How To Cover An Ugly Office Chair

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How To Cover An Ugly Office Chair – I’m excited today to be a part of a DIY hop where all the projects are squat related. My DIY project was to cover my ugly office chair. I can’t wait to change it for something nicer because it’s so comfortable.

You just need some basic sewing skills to make this simple quilt. You could probably do it with fabric glue, but I think it would take longer. This chair cover requires no skill other than sewing a straight line to join the edges of the fabric. I recycled an old comforter, but a set of pillows would also work for this simple throw.

How To Cover An Ugly Office Chair

How To Cover An Ugly Office Chair

I chose to recycle the pillows because there is a lot of sewing already done for you. If you don’t have extra pillows to recycle, you can also buy tools to use.

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I made a back cover and a seat cover. Each can be made with one of the pillow covers.

First measure the length and width of the back of the chair. Slide the cushion cover over the back of the chair to make sure it is covered. Take the width of the seat back and add 1.25 inches for seam allowance. Take the length of the chair back and add 1.25 inches for seam allowance.

You will use two of the existing layers for your pillow, one side and the finished bottom edge. Measure and mark the length of your chair back from the bottom of the cushion. Add 1.25 inches for seam allowance.

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Measure and mark the width of your chair back on one side of the cushion cover. Add 1.25 inches for seam allowance. Cut the top and one side of the pillow according to these measurements.

After cutting the fabric, turn the pillow so that the right sides of the fabric are together. Pin the two open sides together and sew a seam along both edges. Try to keep your look less than 1/2 inch from the edge.

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After sewing both layers, turn the flap right side up and place it over the back of the chair.

How To Cover An Ugly Office Chair

Covering the seat is a bit more difficult. If your chair is like most, there are many things under the chair that get in the way. Start by measuring the width of the seat and the length of your chair.

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Use the other pillow and place it on the seat. Fold the ends to tuck under the seat.

Cut the width of your pillow on one side. You will want to save the finished edge to use as one side of the quilt. The width should be the width of the seat plus 1.25 inches. Turn the right sides of the fabric so they are facing each other. Sew the second side. You now have the seat cover in the correct width.

Place the cushion cover back on the chair to see how long it should stick under the chair. Turn the fabric so that right sides are facing each other.

Place as many ties as you want under the chair. I decided to use three. Pin the ribbon so that the excess is inside the right side of the fabric.

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Sew along the open edge at one end. Turn the fabric right side out and attach the ribbon to the opposite side in the same way (with the ribbon on the right side of the fabric).

Turn the fabric so that right sides are facing each other again. Sew the other finished edge 2/3 of the way closed. Then turn the fabric so the right sides are facing out and you can hand sew the rest of the opening closed (or leave it open, it will be at the bottom of the chair). About: I am self-taught. I like to do things. (I’m also very thrifty and don’t really care about shopping, so I make a lot of my own gifts). More about jenileigh ยป

My husband bought this ugly orange office chair at a work surplus sale for $5 at least 30 years ago, (who knows how many years it was before work wanted to get rid of it…) I’ve had a love/hate relationship with it. . I loved that it was very comfortable and also very sturdy, (we’ve toppled dozens of computer chairs!) But I hated the color and it was also stained. I finally decided to do something about it when we remodeled the office. Here’s how I did it.

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How To Cover An Ugly Office Chair

I flipped it over and unscrewed the seat legs and then opened the seat from the arms.

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The seat cushion foam was very old and falling apart, so I decided not to remove the old cover, but to add some cotton spray right on top of it and then put the new fabric on top. Measure the size of the seat and cut some slack adding a bit more so the sides and ends overlap. Do the same with the fabric, but leave even more around the edges. (You can trim it later if you need to; just make sure you have plenty of overlap at the bottom.)

Place the fabric face down on the floor, then place the nail on top of it. Then place the pillow on it. Fold over one edge. Use your staple gun and attach the fabric and flap to the bottom of the pillow along one edge. Now pull the fabric tightly to the opposite end and pinch that too. Go to each corner and fold them tightly, being careful to avoid large folds and also to pinch them. Fold and pin the other sides.

I couldn’t get my hands off my back, and I couldn’t get off my back either, as I had hoped, so I just decided to go around them; (it was a bit more delicate than the seat.) I measured and cut the fabric, leaving extra. I found that I could force the blade of a flat head screwdriver into the gap between the front and the back. I put the back on the floor and covered it with a cloth, then doubled it up. I decided to fold the fabric over it on both sides and tuck the edges into the sides with a flat head screwdriver. I also just tucked the bottom edges into the slot in the lower back.

I couldn’t even remove the armrests, so I decided to cover them as well. (I would also make them removable so you can wash them if you want.) I measured some paper for them and wrapped it around the old ones. I then measured some fabric, making sure to leave extra for the elastic and velcro. I folded the front and back edges and sewed them together making an elastic case and inserted the elastic, gathered it and then sewed the ends of the elastic. Then I sewed a strip of velcro along the long edges where the bottom layer would be. Wrap this tightly around the armrest and fasten the velcro. Make sure it covers the entire old armrest.

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Screw the seat into the arms and then screw the legs back into the seat. Ask your assistant to inspect the chair. I don’t know what kind of chair you have in your classroom, but mine was terrible. When I first started, I was given a plastic student chair that had wheels. In the end, I told my handler to find me a slightly better chair just so I could slide it over the next summer. I then got a yellow/brown padded desk chair that had tape holding it together. That’s right, TAPE DUKE! It’s not pretty! Although I chose to create a standing desk, I wanted to sit in a chair from time to time. So one year, I saw some great chairs on sale after school and bought my first nice desk chair and brought it home with me every summer. Although my chair was super comfortable with 3 adjustable handles and adjustable arms… It was just black and kind of boring. So I covered it!

Unfortunately, this beautiful chair is in storage as we prepare for our big move. So I don’t have great pictures of it. Plus, I wanted to give you step-by-step pictures of the process, so I covered a smaller chair that I had on hand.

Can you just use a staple gun to attach the fabric? Yes! Actually, the “before” picture below is gray because I previously covered it with fabric and used a staple gun. When I bought the chair, it was a typical black mesh fabric. However, there are several good reasons to make a quilt instead. 1) If it is a chair

How To Cover An Ugly Office Chair