How To Make A Chair Back Cover

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How To Make A Chair Back Cover – Here’s an easy step-by-step photo tutorial on how to make a simple dining room chair slide using inexpensive neutral fabric.

They became an instant staple in my decorating book I’ve done so many button chair backs since then that I don’t even need instructions I found striped, floral, purple, and now white covers for the dining room chairs.

How To Make A Chair Back Cover

How To Make A Chair Back Cover

Chair backs are so versatile that they can instantly transform not only your dining chair, but the entire room’s decor.

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I think the back of the chair slides in different colors to match what you’re wearing, just like the watch that sells it with interchangeable straps. I am doing that with the chair bill

Stitching accent colors is very easy They look like pillows with knot accents on the back Not only do I love chair slides, I love them on chairs too!

This type of chair back only works on straight chairs and you can do this if your chairs taper a bit but you need to make the slide as wide as the widest part of the chair so that the slide will fit. .

After I got the dimensions of my chair, I made a template for the template. This made it easier to cover the rear of the six seats.

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After I made the quilt, I did, before I realized I needed to wash the fabric first Hot water and hot dryer

Sure, the fabric shrunk, which I expected, but the texture of the semi-fabric changed, which I didn’t expect. At first I was disappointed, but upon closer inspection, I liked it – I really liked it! The tissue thickens

1. Determine the yardage of each slider – measure the length by measuring the height of the seat front from the bottom of the seat to the top and add 2 inches. Add 4 inches to the front measurement of the seat back For width, measure around the seat and add three inches Measure the back of the chair along with the depth of the sides After this measurement, you can divide the fabric in two and cut it into two pieces

How To Make A Chair Back Cover

You can also measure this way: fabric from the folded slip to the right For proper fit – place the sheet on the fabric and trace it with a pencil Allow 1-1/2 inches from gauge, and depth (

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How To Make A Custom Dining Chair Slipcover

Mark this amount from the line drawn on the back of the chair and draw a new line Cut the outer line (For chairs with a small taper at the back of the chair, find the widest part and line the chair – repeat on the other side of the chair.)

2. For the width of the back of the joint, measure the width of the sheet at its widest point and add 10 inches. Length of folded back is 13 inches Measure the button according to the cuff measurement

After knowing the size slider I needed, I made 3 templates out of cardboard. One template for a short front section, another for a long section and a third for a knotted section. If you have a solid template, making more than one cover will make cutting the fabric easier

How to create a template: You can create just one template for front and back if you want When you cut the front, fold the template to make it smaller

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3. Join the folded joint section template with the long side on the right side Sew along the open edges Do not sew the ends Turn right side out and tie a loose knot

5. Sew the front and back of the pieces together Since it is longer than the front, you will need to sew a strip on both sides of the back Stitch the gap between the two from bottom to top

6. Place the fabric (small piece) on the front side of the chair The front and back center and inside seam widths of the fabric are sewn to the top of the fabric and the pins end about an inch from the bottom on either side of the fabric. Place the back piece (long piece) with the right side over the front, knot and back piece

How To Make A Chair Back Cover

9. Place it on the bench If the back knot is not centered, open the back and center it

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Dining Chair Covers #1: If your chairs are wider than a few inches from top to bottom, you will need to replace the covers.

Dining Room Sliding Curtain #2: For an easy sliding panel, make the front and back the same length and don’t add a knot in the back.

Dining Room Sliding Curtain #3: If you have covered a set of dining room chairs with armrests, place the curtain piece at the same height as the armchairs. They look the same when the chairs are around the table

I hope you are inspired to make tile for dining room chairs and know that it is not difficult! I’m feeling a little crazy, but I’ve finished the 3rd chair for the chair cover project! I started this about 2 weeks ago (unfortunately) but I’ve been sanding and painting our table and helping Alex remodel the bathroom. So by the time I got to Chair 3, I felt pretty confident about my move and decided to take a picture of myself making the cover to share.

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Before I begin, I should mention that I only need to cut 2 pieces of fabric After the first sitting I realized that I was cutting a lot of pieces and it was getting very difficult You only need 2 pieces of fabric! I found Joan’s linen fabric for $3.99 a yard (the coupon was also 40% off, so it was $2.39 a yard!). Here we go!

First, cut a piece of fabric to cover the front and back of the chair (so the fabric folds). Then sew the sides together, where the seat meets the back of the seat I tried to staple the pages and outline it so it would fit inside the cover

Second, after sewing the sides, make a corner at the top (looks like a small triangle). Make sure you sew a smaller angle than you need, it’s easier to sew after straightening

How To Make A Chair Back Cover

This is where the hard part begins So, since we are only working with pieces of fabric, you leave the back of the chair whole, but cut the fabric from the front of the chair and finish it on the chair.

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Here’s what the piece looks like from the outside of the seat (in the picture you can see that the back has been completely removed and the front has been shortened).

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This is the second fabric for the chair I cut a small rectangle in the middle of the half-deep fabric on the back of the chair

This is a rectangular piece that highlights where the seat back and seat meet and wraps around the side of the seat to match the seat back (the first piece of fabric to be sewn).

Here are the sheets stitched on the sheet fabric Hem the edges of the fabric to make sewing easier

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The sides that go towards the seat are very difficult to sew Place the box in place and gently remove the corner

Here’s how the stitch and right side out corner should look Sorting and sewing is definitely the hardest part It took me a while to hang the third chair, but once you get the chair covers it will be complete!

Now turn the front corner, the outer side of the cover, so that all the walls are exposed Then mark where your corners will be and trim off the excess fabric

How To Make A Chair Back Cover

After sewing the front corner you are ready to sew the bottom! Make sure you cut the bottom first so it is flush and flush with the bottom of the seat. Then iron about half an inch The hard edge on the back of the cover…

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Now there should be a seat cover! I’ve done 3 so far and it’s pretty easy once you get going I have 3 left and then add the print to the back of the chair! I had one pillow each But they felt too big for the depth of the seat No pillows yet