How To Cover Office Chair With Fabric

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How To Cover Office Chair With Fabric – If generic desk chairs aren’t your thing, this post is for you! I’m going to share how I transformed my boring (but very comfortable) desk chair with a custom slipcover and some spray paint.

Also, be sure to check out the update below, which shows how the chair looks after two years of use.

How To Cover Office Chair With Fabric

How To Cover Office Chair With Fabric

Last Christmas my father-in-law got Ken and I matching desk chairs. We only had one and it was completely broken.

Kalel,swivel & Adjustable Office Chair

I love it because it’s so (I mean SO) comfortable, actually one of the best I’ve had. My back feels great with this chair!

But it’s all dark and leathery, on hot days I feel trapped and it hurts to get up 😛

So the next day I decided to decorate it with polka dot fabric and some primer and spray paint.

My main idea was to make covers that I can easily remove and wash because as long as it’s fabric it gets dirty.

High Back Fabric Executive Swivel Office Chair With Arms

I used velcro for the back and elastic for the seat so I can remove them later.

The chair had some wear on the underside of the armrest so it was the perfect time to give it a little update.

I work in the office craft sewing room so I’ll show you all the pieces I’m working on (I have 3 more unfinished projects right now)

How To Cover Office Chair With Fabric

As every chair is different I will give you all the general advice if you are looking to update your own chairs.

Vitra Id Mesh Office Swivel Chair Fabric / Green

For the covers I use about 4 meters of outdoor cotton canvas (but you need to measure the height of the backrest and seat, don’t worry about the width) + about 1 meter of velcro and about 1 meter of 1/2″ elastic.

First you need to identify the surfaces to be painted, in my case it was plastic parts and metal parts.

So I bought a spray primer specifically for metal and another one for plastic so every surface would be perfectly covered.

You will need to pull the chair with whatever tool you like, in my case this chair came ready to assemble with an Allen key.

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Caveen Office Chair Cover Computer Chair Universal Chair Cover Modern Simplism Style High Back Large Size (chair Not Included)

I’m going to separate all the different parts so I can spray them depending on the material. And make covers for the seat, backrest and armrest.

The armrests were the only parts I didn’t make easy-to-wear (washable) covers because I didn’t really have room for anything, and if I added an elastic at the bottom like I did on the seat, I wouldn’t have one Space for it Screw it back into the arm piece.

Then I staple the fabric so if I need to wash it I have to use the staples and once it’s clean I repeat the process.

How To Cover Office Chair With Fabric

For the seat, I placed the piece to be upholstered on the wrong side of the fabric so I could shape it to fit (this is how you see the upholstered seat.

Beige Ergonomic Office Chair Fabric Padded Armless Home Game Chairs Mid Back Us

I measured 5″ from the top edge of the seat to the crease (that’s the edge that has the elastic) (remember your seat is reclined).

After that I made pleats in the corners and glued them in place (as you can see already sewn for the back piece in the picture below) and sewn on top of the pleat. It does a better job of grouping at the bottom (due to elasticity).

Once the sides are sewn together you will have a cup shape and a seat for her to sit on.

You will need to make a 2 inch pleat at the top of your cup and sew it up leaving a small piece for the elastic to go through. Tie a knot in the elastic and finish the folded seam.

Vinsetto Ergonomic Office Desk Chair Adjustable Height Rolling Swivel W/armrest Light Grey

You now have a cover for your seat, but if your chair is anything like mine you’ll need to drill small holes in the sides (where the screws go).

The main difference is that my chair had a crease to separate the backrest from the headrest, that part seemed fiddly.

To avoid gluing the cover to the chair, I used a bit of gorilla glue to attach a piece of velcro to the leader and then attached the piece of velcro to the wrong side in the middle of the fabric.

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How To Cover Office Chair With Fabric

I placed the fabric right side out on the seat as it appears, then brought the edges together to form pleats (like a seat piece).

Real Living Gray Fabric Office Chair

I sewed the top of the pleat and also sewed the piece of Velcro back to the cup shape that I pinned at the beginning, but in this case I couldn’t use the elastic because it would mean the back would be open. . .

So I placed the fabric on my back again but this time wrong side out (so I could cover the inside) and placed the second piece of fabric on the back.

Tip! Remember, as long as you shape the top and not the bottom, your panties will come out slightly at the back.

I pinned the two pieces together and cut more, then sewed them together and added a 10″ piece of velcro centered on the bottom so I could fold the ends and close the back seat cover underneath.

Serta Works Fabric Executive Chair Dark Gray 44186e

Like the seat piece, I had to drill holes for the screws that go into the arm pieces, in a zigzag pattern to prevent fraying in the wash.

You can see in the picture below how I just folded the sides and secured with velcro on both sides (top and bottom).

I know it would be a hassle to have to separate the arms every time the covers need to be washed, but on the other hand I do that and can throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty instead of cleaning them. .

How To Cover Office Chair With Fabric

No scratches on the paint, although Curly has been playing with my feet a lot and scratching my butt with his little paws, so that’s ok.

Hjh Office Chiaro T2 790001 Professional Office Chair Fabric Blue / Grey Ergonomic Swivel Chair Adjustable Seat Height And Depth Mesh Back

Also, I’ve added an update with more pictures for the back, so scroll all the way down for that!

I absolutely recommend making covers that you can wash because to me cleaning stains is just a pain – lol.

Ken laughed a bit that my chair now screams “I’m Joy’s” but you know I love it!

Hopefully Ken will take my offer to upgrade his chair in the future =]

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Executive Recline Padded Swivel Office Chair With Vibrating Massage Function, Mm17 Grey Fabric

Edit to add – September 12, 2013 It’s been almost 2 years since I updated this chair and it still has a lot of lovely people! I’m adding more pictures of the chair, especially of the underside of the backrest, as I’ve received many requests. This is a picture of the chair a year and a half after I made the cover! I washed it several times and the chair color is still almost perfect =]

Thank you for your help with hip recovery. I have a few questions about the top of the chair where you attach the velcro. Was it just under the padded headrest and over and under the chair? I also wanted to know about the creases on the cover. Do you sew them on or do you just velcro and fold them together after installing the cover? I was going to make a template and do a lot of work and sewing to cover my waist, but I found your site and I really like your results! Make it so easy for yourself! I would love to see a video of you doing this! Thanks again!

What you did with that chair was “amazing”. I was very impressed with the chair and the instructions. Thank you for sharing. Remember the post where I started blogging about how I transformed my home office? chair with fabric. Well, the office chair change – now a change is announced. I covered the chair with a black and white print about 6 years ago.

How To Cover Office Chair With Fabric

The rear fabric cover held up well – the seat was a very thin fabric which I stapled. It actually wears better than I thought it would, but it’s time to give it a decorative facelift to match the new color scheme of my craft room…aka my studio.

Computer Chair Cover Spandex Printed Office Chair Cover 2 Pieces Set For Chair Back And Base

This black and white checkered office chair cover has served me well for many years…but it was getting a little tired. Goodbye black and white chair.

Hello summer fresh colors! I found a $7 woven cotton rug at HomeGoods and made a slipcover out of it. The green fabric below is from Joanne.

I used cotton fabric for the chair seat and a cotton rug for the backrest.

I have

Galaxy Heavy Duty Office Fabric Chair