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Every garage in Australia has unloved seats… Little Red Industries wants to find them and completely refurbish them to last a lifetime. Great design choices, unique finishes and fabrics, and intelligent repairs are combined to ensure that strength and solid structure always come first. If you’re looking for a certain style or something special, Little Red Industries can find it.

How To Diy A Chair Cover 1l

How To Diy A Chair Cover 1l

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of doing it yourself (that’s what DIY is all about!), but with Little Red Industries, you’re not alone.

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All the rain over the past year has meant that our yard and patio have been consistently damp. This resulted in mold growing on all hard surfaces.

With the arrival of spring, I decided to update the outdoor furniture to make it look clean again and not lose air.

TIP This method is for exterior wood such as teak. Do not wet indoor furniture with water or deck cleaner.

When restoring wooden outdoor furniture, make sure the cleaning and sealing products you choose are designed for outdoor use to resist UV and moisture damage.

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As the original coating wears away from my outdoor environment, the UV light oxidizes the tannins, breaking down the wood’s natural adhesives and thus attracting mold. The result is weathered wood with mold spots.

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For this project, I set up outside in a well-ventilated area with drainage, then wiped down the bare frames with grill cloths to remove accumulated dirt, insect scum, and surface mold.

To prepare the frames, I weeded with a hose and a sprayer. In a small bucket with a measuring cup, I mixed one part deck cleaning solution with three parts water, then applied it to the black areas with a scrub brush.

How To Diy A Chair Cover 1l

After letting the solution sit for about 20 minutes, I checked to keep the wood moist by lightly spraying it with a hose every few minutes. I then switched to the spray to wash off the residue and dried the frames in the sun.

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I smoothed the frames with 120 grit sandpaper and a sanding block, removed the hard to reach areas of the mold, then switched to a palm sander with a 180 grit disc, sanding the hard to reach areas by hand. .

TIP If the wooden frame is clean after washing, you can skip the sanding and go straight to the next step, but I decided to treat the surface to remove mold growth and to allow the varnish to absorb better.

To seal the seats I used Monocel Gold Clear Timber varnish with a spray can, holding the can upright and about 250mm from the surface, I sprayed in even strokes, overlapping each coat to get a good coat. I let it dry and then apply a second coat and leave it overnight.

I cut the blankets off the foam and just washed them in a normal wash cycle and hung them on the line to dry. I also cleaned the old stains with a microfiber cloth with a stain remover.

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Storing furniture under cover and outside in extreme weather conditions extends the durability of the finish and fabric. I will take care of this setting with regular cleaning with a cloth to remove surface dirt and mold.

TIP I bought this chair, sofa and coffee table about two years ago and made a few quick videos to show you how to put them together.

This DIY project was also featured in Bunnings Magazine for a more detailed list of tools and materials.

How To Diy A Chair Cover 1l