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My main office chair at home (a German Miller Embody) has no headrest and could not be purchased. This may be due to the design of the seat as there is no solid material to mount on top (see photo). In addition, the seat bends backwards when you lean back, and in fact the whole back and seat area bends, making it difficult to attach anything to it. The “back” on the back of the seat is curved (like a spine) and also rounded and carved. This makes it difficult to install a conventional headrest on it. I’ve been toying with the idea of ​​fitting a custom case to it and finally found a way to do it.

How To Make A Chair Headrest Cover

How To Make A Chair Headrest Cover

The “backbone” of the chair doesn’t allow for an easy way to attach anything to it, and I didn’t want to change it in case it became structurally weak. I decided to make a removable “squeeze” headrest. I had the first sketches and then I finally made the 3D models. Drawings give dimensions in inches and millimeters; I have no problem converting between them while working.

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A bent arm/spine may appear more bent than necessary, but the clamp is lower than the “spine” of the chair. This allows you to bend your arm over the back of the seat, giving you enough room to reach the head area. Actual length and curvature are calculated after the clamp is built and the straight part can be placed in the clamp.

If you are making ​​​​this or something similar for yourself, you should decide what kind of finish you want before choosing materials (such as wood). My first choice was salary for everything because I had leftovers and salary is very strong. But for the “bent arm” I had just salvaged some mahogany from an old futon sofa. Although mahogany is strong enough, it has an open grain and is more visible when spray painted.

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First the clamp is built. This was not only to test how well it would hold, but also to measure how long it would take to hold the arm/spinal cord. Originally I intended to cut a large dowel in half for the part that goes into the cavity of the chair back, but then I decided to cut two pieces of scrap maple that I had. I pushed the solid copper wire into the cavity, then pulled it into the wood and profiled the shape. They are cut and glued to the part that makes the inner clamp part. The finish didn’t do much when it was painted and later added some frothy foam. For this I drilled the clearance holes for the ¼-20 threaded rod as indicated on the drawing.

The wing handle bolts were made by cutting two 4 inch (about 100 mm) ¼ -20 threaded rods and gluing them to the wing handles with epoxy. The T-nuts were first fitted with a slight pressure for testing, and later deepened and fitted with some epoxy. After painting, a piece of foam box was glued on top of two logs with double-sided tape.

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The curved arm was made by cutting some ¾” thick wood (left over from dismantling my old futon couch) into 1/8″ thick strips and gluing them together in an arch shape. The pieces were slightly wider than the slot in the clamp as they will be cut later. The amount of curvature was assessed by first attaching a straight board to the clamp and then measuring the distance to the back of the volunteer’s head (with Laurel roughly holding the head). Since the headrest itself is adjustable, and also the position of the clamp, these measurements do not have to be very accurate.

The piece was too big to start with (more than 25 inches long), so I did a test fit holding the arm in clamps while checking the range of movement and height. The arm is then cut to length and the surface of the part that will contact the clamp is slightly flattened to smooth it out for better contact.

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The top bracket was first made from a small piece of square maple, then (after all the testing was done) contoured to the outline of the Laurell headstock. I simply placed the bag mount on a piece of maple and pulled it out generously (including the mounting holes). Everything was cut to size and a new test assembly was carried out before final gluing. The top of the arm/spine needed some smoothing before gluing.

How To Make A Chair Headrest Cover

Finally, all the parts for the arm/spine were glued and screwed together and then mounted on the bench to test it with the attached Lorell headrest. Two head screws were not enough to mount the included headrest. I instead used two 1/4″-20 head screws with 1-1/2″ long threads.

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After verifying that it would work, the parts were sanded and spray painted in a makeshift spray can (cardboard box) under my deck. They got 8 layers with some light cracks between the first few to break up the raised wood grain.

I have been using the bag for two weeks now and it works great. It’s been 8 years since I sat in this chair, so I wish I had thought of this idea sooner. The matte black finish and curved mount fit the style of the chair in my opinion. In retrospect I should have used salary for bent arm/spine. It has less obvious grain and would be easier to achieve a smooth finish for spray Please update to the latest version.

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Each seat cover is… handmade, not assembly line. Because I use a soft fabric, the padding is nice and firm and will look good on the back of the chair. Each edge of the fabric is zigzag stitched (if necessary to prevent fraying) and then topstitched twice for a nice flat edge. I sewed each corner with a diagonal stitch to reinforce it against wear. I make my chairs extra long to fit all sizes of chairs or couches. Attaching the rear seat is easy with two coated cork-style fasteners with mounting heads (included with purchase).

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How To Make A Chair Headrest Cover

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All PHOTOS ARE THE SAME…just different angles and viewpoints. Some scenes are with camera flash and some are without flash, so fabric color may be different.

MY EXPERIENCE: Within a year I noticed that our leather couch was discolored due to scalp hair and body oils coming into contact with the leather. It cost us over $100.00 to replace the head unit.

VIDEO: ***** USEFUL SHORT VIDEO ***1. Go to: /ie/shop/stitchnart –Scroll down to “About” –Watch a video on the THREE ATTACHMENTS I recommend and SNAP PHOTOS for correct MEASUREMENTS.

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