condition.

Finding the manufacturer’s tag or maker’s mark on an old rocking chair can be a challenge. It wasn’t until the 18th century that maker’s marks or maker’s marks became the norm. If you can identify the brand of furniture, this can give you most of the information you need to determine if the chair is old.

How To Cover An Old Rocking Chair

How To Cover An Old Rocking Chair

Older rocking chairs may have a manufacturer’s mark on a label where the information is written in pencil or pen and then the label is affixed to the chair. Branded or embossed manufacturer’s marks are also possible. Search for any type of tag that contains words, numbers or combinations of letters and numbers. For example, you can see the company name or year of manufacture. Looking for the year on the stamp is the easiest way to determine if the chair is old.

Rocking Chair, 1957

The manufacturer’s rocking chair markings are most often found on the underside of the chair seat. You can also look for marks on the back of the chair or on the spindle. If you don’t find a mark in this place, check the entire seat, but remember that the tag may be missing.

If you know how to tell how old a rocking chair is, you can identify both the chair and the manufacturer’s brand. Everything from materials and finishes to style can tell you the age of a rocking chair.

Wood was the most common material used for old rocking chairs because things like plastic hadn’t been invented yet. Although almost any wood can be used these days, the type of wood your old chair was made of may be a clue to solving your mystery. Most of the antique rocking chairs you will find are traditional English or Colonial American.

Wooden rocking chairs often have a finish to help protect the wood. You can test the finish to see exactly what it is if you can’t tell by eye, but the test required will damage small spots on the chair, so it’s not recommended.

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Antique Wooden Nursing Rocking Chair W/ Wicker Seat & Spindles Back

You can’t tell for sure if a chair is old just by looking at it, but by looking at the wood and joints you can tell if it was made by hand or by machine. Keep in mind that modern craftsmen may still be using old techniques, so you need to look at the chair as a whole to determine its age.

Leather, silk damask and wool moraine are mainly used to upholster chairs. Upholstered rocking chairs were popular chairs in the Victorian era, as it was only after that time that fabric was mass-produced and coil springs were invented. The padded rockers are sometimes called Lincoln Rockers because President Abraham Lincoln was sitting there the night he was assassinated at Ford’s Theater.

When it comes to antique rocking chairs, the style of the chair can be your biggest clue when looking for the maker, unless it has a maker’s mark or trademark. However, there are so many styles of antique rocking chairs that it is impossible to cover them all at once. To get started, explore some of the most common and popular types of antique rocking chairs.

How To Cover An Old Rocking Chair

The Thonet bentwood rocking chair was introduced in Austria in the mid-19th century by Michael Thonet and the Thonet Brothers Manufacturers. There are many variations on the design of these chairs, but they are always made of steamed beech wood bent into various swirls. Thonet legs are light and often have a seat and back. In good condition, they sell for around $100-$250 depending on the style.

Acme Raina Wooden Arm Rocking Chair In Cappuccino

Despite the name, Boston rockers are actually made in Connecticut. Boston rockers are traditionally made of oak and pine, painted black and decorated with fruits and flowers. They have roll-up seats, roll-up backrests and roll-up helmets. Boston rockers were most popular between 1830 and 1890, and Lambert Hitchcock was one of the leading producers. Depending on the exact condition and style, prices range from $250 to $750.

Folding rocking chairs have been popular since the 1870s. They come in different styles, but you can tell by the fact that you can fold the backrest down into the seat. Folding rocking chairs sell for around $100 to $200, depending on style and age.

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Jenny Lind furniture is named after the Swedish opera singer who was popular in the late 1850s. More specifically known as coiled coils, this style is easily identified by the coiled coils on the back, legs and crossbeams. This Jenny Lind style rocking chair is often used for baby and children’s furniture. This chair is hard to rate because there aren’t many online listings for sale, but the seller isn’t asking more than $100, so you can assume it’s not worth much.

A classic ladder swing is what many people think of when they think of rustic rocking chairs. You can easily recognize it by its high back and horizontal slats. Values ​​vary by style, age and condition.

Antique Windsor Rocking Chair

Misson legs usually have a padded seat and strong back and arms. The mission style is simple, square and squat. They are simple but elegant, made without carving or decoration. You’ll often see Mission rockers with leather upholstery. This is a chair with a very masculine style and would look amazing in an arts and crafts style home. A Charles Stickley Mission-style rocking chair sold on eBay in 2020 for around $700.

A platform rocking chair is a chair whose seat swings while the base remains in place. This solves some of the problems with regular rocking chairs, including crawling on the floor when rocking. It has springs that allow it to move. A similar platform swing is the glider swing that was patented in 1888. Platform swings like the Dexter chair cost only about $125 to $275.

Molded back rocking chairs are part of the Colonial Revival style that lasted from about 1870-1920. You can easily identify this style by the raised wood finish on the back. Watch for a reissue, this style made a comeback in the 80s. An early 20th century American molded back chair sold on eBay in 2020 for $400.

How To Cover An Old Rocking Chair

This small chair is a women’s sewing rocking chair, sometimes called a nursing rocking chair or slipper. The seat is always larger than a child’s size, but smaller than a full size crib. The absence of hands allows the host to easily nurse a baby or sew a shirt while swinging. These are utility chairs, usually simple and made of pine. Late 19th century sewing thread in good condition, sold in 2020 for $125.

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Old Rocking Chair Stock Photo. Image Of Wooden, Furniture

When looking at antique wicker rocking chairs, you may come across the term synthetic fiber. Wicker has been used for furniture since Roman times and was popular in the United States as early as the mid-18th century. The Victorians perfected the design and loved rattan because it allowed them to create all the scrollwork and details they wanted. It is also important to note the pattern woven into the rattan rocking chair. For example, star or heart-shaped designs, as well as ship-like figures, make them more desirable. A wicker rocking chair from the early 20th century can be worth around $350.

From the early 18th century to the early 19th century, Windsor chairs were widely used in rural England and were known as garden chairs. They were brought to America in the 1820s. They were originally made by attaching the legs to a standard Windsor chair. Windsor rocking chairs have spindles that run down the back and arms, and if there is a rocking chair, the legs are attached to it. The Windsor style is used by many manufacturers, so the value varies.

As with most things, the best way to identify and determine the value of your antique rocking chair is to consult with an expert. It is ideal to have antique furniture appraised by chair and rocking chair experts or experts in your furniture style. Local auction houses and antique shops are great places to find appraisers, but you can also get free appraisals online through specialty websites and marketplaces.

Rocking chairs are more than furniture, they have been a way of life for decades, especially for Americans. Since identifying an old rocking chair can be very difficult, it is best to consult an antique furniture expert. They know the details and features used at different times in history and use this information to identify the piece. This is a project I’ve been working on for some time now, but I’ve been procrastinating on writing it. Why do you ask???? Well, this is the BEST project I’ve ever done!

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