How To Cover The Seat Of A Dining Room Chair

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How To Cover The Seat Of A Dining Room Chair – My wife and I recently purchased IKEA Borge chairs for our dining room. The couch was great, but I knew the white fabric couch wouldn’t last long with a house with two little boys and frequent dinner guests. I came to your website. After looking at their amazing quilted fabrics and cottons, I approached Harts to see if they would be willing to work with me on this article. yes!

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How To Cover The Seat Of A Dining Room Chair

How To Cover The Seat Of A Dining Room Chair

I covered the chair in two ways, and I will show you how to attach the fabric directly to the seat of the chair or sew the cover to an elastic band. These instructions contain dimensions specific to the IKEA Borge chair, but can be modified to fit your chair.

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Let’s start with a simple stapler! I used a heavy duty 1/4 inch. For each sheet, cut a rectangle 22″ wide (you get 2 of the width because the width of the fabric is 44″) by 20.5″ long (on the edge of the ear this measurement) To make these measurements, 2 inches from the wrap around the back of the chair and 2 1/2 inches from the other 3 sides.

First, place the top of the leaf on the other side of the fabric. Place the 22-inch side of the fabric on the back of the fabric and place the base in the center. Then put two more clamps on both sides of the center. One for a total of 5 staples, about 1 1/2 inches.

Stretch the fabric to remove any wrinkles and attach it to the front of the seat with staples 5. Move it to each side 2 inches from the center. Then straighten the edges and place a row on each side of the center for a total of 5 staples 1 1/2 inches.

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To reupholster the chair, start by folding a piece of fabric tightly in the corner and folding it. Fold the other fold over the corner and fold it together. Next, sew the front corner. Then drag the triangular flap you just created to the center of the seat and fold it together. Viewed from above, it should be slightly round, with a small fold on each side of the corner.

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Finally, check the back corner. This is a bit more difficult because there is a line cut into the back of the seat. From the back of the seat, fold the fabric from the edge of the seat back to the center of the seat and fold. Then fold the fabric from the edge of the fabric to the center until it is tight.Staples. Then push the triangular flap you just created to move the crab to the center of the notch in the plate. When finished, the fabric will appear wrinkle-free and smooth. If necessary, cut off the excess corner of the fabric that protrudes.

This method is less work. If you don’t use laminate fabric, it’s great that it’s removable and washable, but for these special seats, you have to remove the 4 screws that hold the seat underneath before you can remove it. To use this method, print the free pattern. (this link will open a PDF in a new window that you can save or print). The pattern was developed with the IKEA Borge chair in case the style changes in the future. Connect the star patterns and put the five pages together. In this pattern, you need to give the fabric a little, so that it extends to the corner of the chair. It will be top notch. If you use a pattern, make only one cover to make sure it matches the fabric.

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To secure the fabric, use a serger on all edges or use a sewing machine to zigzag the edges. Fold the edges and sew together with a 1/2 inch seam. Create an elastic casing. In the picture below you can see that I used the roller to make the layered cotton roll better on the sewing machine, using scotch tape to keep it from sticking to the fabric.

How To Cover The Seat Of A Dining Room Chair

On the wide side of the fabric (front of the panel), meet the right side of the corner and sew with a 1/2 inch allowance from the fold.

Pcs Stretch Dining Chair Cover Grey

On the remaining two corners (the back corner), line up the line on the right side of the corner and sew 1/2 inch from the edge of the fold to the edge of the fabric.

Install the 3/8-inch screws on all four sides of the housing. Use hard rubber that stretches about 50% (a 4 inch piece will stretch to 6 inches before it starts to resist). Start at the back corner and sew at least 5 inches between the beginning and the end. Fit the cover to the seat and secure it on all sides. Remove the wrinkles, tighten the elastic and tie the knot.

Both methods worked well and the final seats were very similar. I prefer the stapler method because it’s faster and easier to get a smooth, seamless fabric and use less fabric. Since it uses laminated cotton, it can be removed and washed or washed. Washing is not a problem, but it is not necessary. I also think the clipped leaves would be more stable as well, as I’m a little concerned that all the screw holes on the attached version will tear easily when used hard, but again, the difference is very small. so no one can. say which is the last seat! I used the version and it works great! The fabric is not stretched so much that the wrinkles are obvious, and the top is all shiny and beautiful.

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Thanks again to Harts Stoff for supplying the patterned cotton for this project! Be sure to check out our selection of not only laminated cotton, but also cotton, clothing, patterns and more.

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