How To Cover Chair Cushions Without Sewing

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How To Cover Chair Cushions Without Sewing – Are your patio chairs and pillows looking a little sad after a long winter? Want to bring back patio cushions for summer? It’s all about sitting back and enjoying your garden and DIY birdhouse. I can show you how to do it…quick and easy.

First, my story: I’ve wanted rocking chairs on my large front porch for years. A few weeks ago Greg bought us two nice wicker chairs. It was a brown that didn’t go with our house, so they painted me white. But the cushions are still the dull beige the chairs originally came in. I’m not a beige girl. So we went to the fabric store and picked out a bright and cheerful outdoor canvas. But the fabric sat for a while without me working on it. Well known?

How To Cover Chair Cushions Without Sewing

How To Cover Chair Cushions Without Sewing

But yesterday afternoon was a glorious day and I knew it was time to get the ugly mattresses back. It took just over an hour to restore the two patio cushions from start to finish. This is a super easy sewing project… and there are alternatives if you don’t want to sew. And my patio rugs aren’t even square. I show you how you can recover patio cushions quickly and easily!

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Here’s a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to restore patio cushions! Some of the links in this post are Amazon affiliate links for your convenience (meaning I get a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking the link, but it won’t cost you a cent). Read my full disclosure policy.

First, lay the fabric on a flat surface, pattern side up, and place the patio cushion on it. Place the patio cushion in the top corner of the fabric, with the back of the cushion facing up, leaving enough room on the sides for the fabric to wrap around the patio cushion. If your fabric is too wide or too long, trim it now. Make sure there is plenty of fabric on both sides of your patio cushion (I left an extra three inches on each side).

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Then pull the fabric up and over the patio cushion so it is completely covered. Your fabric will be on top. Leave an extra three inches of fabric at the top, then trim off the excess.

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Once the fabric sits on your patio cushion, sew both sides closed. If your pillow narrows in the back like mine, I recommend skipping the last pin and marking in another way, such as a pin on each side of the fabric where you made it (don’t fasten it) or a fabric marker.

In the photo above, you can see that I’m marking with narrow tip pins, rather than pinning them together.

Now carefully take out the pillow. If your patio cushion narrows in the back like mine and you find it difficult to remove, roll it like a dowel in the fabric and you can easily remove it.

How To Cover Chair Cushions Without Sewing

Sew down each side you pinned, then remove the pins. You can see my black dot lines in the photo below.

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Next, tuck your patio pillow back into the fabric “envelope” you made (don’t turn the fabric right side out yet). Note the extra fabric in each of the two front corners of your patio cushion. Press the fabric at both ends so it is tight against the pillow.

Remove the pillow fabric again and sew a line in the corner where you pinned. Remove the pin.

Now turn the fabric right side out and insert the pillow. In the photo below, you can see how I curled my patio pillow to fit the fabric envelope I made.

Push your patio cushions down into the fabric. Look what a beautiful angle this makes!

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Now fold the remaining fabric over the back of the patio cushion, just like you would wrap a gift. Fix it in place.

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I hope you can now see how easy it is to restore patio cushions. It only took me 20 minutes to do. When this patio cushion fades, I will get a new fabric and upholster it. Easy! I also made a quilted headrest for the wicker rockers; If you want a tutorial for this, let me know here in my sewing group.

May 2020 Update: I saved these patio cushions three years ago and they are still holding up! But the fabric is worn because I always forget to take it for winter. So it’s time to use this tutorial to get them back! The question is, what beautiful outer fabric should I use this time? Finding fabrics will be more difficult than retrieving pillows because our craft stores are not open yet. You may have to get creative!

How To Cover Chair Cushions Without Sewing

I hope this tutorial inspires you to restore your outdoor patio cushions too. I would like to see what you do to make yourself beautiful again. Share a photo in our Sew Easy Facebook group or connect me on social media with #.

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Do you remember that?

Jennifer Marks is a designer, an avid crafter, a lifelong teacher and a proud overcomer of life’s many challenges. In her spare time she enjoys playing D&D and video games, gardening, 16th century sewing. Dress up and go to Disney. She lives a full and happy life in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan with her partner Greg, teenage daughter Alexa and their two dogs, Hunter and Chloe. Hello, it’s Katie here! I’ve been working hard to spruce up our dining room lately. I love having people over for big breakfasts and fun dinners, but our dining room has some issues and it’s gotten to the point where it’s not a comfortable place to gather. Our old Formica table was starting to deteriorate in the middle and the top edges were peeling. The legs of our metal chairs had lost their leg covers, which meant that the floor was all creaky if anyone walked in or out. When our friends come over, we usually sit at the table and chat or play games, so this is an important place for us to get comfortable.

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The first thing I did was choose a simple and cheap chair. The IKEA chairs were exactly what I was looking for in my budget and I was able to have them shipped directly to my home. The children were not interested in them, because they were hard, wooden chairs, instead of the funky ones we had before. The first part of this DIY does just that!

Step 1: Choose a size for your pillow. I opted for pillow inserts instead of cutting the foam to fit as I wanted it to be extra padded. Place your cushions and decide how much vinyl you need for each cushion. My pillows are 16 inches, so I cut 18 inch squares for each one.

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Step Two: Once you’ve cut the fabric, it’s time to sew it. Place the two pieces of vinyl so that the backs are facing each other and make a 3/4 stitch. I gave my pillow a curved edge because I thought it looked a little softer than a straight edge. Once you’re about 3/4 done, place two pieces of the canvas trim 2″ or so from the corner. Use your machine to sew about 12 inches to the center of the two remaining open corners. Be sure to leave a decent-sized opening in the middle of the last edge; Here we will fill the pillow.

Step Three: If you chose to make your edges curve like mine, now it’s time to trim the edges for a nice angle when the vinyl is flipped over. After each corner is finished, flip your vinyl right side out and tuck the pillow inside. Go ahead and close the opening with a blind stitch and you’re done!

Use canvas string to tie your pillow to the chair! I chose vinyl for my cushions because I knew it was clean and easy to clean.

How To Cover Chair Cushions Without Sewing

To make the dining room more comfortable, I wanted to add a soft texture. You can never go wrong

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