How To Cover Dining Room Chair Cushions With Plastic

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How To Cover Dining Room Chair Cushions With Plastic – It’s a clock change on the Sabbath where we “go back” and gain an hour. (Or maybe some of us have lost an hour since spring and this will fix us.) If you want to know how to spend some extra time, I can recommend a few hours project to restore your kitchen. chair? Now this might sound weird, so how about reupholstering our dining room chairs? Sounds scarier, right?

My chairs were last salvaged about 15 years ago, long before the kids, so they have worn out over time. Honestly, they’re just gross. We eat every meal in the dining room, so the chairs are used by every member of the family, even the furry ones.

How To Cover Dining Room Chair Cushions With Plastic

How To Cover Dining Room Chair Cushions With Plastic

I’ve had fabric for a while, but wasn’t sure if it could be too modern over a traditional oak table. But it’s gotten to the point where everything looks better than the spots I have now! Spoiler alert: I loved the salvaged dining room chairs.

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If you’ve never salvaged dining room chairs before, this is definitely a beginner project you can take on with confidence! You need a few simple tools:

Flip the seat over to reach the screws that secure the seat cushion to the frame. Unscrew the old seat cushion.

How are they integrated? My cushions have been reupholstered twice over the original gold velvet covering and all three layers are still there.

I decided to remove the top white layer, leaving the gold and blue layers. This made it easier because I could use this layer as the default and didn’t have to mess with the foam. You can see how I tackled a bench seat restoration project where I had to replace the foam. To remove stitches – you need pliers.

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I cut out the pattern and double checked to make sure I had enough fabric to attach it to the bottom of the pillow with two inches of fabric pulled up.

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This is a great time to turn the pillow over, place the cut fabric on top of it, and double check that the pattern is positioned where you want it. Look for straight lines and any design that you prefer in the middle. And make sure you’re using the “right” side of the fabric. Sometimes it’s surprisingly difficult.

Then I cut out the other 5 patterns. Tip: Most seat cushions are trapezoidal rather than square.

How To Cover Dining Room Chair Cushions With Plastic

So I took the molds outside and sprayed them with a whole can of Scotchgard protective cloth (affiliate link). You can get this at Target and almost any grocery store in the clearance aisle and Amazon link above. Continue to spray a light coating on each seat cover and allow to dry. This makes the fabric splash resistant. I don’t have a good place for this kind of protection in my house. By the way, don’t forget to do this outside because too much spray will get on everything nearby. Dries almost instantly. I used all the cans to cover 6 chairs.

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Start by making sure the right side of the fabric is facing out. First, grab the back of the cushion where the back of the seat meets the cushion. Here you don’t have to worry about stiffening the fabric. Just make sure it’s straight. And don’t be cornered. Leave about 2-3 centimeters unstitched in each corner. Bonus points if you can get little people involved. He was too young to use a basic weapon, but was willing to use a brush to clean a pillow.

A few words about the main weapon. It takes some muscle to use these heavy-duty staplers. I’m a small person, so I have to use my other hand and my whole body weight to push the clamp head for a comfortable grip. If the clips do not go all the way in, pull them out with pliers and try again. The one on the left looks good. The one on the right has been pulled and redone.

Then pinch one side of the pillow, starting from the back. Here again, make sure it’s straight and there’s enough unfinished fabric on both sides. No need to worry about tightening it just yet.

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Then move to the opposite side. (You’ll save the pillow front for last.) This is where you want to start pulling the fabric as tight as you can, pinching the cup as you work. Start at the already pinned edge and work your way to the front. It eliminates wrinkles and makes your work look professional.

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Finally, work on the front. Pull the fabric as tight as possible, leave it on the pad to compress the foam, and place a staple in the center. Then practice each side from there.

With one hand, roll the fabric into a small “cup” and carefully cut off the sharp part. You don’t want a fabric cover that screws the seat into the frame.

After cutting, the cup can be flattened symmetrically so that only two additional layers of fabric are bound. Lean into it and make sure your clamps are all the way down.

How To Cover Dining Room Chair Cushions With Plastic

Great! It’s almost over, I’m about to finish. Return the stored cushion to the dining chair frame and carefully unscrew it, trying to hit the screw holes before removing it.

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Work on one chair at a time. Remove the pad, remove and replace the pad. Thus, each pillow must fit the frame.

Then explain to the little ones how to do their part, using wipes and cleaning up spills quickly.

Everyone loves a new look. I even got a “woo-woo” when the little ones walked into the room. They love the new look, which is good because so do I!

So not too much work or expense and something you can definitely do this weekend with #ExtraSaat. Have fun with it and send me a pic if you want! This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase through my link at no additional cost to you. Read more details here.

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Do you have dining room chairs that you can wear? Maybe the pillow fabric is a bit tired and worn or stained. Or you want to change the look of your dining room by using a different fabric. In this case, reupholstering seat cushions is a great and economical way to do it! In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how to cover chair cushions with a staple gun. It’s an easy process that anyone can do!

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In this article we will discuss: How to upholster dining room chair cushions. Can you fill the seat yourself? What kind of foam do you use for dining room chairs? How Thick Should Dining Chair Cushions Be? How much does it cost to reupholster the seats?

How To Cover Dining Room Chair Cushions With Plastic

I bought six farmhouse chairs from Facebook Marketplace with the intention of converting them. They had no seat cushions, just a wooden frame and base. Overall, they were in good condition, but had some dirt and stains. The wood frame was a light yellow/cream color that didn’t match my house.

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After a few hours of work, I was thrilled with the transformation of these chairs! Let me teach you how to reupholster your dining room chairs on your own!

First, remove the old fabric from the pillow. To do this, fasten the clamps that hold the fabric in place with a screwdriver. After removing all the clips, the fabric should come off easily. If it’s stubborn and won’t budge, try using a putty knife to loosen it.

Then lay the new cloth on a flat surface and place the pillow on top. Cut the fabric around the pillow, leaving an extra two inches around. Now it’s time to start catching! Start by pulling the fabric tight and pinning it to one side of the pillow. Continue pulling and pinching the fabric from all sides of the pillow until it is completely covered.

Finally, trim the excess fabric and replace the seat cushion. This! You have now successfully reupholstered your dining room chair cushions! Enjoy your new look!

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If you want to change the look of the dining room, but do not want to spend a lot of money