How To Cover Office Chair Grease Cylinder

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How To Cover Office Chair Grease Cylinder – A few weeks ago I noticed a problem when I tried to roll my office chair on the floor. It had exceptional traction. I looked at the five wheels and they were all fine. Then I noticed that the office chair cylinder (the tube that holds the seat) was completely recessed into the base. She went through the hole so far that she touched the carpet and shuffled along it.

As I sat in the chair, I pressed the thin end of the rimmed cylinder against the carpet with all my weight, trying to pierce the 40mm diameter. hole through it.

How To Cover Office Chair Grease Cylinder

How To Cover Office Chair Grease Cylinder

Since I am discussing the disassembly and reassembly of an office chair, we all need to know the names of the parts so they can be easily discussed. So here’s a tagged image showing the parts of my office chair when viewed from the front:

Terzia Oil Paint

In addition, the office chair cylinder contains a gas lift, which serves to adjust the height and support the seat. See an example below:

My chair has armrests and a high lumbar support, which makes it heavy, bulky and high in the back.

To repair the chair I had to work on it to get the cylinder out of the base.

The office chair cylinder, which contains a gas spring, has a tapered end that fits into a slightly tapered socket in the polypropylene base and locks securely. This tapered fit means you always have a snug fit. If it were a cylindrical hole, any play would allow the seat to swing and swing, which I assure you is undesirable.

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The cylinder does not have to go all the way into the hole in the base, but simply sink into it. With a tapered bore, the cylinder will always move down until it tightens. This makes its final resting point uncertain and in my case it went too low. The hole in the base got longer over time and my weight (14 max) forced the cylinder to push it all the way.

Such conical joints (the cone is part of the cone) are always wedged and difficult to separate. So, to get it, you had to pry the cylinder out of the socket in the base with a hammer.

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I needed the chair to be turned upside down with the padding so I could knock the cylinder through the hole.

How To Cover Office Chair Grease Cylinder

I placed my two colleagues1 side by side to hook the upside-down chair to the base between the desks. Then I realized that the upper back (lumbar support) would be resting on the ground and the base would still be in the air as the chair is so high. Office Chair Buddy Xl

I needed to disconnect the seat from the office chair cylinder control mechanism. To do this, I placed the chair on top of the desks so that I could access the four screws that hold the seats in place. The screws have a 5/32 “(3.97 mm) hex hole at the top, so they must be turned with a hex bit or hex wrench.

I used the CR-V5 / 32 hex driver in the hex driver (see below). I removed those screws and the seat. This left me with a much smaller unit to work with.

I mounted the base upside down so that two legs rested on one bench and three on the other. Then, to cushion the blow, I hit the end of the cylinder with a heavy hammer.

As I expected, there were no first signs of movement. The cylinder of the office chair was well wedged in the socket of the base. There was also a lot of bounce from the springy legs and bench surface.

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I remember years ago a bottle of a special lubricating fluid (not oil) was sent to me as a sample. It wasn’t used much, but I got it to help connect the plastic pipes. I wasn’t sure where it was in my shed, but I got a rough idea and found it soon.

Like any emulsion, it tends to separate and must be shaken vigorously to maintain the emulsion.

I added some of this fluid to the work to put it between the office chair cylinder and the polypropylene base. Then I hit it a couple of times causing a small crash. The gas spring fell from the cylinder of the office chair and fell to the floor.

How To Cover Office Chair Grease Cylinder

I didn’t know exactly how it was built then, but now I know. I had a broken clutch holding the throttle in the cylinder.

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Office Chair Cylinder Replacement

This piston is equivalent to a round piston. It moves in an annular groove at the end of the gas lift pin that connects the gas piston and cylinder. At the same time, the ball clip is held between the washer located near the end of the spindle and the end plate of the cylinder.

I bent the edges of the spring steel bracket with the force of a hammer. As a result, it was no longer in the annular groove of the mandrel.

At this point, I put the gas lift aside and started banging on the cylinder that was stuck in the base of the chair. He began to give. I thought he was going to go ashore soon too. So I put something soft on the ground to catch it and not damage it.

As the end of the cylinder tapers and tapers to the tapered bore, I decided to put a tapered bushing in between the two to take up some space and prevent it from entering that far.

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I made a tip from an aluminum soda can. First, I drank a cola to fortify myself, then I used kitchen scissors to open the can and make a tip.

My wife has kitchen scissors with a smooth blade and a very fine serrated blade. They work just as well as tin shears and cut the work off the can.

I slipped the scissors into the drinking hole and cut the edge of the can at the top where it meets the side and then along the edge all the way to the bottom. So I cut at right angles up and down in the areas where the side profile is straight. I had to make each cut 2 cm or less at a time because the tips of the scissors got dirty on the curve of the jar. It was like peeling off a side. This left me a rectangular sheet of aluminum with a ready curve that could easily fit into the hole.

How To Cover Office Chair Grease Cylinder

The aluminum had a certain roughness which I cut to a clean rectangle, removing any jagged edges made after the first cut.

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My Office Chair Cylinder Was Dragging On The Floor

The overlap will prevent the coating from forming a smooth cone. Then the office chair cylinder will not fit perfectly and may wobble, as a result the seat will wobble.

Then I inserted the liner into the hole in the base and let the ends overlap. I then pressed it against the inside of the hole with my fingers to expand it to the largest possible diameter and see how it fit. It fits well. I just had to cut it so it doesn’t overlap. Once positioned, I marked the folded edge with a marker and cut with scissors the few mm that protrude at the top of the hole where the ends overlap for greater precision.

Then I flipped the base over and did the same on the other side. I cut based on the first cuts I made. I then pulled back the liner and cut straight through the cutout on both ends of the rod to cut off the excess. Then the remaining aluminum is firmly inserted into the slot without overlapping.

I was very happy with this whole cutting process. The aluminum fit the hole well with no overlap, so I didn’t have to cut it. I inserted the tube inside the rod and pressed it down, proudly holding the spike a few millimeters. I expected it to go a little further when I finally sat down in the chair and put all my body weight to push it all down.

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I flipped the gas source and controls over and placed them on the floor. I then pulled the inverted base and cylinder onto the pin that comes out of the gas spring.

When the two pieces were together, I noticed that the gas spring pin extended an extra inch through the cylinder bore than intended. All I had on the end of the spindle was a steel washer. I realized that something was missing that could fill the empty space in the cylinder.

I went out with a flashlight (it was dark by now) and yes, there it was. Plastic ball with five ball bearings. I removed the cylinder from the pin, cleaned all the rubber and greased all the parts and applied silicone

How To Cover Office Chair Grease Cylinder