How To Make A Chair Cover For A Recliner

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How To Make A Chair Cover For A Recliner – If seating at the community table isn’t your cup of tea, then this post is for you! I show you how to transform a boring (but very comfortable) work chair with a custom cover and a little spray paint.

Also, be sure to check out the update at the bottom where I show what the chair looks like after two years of use.

How To Make A Chair Cover For A Recliner

How To Make A Chair Cover For A Recliner

Last Christmas my grandfather bought Ken and me matching chairs. We only have one and it’s pretty broken.

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I love it because it’s (I mean SO) comfortable, really one of the best I’ve ever had. My back feels better with this chair!

But everything is dark and dark, when it’s hot, it’s sticky and painful when I wake up 😛

So the day before, I decided to do my makeup with polka dots and primer and spray.

My main idea was to create a cover that can be removed and washed easily because, even if the fabric is dirty.

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I used Velcro for the back piece and elastic for the seat, so I can take them off later.

The seat sports some armpits, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade it a bit.

I am currently working in an office – sewing – crafting, so I will share all the work that I am working on (currently I have completed 3 halves of the project)

How To Make A Chair Cover For A Recliner

Since every chair is different, I’ll give you all the general guidelines if you want to upgrade your own chair.

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For the cover, I used about 4 yards of outdoor cotton fabric (but you’ll have to measure the height of the back and seat – don’t worry about the width) + about 1 yard of Velcro and about 1 yard/. 2 “. elastic.

First, you need to determine the surface that you intend to paint, in my case I have plastic and metal pieces.

So I bought one spray primer mainly for metal and another one for plastic, so that all surfaces are covered as best as possible.

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You need to pull your chair with any tool, in my case this chair is ready to install with Allen key.

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I separate all the different parts so I can spray them depending on the material. And make a cover for the seat, back and armrests.

The arm rest is the only part that isn’t easy to carry (for washing) because my cover doesn’t have room for anything and if I add elastic to the bottom like I did with the chair, I wouldn’t. there is room to screw it. Back sleeve.

So I just sew fabric, so if I wash it, I have to pull out the pin and when it’s clean, I’ll redo the process.

How To Make A Chair Cover For A Recliner

For the seat, I took the piece that I’m going to cover on top of the wrong fabric, so I can print it to fit (that’s how you’ll see the upholstered seat when finished).

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I measured 5″ to fold in (would be the edge with an elastic band) from the top edge of the seat (remember you have a reclining chair).

Then I made a crease in the corner and pinned it (you can see how it was sewn for the piece in the picture below) and sewed the top of the fold. That makes the collection at the bottom (because it’s elastic) better.

After sewing both sides, sew into a bowl shape and leave it alone.

You proceed to create a 2” fold at the top of the bowl, sew a small hole for the elastic, knot the elastic and finish stitching the fold.

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You should now have the seat cover, but if your chair is like mine, you’ll need to make a small hole in the side (where the screws are).

The main difference is that my chair has a fold to separate the backrest, the parts seem complicated.

To avoid making the cover on the seat, I simply attached the velcro to the leader using Gorilla glue and then glued the velcro to the center of my fabric.

How To Make A Chair Cover For A Recliner

I put the fabric on the chair with the right side facing out, as it should appear, after I support both sides and make it fold (like the end of a chair).

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Pink Freda Chair Cover

I sewed in folds and also sewed the Velcro that was pinned at first, I ended up in a bowl shape, but in this case I couldn’t use elastic because that would expose the back. . .

So I put the top piece of fabric back again, but this time with the wrong side facing out (so I could cover the inside) and put the second piece back in.

Tip! Keep in mind that as long as you form the top and not the bottom, your slide will slip off easily from the back.

I stapled the two pieces together and cut off the excess, after sewing and Add a piece of Velcro in the middle size 10 ″ at the bottom, so that it can be folded to the side and closed, the back seat is at the bottom .

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Like the seat pieces, I had to make holes to screw into the arm pieces, which I zig-zag around them to prevent fraying when it was time to wash.

You can see in the picture below how I just folded the sides and fixed them using the velcro on both ends (top and bottom).

I know it hurts to have to take my hands off every time I have to wash the cover, but on the other hand, I like to do it and just throw it in the washing machine if it gets dirty instead of wiping it. .

How To Make A Chair Cover For A Recliner

The paint didn’t scratch, although Curly did play with my feet a lot and his paws scratched the bottom a bit, so that’s okay.

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Also, I’ve added an update with more images for the back, so keep scrolling!

I recommend making a washable cover because for me spot cleaning is just a pain – hehe.

Ken laughed a little bit about my chair shouting “I belong to happiness” but you know I don’t!

I just hope that in the future Ken will accept my offer to improve his chair a bit =]

How To Make Dining Chair Covers (free Pattern!)

Edited to add – September 12, 2013 I updated this chair almost 2 years ago, and it’s still great! Since I receive a lot of requests, I have added a picture of the seat, especially the bottom. Here’s a picture of the couch a year and a half after I made the cover! I have washed it many times and the color on the seat is still almost perfect =]

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Thank you so much for helping to get the chair back. I have some questions about the top of the chair where you put the velcro. Is it located just below the headrest and above and below the saddle? Also, I would like to know about folding on the wall. Do you sew or just velcro and fold in place behind the cover? I was going to do a pattern and a lot of work and sewing to cover the couch, but found your site and am very pleased with your results! You make it sound so easy! I would love to see the video of you doing this! Thanks again!

I like what you did to the chair it’s very “beautiful” where the seat is placed as well as the direction. Thanks for sharing, I pillow each person’s headboard; But they feel too wide for the width of the seat. The sex story is not exaggerated; But I need to find some small ones. In any case, I think something attached to the back seat would work well, without taking up space from the seat.

How To Make A Chair Cover For A Recliner

Fabric is upholstery scrap collected at Hancock Fabrics. I always check the rest of the crate – especially for the upholstery. Many times there is no profit; But sometimes you can find a steal in a beauty like this fabric.

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Since I recently shared a guide to using Heat-n-Bond in my home, I’ll skip the step-by-step details and just give you some pictures of the process and the finished product.

Iron on tape // Peel off wrapping paper // Fold and iron // Repeat for each side // Enjoy!

If I find a small pillow to add at the end, that’s fine. Otherwise, I’m really pleased with how this dining room finally came together. that